Adams says goodbye to IU

Talked to Drew Adams earlier today. My story for tomorrow’s paper follows.

Drew Adams’s last day in Cook Hall was Friday, which was sort of fitting because it coincides with graduation.
The 26-year-old Bloomington native and South graduate admits it’s strange to leave Indiana now when it appears the Hoosiers are close to a comeback, if not this coming season, then the following year. He not only knows the players in the program now, but the ones who will follow. Two of Indiana’s signees for 2011 and all five verbal commitments for 2012 have played or are playing for his father Mark in the Indiana Elite AAU program.
“It was a little weird today,” said Adams, who is leaving his position as director of operations/video coordinator at Indiana to be a director of operations at New Mexico. “It was my last day at IU, so I was saying goodbye to everyone, and it was especially weird saying goodbye to the players. You’ve put such an emotional investment in them to see if they can better, and you’re not going to be around to see it. But you know that sacrifice is going to be worth it. They all have a lot of success ahead of them.”
Still, Adams said, his move to New Mexico is a logical next step on a career path that he hopes will make him a head coach one day. He’s not exactly sure how his responsibilities will change, but he expects them to increase along with his pay. Adams made around $60,000 at Indiana.
But just as important as the responsibility and pay increases, Adams said, was the opportunity to work with New Mexico coach Steve Alford again. Adams played for Alford, a former All-American and icon at Indiana, for one season in college. Alford has remained a mentor to him ever since.
“I’ve known him for a long, long time,” Adams said. “He’s a coach I know and trust, just like I trust coach (Tom) Crean. … I’ll always have a relationship here with Coach Crean, and this is another opportunity to work with a coach I know and trust and get more experience and learn a new system.”
Adams said Alford called Crean before even calling Adams to make sure it was OK to discuss the position with him.
“It was all done very open,” Adams said. “… Coach Crean blessed it. There were no secret meetings or hidden conversations. Those two are friends also. It was done in the most professional way possible.”
Adams said he had other offers and was not necessarily looking to make a big move from home yet, but this was too good of a situation to pass up.
“I’ve been here for two years working for coach Crean and I’ve learned a ton,” Adams said. “It was really going to have to be a special situation for me to leave. … I definitely wasn’t looking to leave, and it really came about unexpected, but I think it’s something I have to do in this stage in my career.”


  1. Put a ton of pretty makeup on this story all you want. Won’t change my opinion. This is an act of treason. Alford and Adams should be ashamed to undercut IU and Tom Crean during the infancy the largest rebuilding project in the history her storied hoops program. There are plenty of great basketball players west the Mississippi without the need to drain corn-fed studs off an Indiana roster. Still embittered over the banishment of Knight, this is nothing more than a classless act to stymie the effort our return to relevancy. This is the type of news that puts huge smiles on the Crean-haters faces. Period.

  2. Step back from the ledge, man.

    We lost a co-director of operations/video coordinator. While he was an asset, he is not the fulcrum of the program. We’ll be OK.

  3. Not on a ledge. I was more on the ledge when we had the burdensome ties to these groups. I think we’re more than fine. I hope Alford nabs some mediocre talent from 2012 that Crean had to sign as insurance policies(a.k.a. “the Cody dominoes”). Did Eric Gordon play for Indiana Elite? Did Gordon Hayward play for Indiana Elite? Did Matt Howard play for Indiana Elite? Did Did Branden Dawson play for Indiana Elite? Did Teague play for Indiana Elite? Did DeShaun Thomas? Crean is a strong enough recruiter even if we don’t land a single kid from the Indiana Elite pipeline. Remy Abell was a very independent move and probably ticked them off. Heaven forbid Crean goes outside those that believe they have him shackled to any kid part of Elite, or A-Hope projects that don’t pan out, or frequents the same farmers market every small town family friend with a son that shoots hoops and claims they helped put Cody in candy-stripes.

  4. Eric Gordon yes, Gordon Hayward yes, Matt Howard yes they all played for Indiana Elite. Gets facts straight so you don’t look as bad

  5. “This is treason….blah, blah, blah…”

    Upon further thought….please jump!

  6. TTG, for once we are in total agreement on this one! @Curse, this is not treason. I believe it when Adams says that Alford contacted Crean for permission. I also believe that Crean thinks it a good career move for Adams. If not, he would have said so. If it were just money Crean could have made something positive happen at IU for Adams in order to keep him.
    Let’s worry about the bright future that should be in store for Indiana basketball considering the wealth of talent coming into the fold.

