Etherington, Zeller both Indiana All-Stars

Both Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller were named to the 13-man Indiana All-Star roster, announced this morning.

It should be an entertaining team to watch, with Marquis Teague, Branden Dawson and Dee Davis also on the roster.

Here’s a story from the Star focusing on Etherington being selected to the team. It looks like he’ll be fighting with Andy Smeathers (Butler) for time at the wing position.

The exhibition games against the junior All-Stars (featuring all four in-state 2012 commits) will be on June 6 at Washington and June 8 at Kokomo. The first game against Kentucky will be June 10 at Bellarmine in Louisville, then the next night at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.


  1. I will be at the Hatchet House to watch this. It really looks like the Indiana team is pretty loaded this year. Heck, take a look at next years team also as they could be just as good if not better. Good things are in the works at IU and I’m glad to see it happen.

  2. Is it time for potential lineups for 2011-12 yet? I suggest Zeller, Watford, Oladipo, Etherington and Hulls as the starting 5. Then Pritchard, Elston, Sheehey, Jones and Creek as the next 5. With Roth, Moore, Capo and Howard as reserves. I say no additional recruit in 2011, but yes a 6 man class with #24 Gary Harris 6’4 (and, if he says no, then in order: #13 Tarczewski 7′, #15 Bail 6’8, #56 Hammons 6’11, #92 McGary 6’10, #148 Joell James 6’10, #74 Dorsey-Walker 6’4, and #99 Marrero 6’5). Let the games begin!

  3. hey beat purdue unless its goff gets out of his scholarship at ok or traylor i’ll save it

  4. Dustin and/or Hugh, just how good is Etherington? i didnt get a chance to see him play. Can you guys give me a little info and compare him to someone for me? Thanks

  5. I too would like a little more info on Etherington. About all I’ve gotten is someone months ago saying he played somewhat like Will Sheehey. That would be good, as I think Sheehey is a solid player. But the bits I’ve gathered more recently suggest he’s more of a physical inside player. Living out of state, it’s difficult to know these things unless you subscribed to recruiting sites, which I’m not going to do.

  6. Will Sheehey is 6’5-6’6, a great athlete, gifted at lift on his jump, good defender and rebounder, good mid-range shot but not great yet at the 3-point shot (about 30%). Austin is about 6’6-6’7, a good athlete, had to play inside in HS as a senior, good defender and rebounder, good mid-range shot, and a great 3-point shooter (maybe a Randy Whitman type). Each seems to be a great kid, totally team oriented, and someone you really want on your side. Each is a solid Big 10 player.

  7. Everything hinges on Etherington? Come on, guys and gals. We all know why Austin secured a spot on the bench/roster.

  8. Thanks BeatPurdue, that’s exactly what I wanted. Maybe you should start a recruiting site. If he’s another Randy Whitman, we’re in good shape! I liked Sheehey’s attitude as well. With a few more options to distract the defense, he’ll be a good dependable scorer, I believe.

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