Turner, Chappell others left on the board

Seven rounds came and went and wide receiver Terrance Turner and quarterback Ben Chappell remained on the draft board. In previous years, they would’ve been getting phone calls immediately after the draft, but because of the NFL lockout, teams can not offer free agent contracts to undrafted players until the labor dispute is solved.

This means Turner and Chappell, who both held out legitimate hope of being drafted, must wait to see if they will even get a camp invite.

“I’m a little disappointed, but you know I’m not gonna give up quite yet,” Chappell said. “I’ll see what happens and hope they get the whole thing resolved and try and get into a camp.”

The Bloomington South graduate said he’s considering going back to Arizona, where he worked out before IU’s pro day, to train, but said he could also continue to work out in Bloomington.

Chappell said he was hopeful that he would get selected when there was a run on quarterbacks early in the draft. Four were taken in the first 12 picks and seven went in the first three rounds. Just five were taken in the rest of the draft, however, and when Alabama’s Greg McElroy was still on the board heading into the seventh round, Chappell realized his name probably wouldn’t be called.

Turner could not be immediately reached for comment. Running back Trea Burgess, cornerback Richard Council and safety/wide receiver Mitchell Evans are also holding out hope for free agent contracts when the lockout ends.


  1. Like I posted earlier, Turner is NFL talent. Chappell deserves a look too. It’s unfortunate that the labor situation hurts their chances this year; if it drags too long, teams may be more likely to go with players who are more familiar with systems.

  2. Turner will go to CA and become a nationally known actor. Ben is very smart and few QB’s will be as sharp in training camp with limited time on the playbook as he will be. He will make some team an excellent 3rd level Q, much better than Painter at the Colts!

  3. I never expected Ben to get drafted this year. I do believe he will get picked up when this lockout is over and become a steal for some team out there. He has huge potential in everything but his running game.

  4. It seems to me that the draft laid bare the weakness in IU’s football program, pre-Wilson (outcome of Wilson era to be seen).

    Many, most of us, expected the Hoosiers to be much stronger in 2010. Chapell was frequently seen and described in near-saviour’ terms, Doss as one in a million, many references were made to pro-level players on the offensive line, great receivers and at defensive ends… The record, and now the draft shows how far we were from reality.

    Chapell’s talent has obviously not impressed anyone into betting he’s a Sunday player. He he has shown (by his own statements and admissions) to have been overrated and, often, self-indulgent (not an uncommon issue with Bloomington-grown players). His command skills appeared to fail to inspire, his personal training habits led to his being overweight, slow afoot and suggested lack of personal discipline.

    Doss proved to be talented and worthy of a good look, but the perception also suggests many question marks by prospective employers. Same is true…some potential with reservations. Turner’s status and, to his credit, his understanding that his future lies in acting rather than being are realistic and merit respect. Few should aspire to no more than a decade-long NFL career.

    Add the fact that the coaching staff in charge of the Hoosier football program shared a philosophy of ‘protecting’ the limited resource of talent by abstaining from practicing the very skills and qualities that define good football- we proved “who ‘they’ thought we were” over a three year period. Our record was not built on a vacuum, it reflected who we were.

    As we look at what the draft says about the Hoosier program, it’s important to remember that professional coaches, general managers and their player personnel staffs live and die, eat or don’t eat based on their professional evaluations.

    I believe Coach Wilson is an inspired choice to bring IU footbal the sea-change it needs. His approach has been to lay a foundation of standards and expectations. It is important for us to take a deep breath. As football fans all we’ve known is losing; allow him to handle the staffing, the scouting, the motivation, the recruiting, the physical and tactical preparation and, while watching, learn.

    Up to now all we have done is show our expertise at being losing fans. Nothing to lose by admitting it, learning how to be a winner and absorbing the transformation.

