Remy Abell commits to Indiana

Remy Abell has committed to Indiana, he just confirmed to Dustin.

“It’s an honor to get to play for Indiana,” Abell said. “Coach Crean is a future hall of fame coach.

“I want to help bring back the winning tradition. I can’t wait to wear that jersey and the candy stripe pants.”

UPDATE, 3:40 p.m.:

Dustin Dopirak here, more from Remy Abell.

The 6-foot-4 guard from Eastern High School in Louisville, Ky., said he was planning on taking more visits after the IU trip, but in the days following his visit, decided it was unnecessary.

“I thought about it a lot that night and all day yesterday and today and decided that’s what I wanted to do,” Abell said. “I’m very happy with my decision. It’s a great program. I’m very happy to be a Hoosier.”

Abell said IU coach Tom Crean’s reaction was what you’d expect from the always excitable third-year coach.

“He was crazy,” Abell said. “He was fired up. He’s fired up and ready for me to come in. He said he can’t wait to coach me. He was just fired up and can’t wait to get this started.”

Jason Couch, Abell’s coach at Eastern High School, said the player should be able to help IU in a lot of ways. Abell, he said, is a strong defender, and is good at getting to the basket.

But most importantly, Couch said, Abell knows how to win. In four years at Eastern, Abell was a part of 113 wins, the most in school history. Eastern advanced to the state semifinals this year before losing.

“The kid knows how to win,” Couch said. “He’s a great teammate and he makes everyone around him better.”


  1. This is a good signing. We need more depth at guard. Now lets see him develop into a top teir guard!

  2. Me = confused by this offer & commit. That said, love that the kid appreciates the tradition.

  3. I can’t wait to see him play in the Indiana – Kentucky All Star game. Welcome to IU basketball Remy. We are excited about our future on the court. Go Hoosiers!

  4. Not the same complaint you normally hear on here… but I question which guard is leaving and if this kid is better than them? I’m all for filling in holes when they are there and if someone leaves, but if we are pushing someone out, I want the kid we get to be markedly better. If he is not a lot better than who we have, I’d rather have the experience in whatever it is we call a ‘system’ and with his teammates.

    Remy may be better than some guards we have, but is he really that much better? He will be a freshman and we can’t keep replacing mediocre guards with slightly better and younger guards. At some point you either have to get a lot better recruits (some left in 2012 that we haven’t got yet) or stick with a kid and have him improve.

    Hopefully Remy is a lot better than what other teams are seeing him as. Even if not, I hope he is not a one or two year holdover. We need some older guys to be our solid bench players when 2012 and 2013 recruits are freshman. All great teams have those solid bench players who contribute so lets turn Remy into one.

  5. Welcome to the Hoosier Nation Remy! Look forward to watching you play and bringing your winning ways with you to IU. Nice to hear your comments about CC and your excitement about being a Hoosier.

  6. I can see this kid as a marked improvement over Roth+Moore and helping fill the defensive hole left by Rivers. He might even take minutes away from Verdell. Face it, we were really bad last year, and there is lots of room for improvement. We need more guys who can play both offense and defense. This guy will make the team better in 2011.

  7. Hoagland,
    IU doesn’t have to let anyone go yet on this one, and that’s kind of what makes it difficult to analyze. I’d be surprised if any guards leave before the upcoming season, and there’s plenty of opportunity for Abell to play this coming year. It’s 2012-13 when Ferrell, Patterson and Hollowell come in that things get cloudy.

  8. Have the standards for entry into the Hall of Fame been lowered so much that Creen will get in?

  9. Liver-

    Me too!

    Remy= one more piece to the puzzle. Eventually, one of these three-star guards will turn out to be a Rod Wilmont-in-a-haystack!!!

  10. Welcome to IU Remy. If Coach wanted you here at IU, then I’m all for it. I trust Coach made a wise decision recruiting you and you did too in choosing IU. Welcome to IU. Go Hoosiers!!

  11. Look at Creek’s twitter account. There is no way in hell that he is leaving IU on his own accord.

    He’s working harder than anyone this offseason.

  12. Roth has no effect. He will play his 4th yr at IU this year (injury year included), and will likely not be renewed for a 5th year due to the ’12 scolly crunch. Keep in mind; we’re still likely to add a big in May. That means 2 or 3 are likely on their way out

  13. I just had a mental image of Hoosier faithful bursting into a lab in the chemistry department and insisting on know what was in every beaker and why he was combining everything the way he was and wasn’t he afraid the beakers would overflow and, hey, is that a fire over there under that one and is the blue one supposed to be bubbling like that?
    Maybe it’s for the best that we don’t care that much about chemistry.

  14. How do people not get this? What can this hurt? We finished last in the big ten and that is not going to work here at IU. Crean knows it…he is tired of getting his A$$ handed to him every game because of lack of fundamentles and defense. What can this possibly hurt? We need a point and hopefully he can do that for us. We have an opening for 2011. Now may the best, hardest working, and smartest players prevail. There is no blue print to this rebuilding and the only thing Crean and Co. can do is just keep trying to get better. Go hoo hoo hooosiers!!!!

  15. There is NOTHING to be negative about with Remy Abell! He is a good 6’4 guard. Other schools wanted him, Butler included. He fell in love with “it’s Indiana” just like the rest of us. He seems enthused to give his all. Welcome to Indiana Remy! The rest will work itself out. We don’t have to micro-manage Coach Crean. He knows what to do-win 20 games next season! No more excuses. Indiana has good players. Do it!