  7. Holy Toledo! My mistake. Come on, brilliant followers of Tsao Gonzalez and all others that idolize Bobby Knight and short shorts. What did you expect Crean to say? “These pansies are trying to undermine me”…”These too-big-for-their-britches warts on my butt believed that I owed them a lifetime of servitude for helping bring Zeller to Indiana so I told that Adams twerp to take a hike when he said Alford was calling him?” There have been people on this blog saying he should have fired McClain to make room for Dane Fife. Why is it such an unusual leap to think Crean has not had any freedom the old Bobby Knight Yacht Club influences since the day he came to Bloomington?
    And I must have been trying to forget that Eric Gordon played for Elite because all he did was play for a criminal and choke during the biggest game of his career…Right? Isn’t that what most have characterized his past? He didn’t come for Indiana, he came for Kelvin Sampson. We know one thing..he didn’t come because of Indiana Elite. Didn’t our ties dry up once Sampson was hired? But Howard and Hayward too? Ouch. I feel like a total douchebag that’s still correct. I bet JPat will never invite me to Nick’s. Why didn’t I see Hayward and Howard on the Indiana Elite alumni list? Then again, didn’t each one of those guys also choke during the biggest games of their college careers? But then they didn’t have to attached to playing for a monster. They played for the coach that 4guards and many others on this blog would rather see coaching the Hoosiers than Tom Crean. This Elite connection may be a huge loss after all. Why would Adam’s good father not remain loyal to his son and do everything he can to help build the program that is writing the checks for his son’s valued employment. Now I’m worried. Thank god we landed Remy Abell before this happened. This Adams thing is huge. Bigger than the impact of Tsao Gonzalez on Hoosier Scoop…really, really big.

    Bottom Line: Crean will be a better coach free of those sniffing up his tail every time he looks beyond these clique organizations that have way too much influence. That’s why there was so much shock over his going after Remy Abell. Why don’t you people be honest? Crean is always forced to paint the picture with a careful brush so the Kent Bensons of our fan base don’t tear up their season tickets again. Heaven forbid Cook Hall isn’t more about our past than our tomorrows.

  8. Chet-

    You’re a good man.

    I bet Adams had “other offers”. Sure he did..And because something is “blessed” and “all done very open” doesn’t mean it possesses one ounce of integrity. I’m lovin’ Crean more every day. I love the fact he is sticking with McClain. I love the fact he got the main prize recruit to get the engine restarted and now he’s trying to get our basketball program free from the straitjackets of influence and entitlement. Stuff a sock in all the Alford and Dakich big-mouthed followers that pump garbage into kids’ heads because they were stars at the 2A and 3A level in a state that destroyed its one tournament history; a history that could never camouflage true talent. Maybe Crean will do the necessary cleansing of cronyism that permeates the halls our basketball program and we will be as fresh the day an unknown coach from West Point strolled into town. Is it such a terrible thing to want IU to be “Elite” again instead of 16-year-old kids running around in the shadows of old hierarchies, holding press conferences, and treating us like a bunch of begging dogs salivating at mediocre talent in a Pavlov experiment our shallow corn-fed hoops mentality? Maybe I’ve had too much strong coffee, but at least I’m not comatose to what talent on a Hoosier basketball court used to look like. I think many of you have gone to far too many IU football games the last 20 years. Basketball at IU was once far more vast its scope of talent than recruits found a stone’s throw from Bloomington or clones of Steve Alford in his homey tight short shorts hitting wide-open jumpers for a couple glorious years in the 1970s.

  9. I miss the single tourney, too. I’ll bet that the folks in Milltown will remember beating Jeffersonville and Mike Flynn in the regionals in the 70s a lot longer than a trip to a diluted semi state since the split. It has been a long, long time since the glory days (personally, I liked the 70s, but they did win 2 titles in the 80s). I have high hopes for CTC. He is smart, personable, and he has more energy than I’ve ever seen. Unlike many, I see the lack of ties to RMK as a positive thing, but he still extends the olive branch. He basks in the tradition where Mike Davis was oblivious to it and Sampson could care less. ‘Historians’ tend to be better fits at traditional powers. I’ll bet CTC could tell you how many games Branch McCracken won. I’ll also bet Mike Davis had no idea who he was. After all, IU was just a stopover on his trip to the NBA.
    BTW, did you hear about the Washington recruit who got his hs AD fired because he was tweeting his sweet class setup?