  5. The previous comment is a total trash job to the players leaving the IU program. Your comments about Chappell being self indulgent and having a lack of personal discipline are an especially pointed and personal attack. I’m guessing Brewer, Burgess, Council and Evans are glad you left them out of your expert “assessment.” I for one wish them all the best wherever life leads them.

    “Up to now all we have done is show our expertise at being losing fans.” That is one comment about yourself that I agree is true.

  6. It’s completely fair to say that if the NFL scouts don’t see the talent than perhaps the talent isn’t there. That’s all they do and no one does it better. It isn’t mean or unwarranted. The NFL drafts the best talent and they weren’t drafted. No speculation. Just a statement of the facts on the table. I hope they do well in free agency. But to say otherwise is to claim to know more than NFL player personnel managers.

  7. Maybe Chappel can find a bit of inspiration from the unimpressive talents a young man named Kurt that once stocked shelves at the Hy-Vee grocery store in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    Who gets to sit around all day and judge your future, Tsao?

    * Rated #90 NFL player of all-time by NFL.com (#27 in Public Vote)
    * GFC Player of the Year (1993)
    * 4× Pro Bowl selection (1999, 2000, 2001, 2008)
    * 2× AP NFL MVP (1999, 2001)
    * 3× NEA NFL MVP (1999, 2001, 2008)
    * PFWA MVP (1999)
    * 2× First-team All-Pro (1999, 2001)
    * Super Bowl MVP (XXXIV)
    * Super Bowl champion (XXXIV)
    * Walter Payton Man of the Year Award (2008)
    * Bart Starr Man of the Year Award (2009)
    * At least 100 TD passes for two different teams (St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals)
    * First QB to throw 3 TD passes in each of his first 3 games
    * Most yards passing in a playoff campaign (1,156 in 2008)
    * Holds top 3 passing records for Super Bowl games

  8. Tsao, that was a bunch of pure speculation by an outsider…what garbage! You talk out of one side of your mouth saying not to call someone a name on the blog and out of the other side speculate about training habits, leadership, overrated, self indulgent, personal discipline. This all from Tsao…the same guy who came after me for questioning if Kiel or WB would have been a better start last year. Living in Bloomingon if I know one thing about Ben Chap it is that he is a good guy. Yes, that is hearsay and I have also met him myself. Now as I said, I don’t like the back and forths but you tear me down for calling Wilson a jerk and tear Chap down days later even worse…I don’t get!

  9. J Pat./Tsao-

    Let me help you both out. Wilson is a jerk, which of course is why I love him. I have known Ben since he was 5 years old and he is a great kid. Look at the awards he has won for his leardership and his GPA. In addition, the kid played injured all year and after watching the spring game I’m not sure how we will score a point with the QB’s we have.

  10. You, well said and I agree with all you say but I was impressed with Kiel and WB at the spring game. It will take the pre season but after that I think those guys will do well. Thanks and take care.

  11. JP, I am with you. After reviewing the Spring game on 3 different occasions(once using the benefit of Heineken visually enhanced evaluating properties)I think the QBing future at IU will be bright. Both potential candidates offer the kind of arm and feet a KW offense needs to exploit an opponents defensive weaknesses. I lean more positively toward DK because he utilizes better vision for reading a defense to find a receiver opening up before taking off running to get something positive out of what the D is giving. When Kiel does run he may not offer as much wriggle as EWB but I do think he is faster. His pass first mentality is a goal that will lead to many positive Saturday afternoons. But I do trust KW to make the best assessment of the two for a winning program. Both would offer visual treats for us IU FB fans.

  12. JPat…all concerned…my comment was based on the absence of confirmation (about Chapell) shown by the failure of NFL personnel offices to recommend drafting Chapell during the draft. And, the conclusions (knowing personally how NFL scouts write their evaluations) come from comments that were directly attributed to Chapell, including some with Dustin Dopirak to the effect that Chapell had indicated he was now more intense, more focused, more consistent with getting in shape/working out/pushing himself with the oncoming NFL draft. The statements and commentary based on it surprised me, even to the point I wondered about the wisdom by Chapell making the statements for the record with Dopirak (if and when, and since I am taking Dopirak at his word; right Dustin? Or, did I so completely mangle your story and/or misquote you, or misinterpret…??).

