At pro day, Doss shows signs of recovery

If Tandon Doss could design the NFL Draft calendar himself, he’d probably take another month of recovery, rehabilitation and strength building before showing off for scouts. The former Indiana wide receiver had surgery after the season to repair a torn muscle between his stomach and his groin, so he isn’t quite his old self yet.

But at some point, before the draft April 28-30, Doss had to give scouts a 40 time and other measurables to work off of, so Wednesday morning was as good a time as any. Doss effectively had his own personal pro day — Mitchell Evans was also timed in the 40 and agility drills, Terrance Turner ran routes and Ben Chappell threw passes to all three receivers, but no one else was involved — one month after Indiana’s initial pro day in early March. About 20 scouts— more than showed up for the first pro day — were in Mellencamp Pavilion to see Doss.

The results were mostly strong. Doss didn’t have quite as much explosiveness as he typically showed in three years at IU, but he still showed solid speed and route running ability.

“I think he looked really good today,” Doss’s agent, Jared Fox said. “He’s getting in and out of his breaks really well. Timing wise, he did a really good job. Clocked, from what I understand, good times. Having the injury during the season, there’s a process that takes place in getting back to your very, very best. With the reality of the draft and the practical nature of the NFL teams having to get times, he had to run and show himself. He had to show that he was recovered, recovering and that he will be where he needs to be.”

Doss didn’t drop a pass from Chappell, showing off the sure hands he’s known for. His 40 time wasn’t immediately known but apparently could have been better, but it appeared overall satsifactory.

“I wouldn’t have considered Tandon to have had the luxury of the time necessary to be a track star,” Fox said. “So I think that plays into his times a little bit. He is 100 percent structurally and physically and football wise, practically. He gets in and out of his breaks like he was doing. The element of running the 40, doing the track events, he just hasn’t had as much time as guys training for the combine. … If he’s missing anything from what we’ve seen in the past, it’s probably just a function of, is he a week away from having that? A month away from having that. The fact is he’s on the doorstep of having that if he’s missing anything at all.”

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