  10. I remember a #1 Michigan City Elston team coming into our small town high school gym. We had one of our best teams in years in our sleep northern Indiana town, but we soon found out just how grossly outmatched we were to the big city boys that were rolling over every team in our conference…But you know what? I loved every minute of being in the stands and watching it unfold. It’s what it used to be all about. There was nothing like having a chance to go against the best team in the state. Class basketball changed Indiana hoops. It took much the fever the March Madness away. We had something unique and we diluted it into jello. Michigan City Elston’s Red Devils had a kid named Alex Kiner. I’ll never forget that kid..In pregame warmups he casually stood in corner of the court nearest my seat and drained shot after shot. Totally effortless. I played summer after summer and his game would forever be out of my reach. He was the fastest guy on the court I have ever seen with ball handling skills that were crazy for the day. His counterpart in the backcourt was Tony Branch(went on to play for Louisville). Kiner never went to college. He lived on very tough streets in Michigan City and I heard rumors he got in trouble with the law. What a treat it was for a 14-year-old dork to watch him play. Many these kids never realized how good they were. Nobody was pumping it in their ears on a daily basis. They just loved the game. These summer basketball leagues where the “elite” showcase their skills may claim to be important for coaches getting a better look at recruits…I think kids should get a couple months off from the game. Find a court in a lonely old gym..Find a bit of solitude away from all the hype..Get away from the spotlight and get back in touch with why they play the damn sport to begin with. Call me a stuffy melancholic blowhard, but I miss when Indiana high school basketball was the home of one tournament and all the passion of the game could be packed into a tiny gym on a Friday night where trophies a “class system” would be meaningless compared to a chance to play against the best.

    Sorry, Chet…I don’t follow much of sports outside of IU hoops and a few favorite pro teams. Never visit Twitter..I don’t understand. I’m old.

  11. Curse of blah, blah…As to your first commentary where I think Alford acted professionally by requesting Crean’s permission and Adams acted in his professional best interest by making a lateral upwardly-mobile move to a higher paying job at Iowa- totally legitimate in my view (which, of course is applicable and accountable only to my comfort with it). And, you also have it right that I am an admirer of Bob Knight’s for his superb basketball mind and a set of values that had strong positive impact on his players; nevertheless admitting the controversy in some of his court-side and self-destructive personal behavior.

    I do not consider Adams’ behavior ‘betrayal’ (by the way, I do not know him from Adam. My own thought on Crean is still being hatched. If Davis was confused, you can imagine my thought about him-no idea what it is. Sampson…I’d endorse him totally and with no reservation to coach the Pakistani national team as it trains in the ISI’s gym facility in Abbottabad.

    Everything else you said about Indiana single-class basketball and the loss to our identity when it was taken down; along with the memories of decades of going to semi-finals at Butler Fieldhouse and hanging out- usually near or in the ‘crows nest’- watching Crispus Attucks, Tech, Shortridge, Anderson, Kokomo, Milan, French Lick and all the others is right on and probably the reason we still make it a part of our lives even when most of those who are coaching today don’t even remember those days.

    Whatever differences we have…when you scratch deep inside our veins we are all Hoosiers. When I do get to go meet JPat and hopefully Chet, Hoosier Clarion and several of the others…you’ll be there too.

    (One last disagreement…when it comes to Hoosier sports, we are never old…we are immortal!)

