Abell gets scholarship offer

Remy Abell, a 6-foot-4 guard from Eastern High School in Louisville, Ky., said he received a formal scholarship offer from Indiana today while on an unofficial visit to the school.

Abell, who recently received the release from his letter of intent from Bradley, said the visit went well.

” It’s a nice campus,” he said.  “I like Bloomington. It’s nice, the coaching staff is real cool. They’re nice. I like Coach Crean, so it was good talking to him. I talked to some of the players. They’re cool. All of the players are cool. I had a great visit and it’s a great program with a lot of history.”

Abell said he’s looking to make one or two more visits before making a decision. He’s also considering Illinois, Xavier, Western Kentucky and Penn State.


  1. Sorry, I just don’t get it. Not that I think he’s a bad player, he just doesn’t fill a need for the Hoosiers. I hope he is still considering Butler though. I would like to see him with his HS teammate Kameron Woods.

  2. I second that HoosierDawg. I don’t get it, either. On one hand, I agree with those that say we need all the help we can get, but at the same time, I am not sure we need help at his (Remy’s) position.

  3. Think we should read between the lines. I don’t get it either. Nothing against the player. He is fine. But blending the teams needs??? This team is evolving. We will find out soon enough. And it is all good, whatever changes are in store

  4. Here is what you should get from this…Daniel Moore is still in the rotation. A walk on! Sign the kid up

  5. He can play PG. That’s why he’s being looked at. If he can be effective enough at the PG spot, moving Hulls over to the 2, he’ll immediately help the team out.

    He is also said to be a really good perimeter defender, which is EXACTLY what this teams needs. I was a lot like most people in saying “why Remy?” but the more I read about him, the more I warm up to him.

  6. There will be transfers. As the program gets better (and it is getting better) there will be players who decide that they’d rather not ride the bench for their final two years of eligibility.

    Daniel Moore might be one of those players. We’ll find out soon.

  7. That may be true, but where are we going to put Verdell? Somehow I don’t think the senior 3 year starter is going to sit.

    But what it does mean is no post player – another year for the likes of Elston playing out of position. Maybe Crean’s telling him something. Maybe. But I sure wish I could have seen him playing his natural position for a season before he is heaped on the dust bin of Hoosier history.

  8. If Coach wants him, let him come. Coach knows how to count and knows a heck of a lot more than we do when it comes to what he wants in a team. He also knows how it will all shake out. We got one more scholly for this year so if he wants to use it, then let him. He’ll work it out.

  9. This recruitment is fine by me. Big Ten talent backs down or shoots over Hulls. VJ3 can’t keep anyone in front of him. Go down the roster and with the possible exception of Oladipo I don’t see anyone capable of assuming the role of perimeter defensive stopper. Anyone remember watching Wisconsin PG Jordan Taylor having a career night of 38 on National TV in Assembly Hall this past year? If this guy can defend sign him… now.

  10. Daniel Moore is a walk-on and people need to relax about the idea of chasing him off. He’s proven his commitment to this program.

  11. I don’t understand why Crean cannot bank a scholarship instead of going dumpster diving.
    Harris, Hammons, McGary, DSR…. are all still available in 2012.

  12. I agree with numerous others in saying I don’t understand this decision to offer ANOTHER guard! We NEED bigs, NOT guards. Plus, this guy was going to Bradley… It’s not like he’s a former UK, Kansas, UNC, etc…commit, but BRADLEY! Good lord…

  13. A RMK quote regarding recruiting, was his statement, following his signing, of the ‘best player’ he ‘ever recruited’. The IU fans were going crazy. Had they given out stars back then this guy would have had seven. We were all certain he would be a three time All American. The player? Glen Grunwald.
    We don’t know what the coaches see. As much as we’d like to think we know basketball nobody on here is worth 2.5 million for their expertise. No one outside of Ann Arbor or Foxboro ever thought the Pats should have wasted a draft pick on Brady but Belichek did.
    Give it a rest. He’s building the puzzle. Let him pick out the pieces.

  14. If this kid was a perimeter stopper don’t you think there would have been more interest in him by other teams? Crean isn’t the only good coach out there. And how many freshmen guards come in and immediately become a shut down defender? This kid isn’t coming in to become a 25 minute a night impact player, and since he’s not, what is the point? Is he going to play the following year once we add more talented guards in Yogi, Patterson and possibly Harris?