    Of course, it is based on speculation (J. Pat). That’s all we do on this blog…in fact that was the issue that influenced me to back off my opinions about your thoughts. They were, like mine, opinions based on observation, standards, expectations and my analysis;. And a strong expectation that one would not wait four years to get in shape just in time for the pros.

    I’m sure Ben is a very nice person. Most Bloomington people are very nice people. In fact, I’m sure he is. I admire his GPA…; really admire…his GPA, no question about it! It makes me happy and proud my fellow IU alumni are good students and nice people. Especially those from Bloomington, which is a very, very nice town filled with nice people.

    Do I question the hardness, the drive, the self-imposed demands and rigor of his work habits? Perhaps. I do question his ability to lead. His was a team that lost (or surrendered) a great number of games during the last five minutes over his tenure of ‘leadership’. I am old school…I believe a leader won’t let you lose…it is forbidden!… (Soldiers have one expectation of their officers…’take me home boss, don’t leave me here’).

    For the record, based on performance, what I saw of the spring game, Wright-Baker earned his stripe and showed a (I’ll call it) ‘hardness’ to win. His running is better and creates more doubt within the defense. His passing is more assertive, his numbers in that one game were clearly better. The team seemed to play more confidently for him. But…and, this I know and want to reassure all other bloggers, …I’m sure that Kiel is a very nice kid. I was a big fan and wished he had gone to IU).

    At one point the Greeks used to employ the surrendered soldiers of armies they had defeated to teach their children. Until one Greek general, Pericles, ended the practice. Slaves, he thought, can not teach free men to be free. Likewise, a loser can not teach anything but how to achieve… losing.

    I truly believe, that in Coach Wilson, we have someone who can teach us winning.

    (For those of you who are emotionally challenged … can you go two complete sentences without words like ‘jerk’, ‘idiot’?…the English language is a very complete and fulfilling language and Bloomington a very nice town.)

  13. re Kiel: I was a big fan and wished he…”…should have read, “I was a big fan of his father and wished…”

  14. Tsao,
    As far as what you derived from my story after pro day, you’re not totally off. I guess there’s a few ways to read that. Chappell moved out to Arizona for a few months and while apparently taking his grad school classes online, he was working out full-time and having meals delivered to him by a service. He lost about 20 pounds for pro day. That being said, he also said he thinks he needed the weight during the season because he took a pounding, especially when James Brewer was out. So again, based on his account, he worked harder in terms of his physical shape than he ever had before, but didn’t necessarily wish he had done it during the season because the weight had a utility based on his college situation.
    Now, does he secretly regret being heavy during the season? Would he have actually been better off playing at 225? Perhaps. But if you asked him why he lost the weight, he would tell you it was not necessarily to become a better quarterback but to perform better at combine drills. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, but take his explanation as you will.

  15. Thank you Dustin,….Chapell’s points(for JPat):
    -“Chappell moved out to Arizona for a few months”
    -[Chapell]”…taking his grad school classes online…”
    -[Chapell]”…having meals delivered to him by a service…”
    -[Chapell]”..thinks he needed the weight during the season…”
    -[Chapell says]”…he worked harder to get in shape (now) than he ever had before…”
    -[Chapell adds]”…the weight had a utility based on his college situation…”

    That’s what I told my dad when I was 11 and he smacked me on top of the head (sniff, sniff). JPat, you really are the gift that keeps on giving…I think I’m in love.