  12. Could be he just likes warm weather.

    I could never be convinced working for an old admired buddy my father and reestablishing an old friendship, acquiring a fresh job title, earning a few extra bucks to put into a checking account(though I imagine the cost of living is considerably higher in New Mexico than Bloomington)could be any reason an exit at this time in Hoosier basketball history. It’s doubt that boy is having..plain and simple. It’s doubt in our coach. Like the same doubts you are expressing by saying your views have still not “hatched”. Nothing wrong in that I guess as long your tongue wasn’t licking the spoon that just made the batter. Most on here are probably right about Adams. It’s probably all perfectly kosher. Anyway, his job is likely so irrelevant to the functioning our team that this is basically news worth hardly reporting. That may be true, but I still think it smells of treason and caving into suspicions(like the many that were fueled on this blog for months on end by its last ‘Hall of Scoop Blogging Fame’ blogger..What was his name? Something or other 4ticks? or shinguards? Whatever happened to that doubter our coach?)…suspicions that never cease and hover over Crean’s head like a puffy giant Alford hairdo cloud that remains affixed to the rafters of Assembly Hall’s crown; an undermining sect of dinosaurs(not to be confused with age based on calendar year born)that find tiny ways to pick and needle about in their minuscule roles(be it summer leagues for unproven college b-ball stars in the making filled with Indiana’s most “elite” talent, high school coaches that once had recruiting ties and never forgave our university for expelling Knight, or even sincere-minded importers of African projects to put in Hoosier uniform instead of a kid trying to escape from the streets an old working class Indiana city, etc…etc.) IU seems full a world of disconnects that still want to meddle and influence..push and pull at her strings. Do they have her best interest at heart or will they forever doubt anything at IU that wasn’t somehow touched by the “superb” genius of Bobby Knight? Rollback to a dusty banner past in a delusional belief it will somehow reinvigorate their passion lost because of a big bad witch named Sampson..or an incompetent coach named Davis..or an empty-headed clapper named Crean that is all wind and no substance…Just find a man that shared a bar of soap with Knight and we’ll be instantly transported to 1976. What the hell? Why? Why can’t we move on win or lose? These slithery old friendly rats under the McCracken floorboards are determined to impregnate every young mind that puts on a Hoosier uniform or student that cheers from the stands; constantly suggesting with seeds of doubt that it can’t be any better ‘your’ day. Who cares! Just get behind your damn team! Quit talking of guys that need to transfer and timetables for winning! Alford won’t change a damn thing here. Stevens won’t change a damn thing here. Fife isn’t a better coach than McClain by virtue he committed an asinine foul at a Duke game. We need to look our collective selves seriously in the mirror and ask why we can’t just give change a chance. IU may be on the cusp of greatness that will put to rest these barely breathing doubters that crawled out the cracks once again..I’m excited. I forgive Sampson for not being as slimy as Calipari. I’m over Davis for beating a #1 Duke team to propel us our last Final Four. I’ve put all that behind me, but I simply can’t imagine being right next to the pulse of what is soon to happen with Indiana basketball, be in the midst the fever and excitement that will be flocking to Assembly Hall, the parties pouring into Kirkwood Ave upon the hoisting our sixth banner, to know I may have a chance to be in the locker room and the celebrations the candy-stripes reborn onto the national stage a sport its eternal lifeblood….Give that up to go work for Steve Alford in a desert land that is about as detached to a love for basketball as a compound in sunny Pakistan? I don’t get it. I’m glad he decided he couldn’t cut it on our secret mission a return to prominence. Enjoy a lot of sunny warm days in New Mexico with very little heat.

  13. Hey, I’m right there with ya. But, then again, I’m not a 26 year old guy looking at a $25,000 raise. As they say, it is what it is. Pat him on the butt and wish him the best. I’m betting Tommy C will bring in an upgrade. I couldn’t see leaving Bloomington and I like New Mexico. And I left Bloomington, too. At the time the Navy had no carriers based in southern Indiana. Haven’t checked lately. Never try to read more into things than is probably there.
    I may be passing through town this summer. Seriously, Nicks. We can all be disappointed in each other. My wife is worth it, though.

  14. Nick’s will never happen. JPat is too good for this disingenuous group of unbending egomaniacs where every word is a stone tablet of almighty narcissistic truth. I know everything I said up there was wrong. And now I am alone again such horrible deed of speaking out my ass something I really have no clue. So different am I the many vicious things said on blogs and the cheap shots taken at young minds that built this site, players and coaches we have no personal knowledge inherent character, or anyone with a touch of goodness a naive heart(if there is such a thing anymore)that are the targets of ridicule and attacks for no other reason than the perverse pleasure it brings us a chance to fight fights we ran from everyday in the cowardly retreats from battlefields deciding true integrity? I couldn’t look you guys in the eye no more than most nights a flawless mirror. That Adams guy is Mother Teresa compared to me. Friends are not found in these places. We pretend and then one some rare species left on this planet opens their true heart we cut them down to a size most matching our own spineless nothingness. We hide behind these names and play childish games our innocence lost long ago. Rather than take a chance on me, someone made me smell some very strong coffee and reminded me very acutely of such facts.

    Enjoy the pizza, my band of brothers.

    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother

  15. Saw Drew Adams at Run-n-Slam in Fort Wayne yesterday.

    Spent over 9 hours watching some damn serious BB at the Spiece facility. A fantastic venue. Will leave in
    10 minutes to go watch the finals.

