Indiana still interested in Aniefiok, but more interested in teammate Djimde

Indiana isn’t necessarily out of contention for Huntington (W.Va.) Prep guard Maurice Aniefiok, his coach Rob Fulford said Friday, but with three official visits scheduled and Aniefiok having self-imposed an April 25 deadline, it doesn’t appear likely that he will become a Hoosier.

Aniefiok is on an official visit to James Madison this weekend and has visits scheduled to Mississippi and Duquesne the next two weekends. He has not visited Indiana nor does he have a visit scheduled there.

“The last time Maurice and I talked, he said he was only going to take three visits,” Fulford said. “He’s on one now and he has one to Ole Miss next weekend. Unless he switches the last one with Duquesne (I don’t think he’s going to visit Indiana).”

Fulford said he didn’t imagine that Aniefiok would push back his deadline to make a trip to IU. He said the Hoosiers have not made a formal scholarship offer — at least it hasn’t come through the school, he said — and it’s unlikely he postpone his decision to wait for one.

“They’ve all been in here to see him,” Fulford said. “Time’s running out. He’s not going to push back a deadline for people who have been in here and had a lot of time to decide.”

Fulford said Indiana’s focus was more centered on big man Ibrahim Djimde, a 6-foot-9, 230-pounder who originally hails from Mali. The Hoosiers are obviously more in need of a big man than another wing, and Fulford said IU assistant Tim Buckley was in to watch Djimde on Thursday.

“I think it’s based on need,” Fulford said. “From our conversations, they want a guy who can rebound and defend in the post.”

Fulford said Djimde hasn’t received an offer from IU yet either, but he is going to take his time. Djimde’s stock has increased, Fulford said, as teams have begun scrambling to grab a big man for the 2011 class. He said Djimde has offers from Charlotte, Cleveland State, Old Dominion and Louisiana Tech, but he’s getting a lot more interest lately. Missouri has inquired, he said, as have others.

Like most transfers from Africa, Fulford said, Djimde is a work in progress and doesn’t have a lot of basketball experience. However, Fulford said Djimde is good with his back to the basket and looking to expand his game to 15 feet. He’s also physical. Very much so.

“He’s a four-year kid who is going to get better every year,” Fulford said. “What I told Buckley yesterday is that at the end of every practice (Cody) Zeller is going to be heading to the training room for ice. He’s rough.”

Fulford said that although Djimde doesn’t have a deadline, he hopes to choose a school by the end of the spring signing period on May 18. The signing period begins on April 13.


  1. It would seem that the Traylor kid would be more help sooner, but this kid might have enough upside to merit using the scholarship. Either one would help in terms of giving the team more of a defensive base. A big strong guy combined with Cody’s length could be effective. But J Pat could be right, Djimde might be another Tijan.

  2. we need a low post defender and rebounder. Just someone who plays big. Any video on this kid? Tijan didn’t know the game. He had no idea what was going on and everyone knew it. If this kid knows what’s going on it’s worth a shot but it may be a huge gamble. I would have to see video before making a prediction.

  3. The Traylor kid is probably worth the scholly. These other two I’m not sold on since we don’t need an average wing nor a big man that is potentially a project. We need a big body that can play right now, imo.

    Btw, the Morris twins have declared for the draft, making Kansas potentially more enticing to Traylor (re playing time.)

  4. JP, I agree. Let the addition of CZ to Pritchard and Juniors DE, BC and Watford develop some success. I do not see how the 2011 season can be enhanced by replacing a player with 2yr experience with another Freshman described by his coach as a work in progress and is physically rough. Some players are late bloomers, who the hell heard of Josh Harrellson before pUKe’s run this past 3 weeks?

  5. If you will recall, Coach Crean heard of Josh Harrellson. He recruited him like crazy out of Junior College, and, I believe, if he had not got the offer rrom KY he would have been a Hoosier.

  6. Another TIjan, Bawa, Negedu, Guy, or Abraham stop-gap solutioun sounds suspicious. I hope we can get Traylor.

  7. I don’t think IU competing with Duquesne…they are competing with the number 1 recruiting class they have in 2012 that will get the playing time. Boncore is involved with this kid and he had mentioned the 5 man class.

  8. Hoosier Clairon I’ll say this for you… you have a hell of a lot of faith.Personally I think for TP,DE,BC,and Watford to improve THAT MUCH over the summer they will have to go down to the crossroads and sell their souls to the devil.

  9. GD,
    The point of this post is really that IU is sort of deciding if it wants to compete with Duquesne (and JMU and Ole Miss) for this player. The Hoosiers haven’t offered a scholarship, which means they haven’t decided yet that they want him. (They might have, in their minds, decided that they don’t, but I don’t know that.)
    For what it’s worth, I did get the impression that Djimde isn’t on the Tijan scale of raw, but he’s a long way from polished. But when the coach said Zeller was going to be going to the training room for ice because “he’s rough,” I couldn’t help but think about Tijan and all of the destruction wrought by his elbows.

  10. A kid at our local hs will be playing football at Notre Dame next year. He was also offered a scholarship to Western Carolina University. Using your logic, WCU and Notre Dame were competing for his services.

  11. BP, Kinda what I was trying to lead into. Unless you were a fan of a school courting him(like us)he kind of was an unknown upperclassman entering this years big dance, except for pUKe fans of course.

    Whoda f, I have solid faith in the fact this soon to be Freshman who is described by his coach as rough and a work in progress will not steal meaningful minutes from anyone including our soon to be Juniors. He may have potential but not yet college skills and will be no help in 2011. Bank the ride for higher caliber future talent.

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