  16. To those who asked why: because Abell will help make the 2011 team better, which should lead to more wins. Yes, he’s another guard, but we know Crean isn’t obsessed with positions, he thinks in terms of best athletes. Abell seems to fit that bill.

    Crean never stops recruiting and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him add another player to the 2011 team. We all wonder what it all means and how the scholarship numbers can be worked out because we’re thinking mostly about the 2012 class. Crean is thinking about the 2011 team. He want to win in 2011. I’m sure he has some ideas for how the scholarship numbers will work out. This isn’t his first rodeo. I’m also pretty sure he isn’t going to share those ideas with us right now, so we’ll have to wait to see. If nothing else, the numbers crunch is notice to everyone that they need to bring their best game to stay on the team.

    I think Abell is a good addition. We need a strong, defense-minded guard who also has a very quick first step and can get to the rim and who knows how to win.

    Welcome to IU, Remy!

  17. Sometimes I wonder how you morons breath. How in the h*ll can you not UNDERSTAND this signing! We were 3-15, 3-15, 3-15 in the Big Ten last season with Roth, Jones, and Moore in our guard rotation. Please stop posting if you know this little about basketball.

  18. If he had signed with Butler everyone would be asking how we could have missed on this late blooming talent. Welcom to IU, Remy. At least IU will still have one decent sized defensive minded guard to replace Rivers.

  19. Yea, i really wish all the so called experts that question this signing would go away. We have been just awful the last 3 seasons, and people act like it’s crazy to think of Crean upgrading next year’s guard rotation. Do these people enjoy seeing Danny Moore play? Do they enjoy 4 turnovers a game from Verdell at the point? Is watching the opposing teams point guard have a career game fun?

    Let Tom Crean improve this team and for goodness sake don’t worry about the scholarship problem. Sometimes i think so IU fans just wanna complain.

  20. Jon & YouWillNeverKnow; Looks like most of the posts on this string are positive and supportive about the signing. Not sure why you two expressed such frustration. I don’t interpret the questioning comments as intended to criticize the quality of Abell or Crean’s judgement about the young man’s ability, but some folks seem to be questioning the number of players at the guard/wing position, relative to IU’s other needs. Some people wander if a player might be transfering. This is, for the most part, just curiosity being expressed. IU does have a lot of guards on the team and I think it’s fair to say Crean needs some more bigs. Nothing wrong with stating that benign opinion, that’s what this site is for.

    Besides, this much interest in recruiting news in late April is a good sign for Crean and Hoosier BB. Crean’s got real problems when no one cares enough to comment about anything other than the need to fire him. Let’s hope that day never comes.

  21. Podunker, please forgive what you assume is negativity. I didn’t mean to vent, and let me just explain that i’m quite happy about this signing and look forward to Remy playing for us. I also look forward to seeing him play in the Kentucky Indiana All Star game. My intention was to support Coach, because there have been some naysayers about the signing. Go Hoosiers.

  22. 2011 is going to be Horrible. Lets face it…We were 3-15 in the Big Ten this year and we’ll be 7-11 tops this year. I refuse to have unrealistic expectations. I do that enough with the Cubs year in and year out. We have two more years of building so patients is going to be Key here. I just hope the administration stays patient as well because I believe in 2012 we will crack the top 5 in the Big ten and 2013 we’ll be back in Business. Go Hoosiers!

  23. 2011 is going to be horrible? Why would you say that? We bring everybody back and add what appears to be 3 nice freshman with maybe one more to come. The rest of the Big Ten is down after many of the better players in the league graduated. 2 more years of rebuilding? I’m sorry Drake, but i respectfully disagree.

    Tom Crean does not have two years to continue to be “horrible” as you put it, and IU fans do not have the PATIENCE to just sit back and watch us be the bottom tier of the league. We are starting to have talent on the roster with upperclassmen in Hulls, Watford, Jones, and Pritchard. Like them or not, but their experience will help. Add two nice sophomores in Shehey and Oladipo, and we look to have some weapons. I think that this upcoming year will be anything but horrible.

  24. For 4 years he led his HS team to an average of 28 wins a season. I do not care if he is 91, teal green and has 3 ears. He has always been a winner.

  25. My prognostications for 2011/2012 is closer to Jon Robling than it is to Drake. I believe IU BB will improve in 11/12, but not enough to make the Hoosier Nation happy. I believe IU will be close to a winning record, finish middle of the pack in Big Ten, but will not go to the post season play next March. IU will be stronger relative to the other Big Ten teams. If I’m wrong, Crean is really going to be under a microscope and start catching enormous heat as soon as it becomes obvious that IU’s season is lost. He won’t be fired after next year regardless, but he’ll be very uncomfortable.

  26. You all are forever hopefull with IU basketball and Tommy Crean. Im sorry this commit and numerous ones in the last three years were supposed to help IU and develop into “top tier” players HA give it up people. Even if crean staerts to win it will never be like the old days. B knight and mc cracken won without top ten recruiting classes. You all suck and so does IU ! P-E-R-I-O-D. Can any of you actually say what you really think on here? Do you always have to lie about what you are really thinking?

  27. Chet: Agreed. I have been trying to find an update on Traylor, and if he is going to take an official visit to IU. Is this still a chance? Or any other big man for 2011? I know scholarships are down, but I am still being pathologically optimistic I guess. Thanks and Go IU!

  28. Crean may be thinking of 1 or more going to prep school for a year or so, this year or next. A little more time to mature and improve their skills. It could answer some questions and solve some problems. It’s is an option. Peace on you all and GO I.U.

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