    MC Elston, how about Vernon Payne and of course that championship team featuring Morse, Gipson, Simmons and Caldwell?

    I think J Pat would be on the scene for a get together at Nick’s, I suspect he may have a key to the door.

  16. The Curse…, I simply don’t know what to make of that. But then, I am not a mental giant. Nick’s might be fun, though.

  17. BTW, I don’t follow Twitter, either. Don’t even know how. I think I read it on Yahoo.

  18. Henry V, eh. Haven’t heard that since one of my kids had to memorize it.

  19. I’ll have to heavily medicate before going to Nick’s.

  20. Lucky they who know the meaning…

    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother

    While the rest of us try to build ‘community’ on Twitter messages of 140 characters or less. Chet’s right, through the d__n thing away…!

    We’ll just spend the money at Nick’s…or walk out of Nick’s and go join up!

  21. This is way off topic but I felt the need to post it. I was just reading where new University of Nebraska-Omaha athletic director, Trev Alberts (yeah, the ESPN guy) made some changes to the UNO athletic department in anticipation of its move to D-1. The football program and the wrestling program, which had just won its third consecutive NCAA D-2 championship and it 6th in 8 years, were being dropped. No warning. Everyone was stunned. He actually called the wrestling coach on his cell and told him the news as he was being presented the NCAA championship trophy in front of the podium. What a classless little turd. To make that even more nonsensical, the wresting team runs $100,000 in the black every year. WHY would anyone move to D-1 and drop their football program. That’s the whole frickin’ reason a school would move to D-1. Basketball simply doesn’t make enough money. Football is the cash cow. The wrestling team is the showpiece of the entire athletic department and one of the top athletic programs of any kind in the country. The rumor is that Tom Osbourne did not want a 2nd D-1 football program in the state, especially in Omaha. Dropping the wrestling program simply doesn’t make sense. They make lots of money. They interviewed a rising senior who is a 3 time all American but finishing up his engineering degree, so transferring is not an option. His career is over after winning the national championship as a junior.
    Why does a school hire a failed (he was ‘let go’ by ESPN) ESPN analyst as their AD. The wrestling coach had been there for 38 years building their one and only powerhouse.
    I’ve seen schools drop programs before but never something like this. It would be like IU dropping swimming in the middle of Doc Counsilman’s tenure.
    An interesting side note. Two members of the athletic advisory board (i.e. the biggest donors) are ex-NFLers who played for UNO. They said they were told nothing of the change. I hope their donations go to nothing and Alberts is back on the street where he belongs.
    There, I feel a little better. To ‘The Curse of…’, I’ll go for the decaf now, too.

  22. Wasn’t there an independent sporting goods store called Spiece on Keystone Ave(a little north of 71st St)in Indy that closed up quite a few years ago? I wonder if the Spiece b-ball facility in Fort Wayne has any connections to the same family name. And what the hell is Drew Adams doing at these games? Shouldn’t he be working with his realtor, Benedict Arnold, and looking for a nice stucco home to move into in New Mexico…lining up the Mayflower trucks, packing dishes, and what not. Already scouting and pickpocketing for Alford? I’ve been trying to see this Drew Adams move from a bit a different angle over the weekend..Maybe it’s not such a bad thing the Adams family having an Indiana Elite pipeline to Alford at New Mexico. Who would you rather see get the few guys from this league that Crean is unable to lasso into a Hoosier uniform? Wouldn’t we much rather see them going to an ex-Hoosier guy far removed from our geographic area/conference/schedule than going to Kentucky, Purdue, Illinois, OSU, NC, Duke, etc? Maybe this is more an act of collusion than treason. Maybe not such a bad arrangement after all. But then there’s this Buckley news that was brought to our attention recently. Hasn’t Buckley had a long term friendship and coaching association with Crean? Wasn’t he just interviewing for some jobs? I realize Crean is the head coach and lead recruiter, but don’t assistant coaches, and a family with ties to some of Indiana’s top high school talent, contribute to building strong relationships throughout the recruiting process that benefits Crean in nailing down kids? What’s next? Dan Dakich gets a gig as Athletic Director at New Mexico? Don Fischer hangs up the microphone? Is confidence/enthusiasim in the program waning? You always know when companies are on the verge of buyouts or restructuring. You see some guy packing up his office that seemed to be last on the list those you’d ever expect to be leaving. Hmm? Nah…I’m sure these are just coincidences and nothing is up. And the New Mexico thing is just our way of taking advantage the fact the NCAA does not apply the Sherman Antitrust Act to recruiting cartels….Phew!

