Reports: Abell, Djimde will visit Indiana

Remy Abell, a 6-foot-4 guard, will visit Indiana on Monday, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Jody Demling.

Abell recently backed out of his letter of intent to Bradley and is now considering five schools: Indiana, Xavier, Butler, Penn State and Western Kentucky.

“Yes, I like IU a lot,” he said. “I like where it’s at and I like the program. They have some great pieces there, especially if I get to go play with one of the top recruits in the country, Cody Zeller. He’s a great player and IU has one of the elite programs in the country.

“It would be an honor to play there and for coach (Tom) Crean. I am really looking forward to seeing what IU has to offer.”

He’s a three-star, and been described as everything from a point guard to a small forward. I saw him once during the Adidas May Classic last year and thought he was an energetic, hustle guy that wasn’t extraordinarily skilled. But that was after one viewing, so take it with the appropriate grain of salt.

There’s also Ibrahima Djimde, the 6-foot-9 center from Huntington Prep. His coach, Rob Fulford, Tweeted earlier today that Djimde will take an official visit to Indiana, as well as Illinois and Old Dominion.

Djimde is something of a late bloomer. ESPN’s scouting report is favorable, and Fulford said he would be a steal this late.

But the recruiting of Abell does bring up a question: does Indiana really need another guard/wing-type?

Already the Hoosiers are looking at dividing time at one of three positions between Verdell Jones, Jordan Hulls, Maurice Creek, Victor Oladipo, Will Sheehey, Christian Watford, Matt Roth and Austin Etherington. Watford will certainly play the 4, but we’ll also see him at the 3. Still, that is eight guys fighting for three spots — and six have a legitimate claim at a starting position (and the accompanying 25-30 minutes a game).

Also, Ron Patterson and Jeremy Hollowell are coming in 2012, with only Jones and Roth (presumably) leaving the program. And we haven’t gotten into Gary Harris, who forces a shakeup of the entire prospective lineup should he commit.


  1. Why we would even consider another guard/wing at this point boggles the mind. Unless the kid is better than Gary Harris (and I don’t think any of those are available for ’11),this visit makes absolutely no sense.

  2. Hugh, my thoughts exactly about Abell. Interesting he’s getting looks from both Butler and Xavier. Could be a great guy, but we have a lot of great guys.

    One possibility may be TPTB know we don’t have quite so many great guys.

    Interesting also, two late recruits the same day. Meebee a little pressure?

  3. Abel can guard people, he’s a lot more aggressive going to the bucket and has the athleticism and strength needed to not get picked on. Jones and Hulls are absolutely horrible guarding the ball and disrupting our opponents’ offense. Now we’d have a guy who is quick enough to guard the bigger points that Hulls can’t guard.

    IU is a terrible basketball team. There are a lot of guys out there who can help IU.

    Crean knows how to count, expect some answers on transfers in the next two or three weeks once kids get done with finals.

  4. In order to compensate for CTC’s coaching deficiencies and allow for his recruiting abilities , the NCAA is granting 16 schollies to IU— otherwise the above 2 visits make little common sense.Forcing guys off the team works for Izzo and he is still respected so CTC may be trying to copy him.

  5. CTC obviously has a plan.The rest of us are on the outside looking in.Only time will tell.Let the man do what he is getting paid to do without all of the second guessing.

  6. Initially I thought “why, dear god why another SG?”. Then I realized how god awful we were last year. Come on guys, we were real bad. I mean really bad. We have plenty of room for improvement. If this kid can do something our current players couldn’t (and come on, a lot of guys would be upgrades) then I say bring him aboard.

  7. The thing that frustrates me and I am actually a Crean fan is that I feel that from what I have seen so far…Crean might play seniority and play Jones over a better younger kid. I laughed at the Jones comment above…

  8. But second (and third, fourth, etc.) guessing is what we do BEST! It does not take long, very little thought is required, it is not fattening, and you can do it either before or after golf, fishing, softball, etc. Personally, I would rather have Bawa AFTER having red-shirted him last season and having him train with our great IU coaches for a full 2 years than anyone I have heard of this spring. That was a bad coaching decision!

  9. How can you knock Crean after he’s already got some of the best players in the country committed over the next few years. Once the recruiting classes start coming in, it’s put up or shut up.