  16. Tsao,
    Just for the record.
    For some reason both Dustin and Hugh seem to have a fixation on Chappell’s foot speed and weight as he has made numerous comments on it in many articles they have written about him, (even the ones that were extremely complimentary to him in every other respect) as well as many comments joking with their bloggers on their online forums during the games. I’m not sure why as Chappell never claimed to be fleet of foot or a running qb and wasn’t recruited by Hep to be that either. But then neither Dustin nor Hugh were in Bloomington when Hep was recruiting Chappell. Inevitable comparisons to Kellen Lewis I guess. I also know for a fact that it somewhat ticks him off when he is always asked about it, but he doesn’t want to come across as an ass about it by snapping back. Dustin has a way of putting a spin on his stories so that his opinion comes through as is evidenced in his comments above that he thinks Chappell secretly wishes he had played at 225 and that he (Dustin) thinks Chappell would have been better off there. I also know for a fact that Chappell delayed surgery till after the season and was very limited in the conditioning he could do this fall so he had more ground to make up this winter. I know for a fact that he totally enjoyed being able to completely focus on football and getting himself in top shape this winter because I know for a fact Chappell did not take grad school courses while in Arizona as Dustin stated, which may have been a misunderstanding on Dustin’s part. He started some undergrad courses online when he came back to Bloomington to get his 150 credit hour limit so he could sit for the CPA exam when the timing is right. You question his work ethic yet admire his GPA. Unless you think your alma mater is a cake walk (and for the record I did not attend IU), a degree from the Kelley School requires a little time on task I would think. I’m not sure where to even go when you question his leadership skills because the team didn’t win enough, especially knowing that you have never met him or been in the locker room with the team. Leadership takes a lot of forms and the best leaders grow over time from their sucesses and failures. What bothers me most is NOT that you think the NFL scouts have spoken about his and the other IU athletes ability to suceed in the NFL because honestly, for all but those taken in the top few rounds, sucess in the NFL it is definitely not a sure thing or honestly even probable. And many in those top rounds don’t make it either. The tenure of NFL careers is fleeting at best for a host of reasons, talent being but one among the many. No what gets me is that you take criticism of Chappell based on Dustin’s newspaper account to a personal level essentially calling him a self indulgent loser. That is quite a stretch and I’m not sure why it is necessary. It probably irritates me more than some because I know Chappell and while he is not perfect for sure the way you characterize him based on newspaper accounts is way out of line.

  17. I love it…I am not the only one that took Tsao’s comments as an attack on old Chap!

  18. The only question I have is how you can possible think the future looks bright at QB? Unless of course your of the opinion that we are going to run 80% of the time. I saw more wounded ducks in the spring game then on a hunting trip. They might be able to get the job done, but we better not have a route that exceeds 15 yards.

  19. Do yourself a favor and spend some time watching the Spring games of several other teams of our conference and other conferences. You will see the wounded ducks are not just proprietary to IU hunting trips. After all it is Spring. Enjoy the popcorn.

  20. Chet, I guess the NFL never gets it wrong either? Ryan Leaf was supposed to be a stud by the NFL experts and Tom Brady wasn’t drafted until round 6.

  21. Sure, they make mistakes but you shouldn’t castigate someone for not knowing what they are talking about when their point of view is the same as ALL the NFL player personnel managers. If every single doctor in a specialty all came to the SAME conclusion, they might be wrong, but that’s probably the way to bet.

  22. I think ‘Whatever’ may have a point. My thoughts were based on the ‘curious’ nature of Chappell’s (I did learn how to spell it) not being drafted, my thoughts and great disappointment in a season where losing became a character and heart issue mixed with my own observations that (over and beyond his injury) was slow even for a ‘passing’, ‘pistol’ quarterback’. And, just through the images, I felt he was ‘heavy’ (delicate version) and the ripples were not muscle. The pebble in my boot and the question was how much I questioned his leadership. Even to the point that gradually it turned and convinced me that Coach Lynch was not the ‘strategist’ Indiana needed.