  23. Chet-

    That’s an interesting story. Not sure if I buy into all this “cash cow” stuff for certain universities football programs. It seems TV contracts are the future and you have to identify the programs having the best odds getting you in front the national cameras. Maybe IU just has a much more loyal football fan base than many universities(much like the Chicago Cubs with baseball) and has not suffered in attendance as much for the lack of showing in a nationally spotlighted/major bowl contest. Maybe at other universities attendance suffers severely when teams fall off national relevancy. And if much the cash comes from filling the seats, then Indiana should seriously consider substantially raising the price they charge for a football ticket. Why not? Don’t we fully anticipate Wilson to bring a much better product to the field? Doesn’t a better product deserve a higher price? If IU can fill that stadium with the mediocre product we’ve seen the past 25 years, then why the hell not take advantage a pancake-loving fan that seems willing to pay for the mere experience of sitting in a noisy crowd and snuggling up under a wool blanket with your honeybun on crisp fall day no matter how embarrassing our performance? And if heaven forbid it turns out the same old same old we’ve endured the past quarter century from Memorial Field, then why not make those OSU fans be gorged a fair fee for rubbing humiliation in our faces every time they make the yearly trip motivated in mockery to Bloomington? We’re surrounded by universities that have a much bigger football tradition than our own. We have lost tons of money by not taking advantage the one tank road warriors that make the trip to IU for a happy dinner at Nick’s that comes with every assured rout of our football team. If we have to price gouge ourselves a bit, then so be it. We should take full advantage we have Wrigley Field on 17th St. in Bloomington. Great southern Indiana weather in autumn, beautiful surrounding state parks, great town to dine and stroll, easy access, and chance to watch your team kick the home team’s butt? Why on earth shouldn’t we be making a ton more money for such a nice weekend experience the fans lucky enough to get their football team on our season schedule? And this Glass dude call himself a businessman?

    Time to go for another cup of Folgers.

  24. Blah-

    You know what they say about dynasties and empires: they are meant to fall. Only a simpleton would think that the Yankees, Lakers,Patriots, Trojans, etc. would keep winning forever.

    In the meantime, let’s salute the Mavs. They are a team that has underachieved year after year, and now they finally seem to be in championship form.

  25. Ho-

    And with such disgrace and classless example did they ever fall. Shameful, completely shameful. The Lakers lived up to playing like a bunch of mothers on Mother’s Day. Bynum should have been escorted off the court by his momma in handcuffs pending assault charges to be filed against him. I think it all went to poop when they brought in Artest. What a team of thugs they looked like last night. No speed and energy on that Laker team unless their chasing fans in Detroit stands or hotel maids in Denver. And what on earth were they thinking when they put Steve Blake on their roster? Is he the grandson of Baretta? Anyway, I think Kobe should join the soon-to-be new dynasty in LA..He should sign with the Clippers and rotate off the bench when the new emperor of La-La Land, EJ, needs a breather.

  26. Blah:

    Puh-lease. I think I’ve heard basically the exact same speech from Red Sox fans, Colts fans, Mets fans, and just about any other fanbase that lives in the shadows of a great sports dynasty.

    If it makes you feel good to lambaste the Lakers, be my guest. Like the fabled “5 Banners” of Assembly Hall, Kobe’s 5 trophies sit safely in the record books – although there is a lot less dust on them.

  27. Sounds like you’re more a fan of dynasties than the Lakers, Yankees, Patriots, Trojans, etc.. I didn’t become a Hoosier basketball fan simply because the Cream and Crimson starting winning championships. The greatest joy a fan is when the unexpected team gels and takes down the Goliaths. My tombstone may be infested by twenty years of moss before they hang another banner in Bloomington. The greatest of achievements all become dusty in time. And isn’t it quite the comparison of apples and oranges when lumping college sports with pro sports in a discussion on dysnasties? Though corruption is arguably much more infected upon the college game than decades ago(building of teams with one-and-done’s, under-the-table payoffs to kids pumped in by boosters), I still don’t think probabilities of successive championships, or multiple championships within a relatively short time frame, can be compared to the mega millions and bankrolling of athletes that is done in major professional markets in attempts to buy a franchise’s way into a position of dominance. It’s only the respect for the fans, competitors, and teammates in honoring the privilege to compete at the highest level with dignity and grace the game you’ve been blessed with skills one has worked a lifetime to refine and play like no other, though win with ease or lose in heartbreak those that share your jersey’s name, that carries on through time with any meaningful endurance the purpose of Sport. Dynasty the Lakers may be, but my surprise is more in the recklessness and carelessness, the spitting in the pride the past accomplishments of previous greats like Chamberlain, Jabbar, West, Goodrich, and the scores of many other Hall of Fame players that laid the foundation for the trophies a proud pedestal, the defeatism in body language, the smug facial expression a champion coach of two pro basketball dynasties(albeit Chicago’s six titles and twice three-peats still unmatchable any accomplishment in LA) helplessly baffled by the complete and utter loss of control the personality his team, and the thug behavior not representative of true winners.

