1. Yes, Mr. Lunardi may have gone to plaid (Space Balls) with this early prediction. However, crazier things have happened.

    It will be interesting to see if the other national media outlets follow suit when the preseason predictions come out in the late summer.


  2. Any association of ‘Indiana’ and ‘NCAA Tournament’ not associated with a historical program makes me happy at this point. An appearance, even in a play-in game, would lay the foundation for the next year and beyond. Winning a game or two would send IU fans into fits of delirium, or at least it would this one.

  3. It’s a long shot but it could happen. If Mo is back 100% at some point, if Will and Vic improve as we suspect they will, if things finally come together for Tom Pritchard, if Cody is able to bring some of his skills his freshman year and if Jordy gets that quick, one-bounce, step-back shot perfected, it really could happen.

    Go Hoosiers!

  4. I like soup should start liking some stats….UAB made the tournament last year. Read ESPN or something.

  5. I actually think that they will enter 2012 as a 9th – 12 seed. Might win one game. I also think that in 2013 they will be a 7-9 seed and a sweet 16 probable. In 2014, they will be a 3-6 seed and based their desire to be a TEAM, a outside threat. Call me stupid, or anything else but…. focus on the recruits!, the current blend of players!, the fans!, the supporting administration!, the self promotion!, and a hopefully ????? an open minded, changing (based upon players) coaching staff!. I am optimistic!!!! I am also the one who said “do not expect anything from CTC and IU for 5 years” after the self inflected implosion. These kids have nothing to loose and everything to gain and they have earned the right to be respected. Keep positive!

  6. Although I would love to see IU as a 9-12 seed next year, and Tom has obviously done his research, if we have Zeller, Yogi, Hanner, Jordy, Creek, and possibly GH and/or Watford, if we get a 7-9 seed that year, Crean should be fired. If we have all those guys, we should absolutely have a 1-4 seed

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