Willis suspended for one game

Indiana running back Darius Willis has been suspended for one game. The listed reason is for conduct detrimental to the team, but it stems from the alleged domestic assault incident in December for which he was served with a six-month protective order but has not been charged with a crime. Willis was present at most practices this spring, but participated only in rehabilitation drills because of injuries suffered last season. The official release from the athletic department follows.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson announced Friday that junior running back Darius Willis will serve a one-game suspension during the 2011 season for conduct detrimental to the team. There will be no further comment on this matter.


  1. I knew something would come from this incident, just wondered what.

    Considering this is a he said, she said with no charges filed, I think this is a fitting suspension.

  2. Too bad Darius. Even though you did nothing wrong. There were no criminal charges filed. A breakup with a girlfriend can cause you to miss a game, a game where the team will probably need you. A young man’s life caught in the politics of perception. At least is just one game. He’s still IU’s biggest prospect.

  3. IUHoosierBlues: Nothing wrong? Are you that naive? The bruises documented by a physician and reversal of normal spinal curvature and the multiple hospital documents saying she couldn’t walk without assistance is doing nothing wrong? A judge and I quote from the article “Found through a preponderance of evidence that domestic violence occurred.” Research this and stop being a naive dumbass.

  4. We’re all speculating. None of us really know the entire story. No excuse for using any kind of violence with a female unless self defense is absolutely necessary. But it seems like this unfortunate incident has been investigated and the authorities and/or the female involved elected not to press charges. Not much else can be done. Lets hope, that regardless of the penalties Mr. Willis receives, this incident was a result of immature emotions, is not a character flaw or pathology, and that he has learned an important lesson and will never become violent with any female again, ever!

  5. Has anyone suggested that he be checked for steroid use? This could be a case os “roid rage”.

  6. Big Bob, who knows. But I don’t think roids would show up in a regular blood or urine test used to check for intoxicants. According to his former “road wife”, Barry Bonds got violent with her on more than one occasion. She attributed his violence to his use of roids. The question is, was he prescribed roids or similar meds by his doctors as part of his surgical rehab therapy? More likely, he was a young man, a women pushed his buttons, and his immature emotions caused him to act out in a very inappropriate way.

  7. chris: I wish you weren’t the same person going around defending the lies of this woman but you clearly are. The police didn’t bring charges. The school didn’t suspend him. The photos don’t exist. The witness statements don’t match her story. Her witness statements don’t corroborate each other. The officer who showed up to court in her defense couldn’t produce these imaginary photos. JUST GIVE IT UP! He broke up with this girl and she flipped out. The threshold for a restraining order is quite low, and has already been reduced by the judge. JUST GIVE IT UP! She’ll find another football player.

  8. Who the hell is talking about roids. WTF? A kid breaks up with his girlfriend she throws a temper tantrum and now you’re talking about roids. Did I miss something. You just can’t fathom the idea that this kid did nothing wrong can you. No criminal history, no signs of violence but as soon as a girl yells violence everyone eats that up. Trick question: What is a nice, quiet, preachers daughter doing dating a football player in the first place? WAKE UP! This is made up! That’s why it’s only a 1 game suspension and no criminal charges. If he would have touched this girl he would be in bracelets. Period!

  9. I don’t have any idea what happened but, with 35 years in the medical field, I can tell you that “reversal of normal spinal curvature” is a condition called scoliosis and it is a congenital birth defect. It’s not something that can be caused by trauma.

  10. I can tell if this goes any further, it’s going to be super messy. Let me just clear what I can, but I don’t think we’re going to let this go much further without locking it up.
    There is obviously truth to what both Chris and IUHoosierBlues are saying. There are medical documents suggesting bruises a few days after the fact and the doctor reported “evidence of some reversal of normal spinal curvature suggestive of spasm.” And of course, like IUHoosierBlues said, there were no charges and no suspension from the school. I have no knowledge of witness statements, but considering that none of her witnesses would’ve even been on the premises at the time of the alleged incident (that’s not in dispute) it’s not surprising that there are inconsistencies and it neither proves nor disproves the allegation.
    And as for any discussion of steroids, there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that that’s an issue here.
    Ninety percent of what I know about this story has come through off-the-record discussions, and even those have proven to me one thing and one thing only. Only two people really know what happened and their stories are bound to contradict each other. The punishment handed out reflects the uncertainty.

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