    In paraphrasing what I recall one announcer’s comments last night, much easier to win with integrity than lose with retaining the same. Kobe Bryant gets a lot of flak(a good amount of it jealousy and another dose that comes with the territory of any high-profile star that receives the harshest criticism and ridicule a team’s collapse), but I will give him credit for acting like a champion in defeat while many his teammates disgraced the game of basketball in their cowardly abandonment of sportsmanship. Only the type of dynasty building that would impress upon a simpleton that only cares about the prize the end than the means to get there.

  28. oops.

    “And isn’t it quite the comparison of apples and oranges when lumping college sports with pro sports in a discussion on dynasties?”

  29. Found the story on U. ofNebraska-Omaha and Alberts (I researched his history and read several articles after reading Chet’s comment). Interesting, challenging and worthy of pause.

    Put Alberts’ amorality; the UN-Omaha experience, together with the Frontline (PBS) story with the new NCAA president Mark Emmert; the fountain of sewer muck and dishonesty that is the Ohio State program; the willingness by USC to look sideways as Pete Carroll built an empire more decadent than a Hollywood movie; the encouragement of performance drug use by the MLB owner’s knowing tolerance of steroid use until the US Congress threatened to take away their antitrust protection; the morality of the ‘human trade’ circus of college recruiting as it now extends its tentacles to 12-year olds.

    It paints a picture of decay that scares anyone who truly loves intercollegiate athletics. Leaders like Alberts can’t claim the noble purposes of higher education can actually be linked to themselves or to the cynical behaviors involved. And,those who supervise them can not and claim their own as a philosophy of ‘do good’.

    Our own speculation and discussion about the need and the ethics of recruiting, the questions raised about the insane salary scales for coaches and assistant coaches(an example: can someone really argue that a “video coordinator” such as young Adams’ merit a salary- $60,000 plus whatever from camps, etc.- as a ‘video coordinator’ greater than an Assistant Professor or a grade school teacher whether it be in the streets of Gary or in Oolitic?)

    Mr. Glass was brought here to fill Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall. Given the catastrophes produced by Greenspan’s incompetence, and Glass’ experience with sports promotion in Indianapolis, he was probably a decent choice given IU’s athletic goals. We shall see. But there must be more if we are to make Hoosier values consistent with a vision for athletics at IU. What plans does he have for football, basketball and whatever other sports make money to contribute to the bricks and mortar of the University? To the quality of its academic programs? To the depth of IU contribution to the state and its people? To athletics contribution towards the availability of scholarships for students who are not athletically gifted or inclined at a time when the cost of an acceptable college education hovers at around $250,000 per student?

    Nevertheless, even Greenspan would have made a choice better than Alberts? On second thought…, maybe.

    Knowing all this; should we still encourage the recruitment of ‘one and dones” while knowing another applicant who sincerely wants an education may be denied a seat in the classroom while having no intention to stay for an education?

    I recognize that, as a big fan, I am as much a part of this (probably more since I do see the contradiction in my love for intercollegiate sports competition and my questioning of its integrity, but am still drawn to it).

    I am glad that some of us have an eye out to at least question characters like Alberts and the entire Board of Regents at UN-Omaha. Maybe by asking tough questions and recognizing the hypocrisy and the abuses as Chet has will also help us avoid loss of integrity in our ‘community’. We should never allow the experience at UN-Omaha to be repeated at IU.

    Truthfully, I don’t have answers,…but it does make me pause. And, that’s good.

  30. I’m sure you are right about football not paying the bills at all universities but I do know that the potential income of football is many times more than basketball. If I remember correctly, the North Carolina Tarheels made something like 14 million in basketball and 34 million in football. While their football is better than IU, it’s not great, and the basketball is. Texas cleared over 70. Honestly, moving to D1 can’t possibly help UNO sports. Maybe the cash flow but obviously it’s hurting the sports themselves already.

