Crossing Maurice Aniefiok off the list …

When word first got out that Indiana had traveled to Huntington Prep in West Virginia to watch Maurice Aniefiok, a 6-foot-5 wing, the first question was, “Isn’t there enough of those?”

Problem averted, as Aniefiok will be making three officials visits during the next few weeks and Indiana is not one of them. James Madison, Ole Miss and Duquesne are the schools still going after the 2011 prospect, according to


  1. Hard for me to believe that he’s that good based on the schools that are still recruiting him. How about that Traylor guy who visited 1-2 weeks ago? He sounds like the kind of player we need, thick and strong inside.

  2. Traylor is definitely IU’s top target for 2011.

    If Traylor commits, look for Bobby C. to announce his transfer intentions.

  3. Yeah I would go for Traylor at this point. I know IU looked at James Farr as well but Traylor is the best match. Aniefiok is interesting because I know he is a physical specimen but his other options are pretty weak even compared to IU

  4. Based on the article linked on Peegs yesterday, Traylor made it sound like he will choose among Kansas, St. John’s, and Miss. St. With the Morris twins gone, would be surprised if he doesn’t choose KU.

    Higgi, I’d be shocked if Capo doesn’t leave, regardless of whom IU does or does not add this spring. He barely played this year, and that was without a certain 6’11 kid from Washington on the roster.

  5. My opinion. Quit Looking for the silver bullet and mold the clay that you currently have. The future looks bright!! Just get them to be a TEAM!!

  6. Tom, you are on the money. Just to stimulate discussion: imagine that you had a kid who is 7′, a hard worker, a good student and citizen, a big smile, ranked #111 by Rivals, a good athlete who can run and jump and is strong, who loves Indiana and is friends with everyone on the team, and who has played for and been coached by the IU staff for two full years. Would you want him? That was/is Bawa Muniri if IU had red-shirted him last summer and skipped the Guy Michelle debacle. To me that would be great right now!

  7. Chet-

    That’s a good question. I think there is a pretty good analogy between Kyrie Irving and Eric Gordon. Both were phenomenal lottery-pick talent, marred by injuries, on teams who disappointed in the postseason, who left after one year.

    After going through a year with Eric, I think I’d rather have a V.O. or a Rod Wilmont. While it is nice to be able to have a future NBA all star and olympian on your squad, and while it is nice to look at EJ now and claim him as one of our own, I feel nothing but emptiness and when I think about his one year at IU.

    Of course, the best situation would be to have both. Kentucky had Brandon Knight, Lamb, and Jones this year, but it also had Harrelson, without whom they wouldn’t have gotten near the final four. The key is to bring in your 5 stars once you have your seasoned, 3-year veterans there on the bench as the cement that binds the team together.

  8. Is that the new excuse in town? Crean doesn’t want 5-star talent? It all hinged on Zeller and the rest Crean’s recruiting days will be concentrated on searching out under-the-radar late bloomers of the mid-star ranked variety? That’s unfortunate because I’ve seen very little evidence our 3-star kids getting any better over the last two seasons. Some would probably argue that VJ and Elston have regressed. I’ve even read numerous entries on this blog that claim Watford is emotionally weak and should be encouraged to go. We want to push him out the door in favor giving another great potential a try? The more I read on this blog, the nuttier most the opinions grow..I’ll happily fall flat on my face the day Crean can get a point guard with the caliber talent an EJ or Kyrie Irving(or an Isiah Thomas, Quinn Buckner, Earl Calloway) to come after how the last couple seasons have concluded with almost zero proof player development. Hell, I think most Hoosier fans would be tickled if he could even land a kid like Shelvin Mack..If the 7-ft. savior Crean was cornered into bringing here doesn’t help get this ship out of storm quickly, you’ll not have to concern worrying your forever faithful Hoosier heart on any future one-and-done guards living up to injury-free expectations…Unless ‘now’, like ‘before’, you want to continue talking/obsessing over Kentucky, Duke, UNC, OSU, U. of Washington recruits…etc..etc…etc.

  9. Popcorn, he’s got Yogi Ferrell committed, I think that’s a pretty high-caliber point guard. Your post makes little sense.

  10. Watching YF in last years HS tournament made me forget Calloway. After watching him in the HS tournament this year made me forget about Irving. I am glad he has only one more year of HS eligibility left.

  11. Ron Patterson has a lot of Quinn Buckner in him, with a much better shot. Calloway could run, he just could not stop or change directions; he could shoot, just not for a high % or make the critical shot to win a game. But he was a real nice kid. Still, I would take Oladipo and Sheehey over him any day. Watch, next year, each of those two will be close to 50% FG and 40% 3-point shooters.

  12. PopcornBlizzard, you managed to find 19 levels of intrigue, even excuses, in what I thought was a relatively straightforward question. Did you find it that difficult?

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