  10. My take on this Abell visit is that IU DOES NOT have that many talented PG or SG and also that Mo Creek’s rehab is not going well. Ask yourself this… it was better to play a hobbling Creek this past winter than others available off the bench? Creek was unable to perform physically and it showed badly. I like Mo Creek and think his freshman season was great and that he had numerous possibilities for the future at IU, but I am afraid he is done, why else go in the direction this bit of news states?

  11. Is Djimde pronounced similar to Jobe?

    Crean must really have a way with the African players – he recruits them in bunches. Haven’t seen a single example pan out yet; even the ones that went elsewhere (Negedu, Abraham) haven’t done much. Maybe he’s searching for that needle in a haystack.

  12. A few thoughts:

    1. I agree with Chris M; expect some transfers soon.
    2. It’s not accurate to assume that a player that transfers has been “forced” off the team. And it’s not always a bad thing for the player. Coaches has an obligation to be honest with their players. If a kid is not cutting it and is not likely to play, the coach telling him, “hey, you should transfer because you’re not going to play here” is the right thing to do for all involved.
    3. IU BB clearly has some players that are not Big Ten calibar players. They will get less playing time as more talented recruits come in. If they want to play, transferring would be in their best interest.
    4. In last two years, there has not been enough competition for playing time. That’s why Jones and others have gotten lots of playing time in spite of their bad habits. If Abell can play, and some prominant coaches obviously think he can, he could provide significant competition and force improved play.

  13. I do not feel it is right to push a upcoming senior out the door. It is not right to have to sit out a year and also how many credits will transfer. The three(3) upcoming senior’s have given it their all and have performed in the classroom.
    I feel Capo or Elston are the only two, unless Oladipo would be looking to transfer to allow a scholarship on another project freshman.

  14. Who said anything about “upcoming seniors”? And who knows if they’d be getting pushed out the door? I don’t think anyone supports that, unless the player is a bad guy. And depending on the school the player transfers to, he may not need to sit out a year or lose any academic credit. A few of IU’s players are clearly not D-I caliber. And they may prefer to play at a smaller school than ride the pine at Indiana. It happens all the time in many sports. You’re right, they work extremely hard, whether they play or ride the bench. So, if you have no chance to play professional BB, you’re not going to get significant playing time at a D-I school, you’re working your butt off every day, wouldn’t you rather go somewhere where you could play as compared to sitting on the bench? Some people would rather be a big fish in a small pond.

    I doubt the players that transfer, if any do, would be upcoming seniors. And just because two players are visiting IU does not mean they will be offered anything.

  15. These types of posts make me crazy. College Coaches (and by the way High School Coaches anymore) make very “cold blooded” decisions in order to be successful and keep their jobs. They make a lot of money that they would like to keep and in many programs these coaches are looking for the next rung up the ladder.

    You can parse Crean’s decisions all that you want. He isn’t offering scholarships and making recruiting decisions on a whim or out of the goodness of his heart. Once again, these are cold blooded decisions just as playing time decisions are made. He may be wrong but he’s got a plan.

    You can be as confused as you want to be. Crean and his coaches aren’t. They offer scholarships for a reason. Like I said, they may turn out to be wrong but they have thought it through and they don’t care about what you think. If IU is successful, this site will be full of praise. If they lose while taking the advice of everyone who posts here, they’ll be fired.

    I think they’re going to rely upon their judgement rather than ours.

  16. IULONGAGO, Bingo. If the folks on this board had the skill set for the job they would have the job. I’m pretty successful, but CTC probably earns my salary in interest on his checking each year. There is a reason for that.

  17. IULONGAGO; I agree with you. And college coaches have been doing the same thing for a long, long time, way before coaches were earning 7-digit annual salaries. We pay them to win (without violating the rules), and we have little patience if they don’t. Besides, if people found out that these players were interested in IU and Crean did not go after them, an equal or greater number of people would be criticizing him for inaction.

  18. Podunker, it’s interesting to see how OSU is standing by their fb coach. I wonder how long? I was reading the details. Could he possibly think evidence turned up by the Feds that was sitting on a US Attorney’s desk was going to stay hidden? Sure changed my opinion of the guy.
    BTW, thanks for the kind words.

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