  15. I think Brad makes an excellent point. That said, the more I think about this (combined with the fact that we still appear to be pursuing Djimde), the more I assume that Crean knows that there is at least one transfer coming…

    Also, while there is a stellar class on the way in 2012 (and more coming in 2013, etc.), I think Crean feels the pressure (and badly wants) to see improvement in 2011. Zeller will be a huge addition, but even if he gets 25-30 minutes from the start, we still need to put people on the floor for the other 170-175 minutes.

  16. I am beginning to feel OK with signing this Abell kid. IU needs better talent from top to bottom of its roster, though I would sure like more post players.

    On a historical note in response to Chet above: Glen Grunwald indeed was the real deal when he came to IU. At the time, he was the 1st 4 time high school All-State player in Illinois. He suffered a devastating knee injury playing pickup games with the team prior to the season starting. We at IU never got to see the real potential Grunwald held coming out of high school.

    Go IU!

  17. Why is this hard to understand? Jones and Moore were in our guard rotation last year and neither is close to being a Big Ten player. If this kid can guard anybody he is better than Jones. And Moore, lets face it was not brought here to play. So…I’m not very good at math but that seems like one guy for two spots.

  18. Provided we catch wind of a couple of transfers-out over the next few weeks, I am comfortable with this offer. If not, I question it.

  19. “Daniel Moore is a walk-on and people need to relax about the idea of chasing him off. He’s proven his commitment to this program.”

    Well said- besides he’s a Senior.

    I would like to see a big man personally.

  20. I think it’s possible that Abell and Djimde both are Hoosiers… I don’t think Crean would waste his time (or theirs) if it wasn’t. That tells me all I need to know about the coming weeks… Probably going to see a change or two.

  21. You armchair recruiting experts/coaches need to relax. I don’t think this kid would get an offer if the coaching staff wasn’t expecting some transfers. Even if there are no planned transfers I like the fact that Crean has the guts to start pushing out those who don’t meet IU standards on the court. Personally if I never have to watch VJII run the point again I will be a very happy Hoosier.

  22. I would rather have a guy like this playing who will play hard give us about 6-10 points a game and play good defense than watch Verdell dribble the ball around and wait till 1 second on the shot clock and force a bad shot then play no D. Just my take

  23. Read this optimistic assessment on another site; worth checking out:

    “If we land Remy Abell, I’m willing to bet he’ll be far more than a role player. Abell brings speed and spark required to ignite the far too long latency an offense stagnated by lack of speed, secure ball handling, and penetration needed to get into the middle of the defense. These are the type of guys that give your outside marksmen a chance the split second needed to get off clean looks. Back in the days of short shorts, do you think Alford was creating his own spacing on his bombs because of his quickness? It’s no different today. For every hero that launches 3-pointers with deadly accuracy, there is the unsung assist man that cuts through the outer wall a defense and makes it all happen. Abell will be a tough one to keep off the floor because his value to distribute. Name the player already on our Hoosier team having that skill set. If your answer is Hulls, you may have a valid argument. Jordy has improved immensely in his quickness with the ball. But at what cost his effectiveness throughout the game? It’s still rarely enough to get off a decent look against a defender with more athleticism and height advantage. Hulls is one of our best outside threats. He needs the other part the act/equation. Jones isn’t quick enough and is often too zeroed in on a one-on-one scoring mentality. I think Crean is looking at Abell because he needs a dynamite assist man/facilitator that can burst into holes a zone or slip by a man-to-man defender with explosive first step..When the help defense moves away their main assignment, Abell will prove his value in the unheralded assist column where Zeller, Watford, Hulls, Elston, Roth, become the beneficiaries the quick pop an open three or baseline jumper. Other huge plus/positive: Hulls doesn’t run himself ragged every second on the floor and we have more legs to run the break and get back on defense.”

  24. Chet,(and anyone else interested)… as usual, your comment is spot-on and full of wisdom. It is about what winning basketball is about.

    I’ve mentioned it before but it would be worthwhile for anyone interested to look at the ESPN interview with RMK and Mike Kryzewski as they discuss team play, the type of player required and the relative ‘unimportance’ of ‘big’ scoring vs the role of the PG/floor leader. In fact, Coach Knight reminds Kryzewski of a game in which he said “Mike, I’m gonna ask you that you not shoot today….” (perhaps not an exact, exact quote but the central point of his instruction.

    If Abell fills this role and does it well, he’s certainly what Indiana needs. Even if he does it moderately well, he would be a much more important player to the team than nearly anyone we have there now.