    As I thought through these (sometimes conflicting) ideas, I read Dupirak’s article and thought about how his observations confirmed mine…that’s where I may have made a mistake. I also (like you) have felt (and have written with pointedly) that both Dupirak and Kellenberger have a very bad habit of trying to spin their views to fit or modify their perceived facts. I’ve seen that frequently in their writing and as a former now retired reporter, senior writer, columnist, sports editor, editor-in-chief in a millions+, multiple newspapers city it bothered me like gritting teeth since the HT and the blog are my best source of information on my beloved Hoosiers.

    I even thought to clarify the information with Dopirak after my ‘cuddly little bear’ JPat questioned some of the factual assumptions; and indeed Dustin confirmed that I had quoted him correctly (though he went through more contortions than my ex-wife trying not to say so (‘ahhhh, yess…welll maybe…I think perhaps’). So I wrote my second comment on Chappell.

    I thought your comments were fair and full of facts. They raised good questions. You are right…part of my problem with Chappell has been that he was not Kellen Lewis. It even perplexed me that Chappell ‘appeared to ‘be given’ the position by Lynch over a qb much more like Lewis. Though truth and time show that character and academic habits were involved.

    You point by point analysis of Chappell was very good, serious, helpful. While it doesn’t change my mind about the influence of being out-of-shape, lack of mobility ( a critical issue against NFL rushers), questionable team/field leadership and a couple of other points on the rejection by NFL scouts; I have to respect your points about his academic achievements. And, I hope that Dopirak will clear up and correct or affirm any questions raised about Chappell’s school status, the Arizona experience, specific comments about his training and other point you raise.

    This is a godd blog, mainly for its bloggers and their passion for the Hoosiers. It is a good thing we debate our views and use it to keep the reporting on the Hoosiers honest. (I also find the Fort Wayne papers have a couple of very good reporters Lamond Pope and Pete Di Primio on the Hoosiers and Purdue who are consistently good on reporting and analysis.

    Now JPat…take a pill…drink some water…there…there…does that make it better?…boo-boo all gone?…look at pacifier…

  23. My comment is based and addresses ‘Whatever’s comment (in case that is not clear). The last line is addressed to my very ‘bestest friend Jpat’.

  24. Tsao, you are still taking shots at Chap…talking in circles so maybe you need the pill!!!

  25. at least 4G did not write a book on here, I would give almost anything for Tsao to take a hike and for 4G to be back!

  26. don’t call anyone a jerk GOG knows but can make baby references, you are like a car salesman…talk out of the right side and then the left side of your mouth! You are easily the worst thing I have seen happen to this blog in over 2 years!!!

  27. GOD knows, sorry about that…hate to mess that word up. Tsao, man up and come to B town and meet me at Nick’s…

  28. Nothing but fact and my personal opinions JPat. And,… you are a good man for admitting you’re wrong…I appreciate that.

    Calm down…I’ll let you know when I’m coming to Bloomington…but, I’m not taking any showers with you JPat…have that straight in your mind!

    Loosen up son…good natured banter never hurt anyone (except Bin Laden and you saw what I did to him).
    I’m still paying for your beer…your bestest friend.

  29. I think the mere suggestion of “not taking any showers with you” indicates a hidden desire a night of “friendly fire” and likelihood of morning pancakes.

  30. oh no!!!…another psychologist heard from! aaarrgghhh! …who’s to wonder the cause of the present state of Hoosier athletics…my dad (MRIP) use to say “God makes them (the psycho-babblers))… and they find each other” .

  31. A famous blogger once said, “I want they bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my pancakes.” RIPancakes his soul.

    At ease, soldier! That was not intended a shower joke.

  32. Tsao, no problem…I am married with kids and very happy…you are the one that keeps talking about a shower. Your banter is not in good nature though, that is the problem. Happy day!


    What will suffer the most wear & tear, J Pat’s
    hearing or the English language?

  34. You kids are unreal. What is JPat’s record for Nick’s Invites over a 24-hour span?

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