No problems with Adidas May Classic at Indiana

The Adidas May Classic will still use Assembly Hall, Criss Beyers said a few minutes ago.

There was a report today from the Raleigh News & Observer that Bob Gibbons’ Tournament of Champions is without venues.

The NCAA’s Legislative Council adopted a proposal earlier this month that prohibits Division I programs from hosting, sponsoring or conducting non-scholastic basketball practice or competition in which men’s prospective athletes participate. The practice or competition is prohibited on campus or at off-campus facilities that are regularly used by the school.

Gibbons’ tournament last year used 18 courts, including 12 on the Duke, State or UNC campuses.

Beyers, who runs the AMC, said he signed a five-year contract that grandfathers the tournament into use of Assembly and Cook Hall. He used the latter last season, but said he may not this year. No reason was given.

The Classic also uses a variety of courts around town, including both high schools and the Twin Lakes Recreation Center, but the marquee games (usually involving players Indiana is targeting) tend to up on campus.

This year’s Classic is scheduled for May 13-15.