    I’m still a bit dumbfounded on how many fans actually believe and begin a player evaluation from the standpoint of his shooting and scoring skilles, almost to the point they ignore the real set of skills necessary at this level: Defensive skills, reading the floor/vision (O+D), intensity with focus, intelligence, concentration, quickness, strength, passing skills, rebounding, willingness to sacrifice (yes, that is a character skill similar to the soldier who keeps others in his/her unit alive), dribbling and yes, for at least a couple of players…shooting. More than anything, the character and emotional strength to accept their role and understand their true value.

    Hopefully, coach C understands that his success and career probably depend on finding and/or developing this type of players not just tall kids, kids that can jump up and understand that the law of gravity will pull you down so you’d better learn positioning; or shooters or fast dribblers.

    Truthfully, some IU players there now need to think through the points made between K and K for the Hoosiers to return to being competitive. Hope Abell’s recruitment shows a recognition of the importance of roles by our coaches.

  25. A point on Glen Grunwald… no doubt that RMK considered him the best player he had seen in high school and said so to everyone he knew. He was crushed by the severity of the injury Grunwald suffered (summer before his freshman year, playing driveway basketball at home). Knight considered Grunwald had every natural skill (physical-he was a big 6’9″ and intellectual)…but his knee structure was just shredded.

    Sad, yet a very important point…Grunwald’s history (he later became a very, very respected NBA executive is glaring proof that unedr RMK you learned, both ‘life’ and the game.

  26. I have seen Abell play a few times. Although I think we need another quality big guy more, I think Abell is a better all around guard (scoring, defense, ball handling..etc.) than any guard we have on the current roster. He also has good size/strength.

  27. Zeller will have a disappointing freshman year unless we get help at the guard position. Abell is a quality player. I simply don’t understand the apprehension from some that don’t believe we need more speed in the backcourt now. Hope we’re Abell to land him.

  28. I could be wrong, its been a long time, but I believe Grunwald also dealt with a chronic health condition involving his respiratory system or his body’s ability to oxegenate blood efficiently. Long after his knee healed up, this limited his playing time for the Hoosiers.

    I watched him play in High School, and he was a great player.

  29. we have one spot open for next year why not use it? No one needs to transfer until next year at this rate. Maybe the players will start attempting to play defense and may the best players stay. Just my opinion, but if this guy gets on the team and doesn’t make some noise maybe he will be the first to go next year…I don’t know what is going to happen but what I do know is that Crean wants to win and everyone on these boards wants to win. Lets get some players that can win.

  30. It’s rather comforting to see that others on here understand the importance of good guard play. In three years, we have seen more dribble, wait to the last second and shoot a very low percentage(deperation) shot than we did in the previous thirty.
    It’s also comforting to know that Coach Crean is trying to do something about it. Turnovers, bad shots = losing. Taking care of the ball and getting good looks = winning.
    To be fair to Coach, he just lost out on those good guards the last couple of years.
    Softball team is looking good! GO HOOSIERS!

  31. Big D,
    Sorry to just address this now, but IU is apparently still in the picture with Traylor. I think Peegs just got a hold of him today. But he’s also visited Kansas and Oklahoma State, so it’s kind of a dog fight.
    As far as the debate about Abell is concerned, I’m not going to take sides on it, but I think it’s much less about what IU already has than what it has coming. Clearly, he would be very useful for the 2011-12 team and he would’ve definitely helped last year’s squad. But the issue is, when he’s a sophomore, the Hoosiers will have the following players available to play point guard, shooting guard and small forward: Jordan Hulls, Yogi Ferrell, Maurice Creek, Victor Oladipo, Will Sheehey, Austin Etherington, Ron Patterson, Jeremy Hollowell, Christian Watford. And of course, they still want Gary Harris. That’s a lot of players, and other than the injured Creek and at times Watford, I don’t know if there’s anyone on that list that anyone on this board has said “can’t cut it.” Now, Abell might be more valuable because he has a skill set unique to all of them, and maybe that kind of hyper-competition is good. But that’s a LOT of guards and it’s a lot of good guards. Again, I’m not taking a side in the argument, I just think that’s important in framing the debate.

  32. Dustin,
    Another way to look at it is this. Not one of those players(2012) have signed yet, and niether has Abell. Of the 2012’s, to me, only one is a legit PG. These guys will all be young. Options are good and so is competion in practice. Those two things have really hurt us. Like I’ve said before, we can only wait and see.

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