  31. While visiting my daughter last week one of the young men on the track team told me he considered going to Northwestern but they had no track team. I was shocked that a Big Ten school would not field a track team. The Big Ten Network wants content. You’d think they would insist on it.

  32. Hey, in grad school I just ate handfuls of coffee beans. Couldn’t afford meth. They probably hadn’t invented it, anyway.

  33. I am dumbfounded to hear Northwestern does not have a track and field program. Usually, I bemoan the absence of coverage of sports like Track and Field, Cross Country, Swimming…that would round out the ‘college experience’. But, I guess it goes along with the idea that the Big Ten is about making money and minimizing the costs of sports that might serve their students.

    I don’t even know why I’m surprised.

    By the way, I still remember promises made to broaden coverage (they have done so with baseball)…but T&F, Tennis, Golf…look above at the column masthead for the other sports and see when the other sports have had blog coverage.

    Sometimes, it reminds me of the line from ‘Bull Durham’ when the Kevin Costner character asks his lady-to-be/ town floosey… “Do you have a job?;…what do you do anyway?”. (She answers: “I teach writing at the junior college”.)

  34. You can tip your hat to Title IX for the Northwestern T&F surprise. That law has more bad tenacles than good, just as it was legislatively designed. Now we are surprised! Common sense of the free market was never considered as an alternative. Government knew a better way. Wait till Congress gets done with the FB championship playoff system; we will not recognize the game being played.

  35. Title IX is a piece of legislation but it’s design was basically crafted by the courts as the result of a lawsuit.

  36. Bull Durham? Hmm? Reading Tsao is very similar to watching a Kevin Costner movie..The PostmanWaterworldDances with Wolves. On and on they go…needless dialogue..spoon-feeding of every scene with no blanks to ever let your own imagination fill a void…Did a pair of scissors go on strike? Having to sit from beginning to end one of his marathons on screen makes we want to go out in the wilderness and chop wood. Fargo winters are shorter. And to think I used to believe Jeremiah Johnson dragged a bit…The $15.00 value combo consisting of a garbage can bucket of popcorn and an intravenous Blue Smoothie line feeding you directly from the concessions stand will not be enough to make it to the Kostner finish line ..Pamphlets have to be handed to the elderly as they enter the cinema warning of possible bladder explosion. Innovative exercises developed by Jane Fonda must be employed at the halfway point for you’ve only just begun your charley horse and neck-lock journey..ED commercials have now developed a simpler slogan for their warning labels: “In the rare event of an erection lasting more than a Kevin Costner film, seek immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury…Catch a Costner in-flight movie from Chicago to LA and you’ll never know the ending(not that it matters since you’ve already jumped out the plane…thankfully plummeting to the earth where no editors can be found).

  37. Dances-

    I was thinking along the same lines. Last night I came home excited to read what one blogger may have responded regarding my Laker post, and instead I was treated to a 4 hour extended play version of Waterworld. By the time I got to the post I wanted to read (which was also a doozy in its own right), I had to give up.

    It’s becoming Tsao’s Scoop of Dreams around here: “if you build it it, he will blog….”

  38. Chet, How true, but it took 22 years of court decisions, reversals, re-reversals and legislative numbness to enact a law needed only for the fact to satisfy federal funding. Once someone gets their mouth onto a government teat they are lockjawed for life along with their vote. What % of a profitable programs FB or BB ticket price goes to satisfy Title IX? As I stated we will not recognize what the game is we are watching after the government mandates their managed version of the FB championship playoff system. More Tenacles! What will that cost?

  39. Title IX was a well intentioned but obviously unworkable solution to an actual problem. It has resulted in the demise of non-revenue sports across the country. Perhaps, one day, cooler heads will revisit it. Personally, I would rather see my tax dollars go to the universities than the corporations.

  40. I rather it would be neither. I would more gladly pay them what the market will bear for product or services.

  41. I would guess that UNO’s main cash cow is their hockey program, who was, up until now, their only D1 program.

  42. I don’t want ‘the market’ anywhere near education. I understand your point of view but there are some places the business model is grossly inappropriate.
    Look what happened in health insurance. Back in the 70s they were non-profit. CEO’s got paid non profit pay. Their purpose was to provide health care. Bureaucracy was minimal. Doctors sent in their fees and the insurance companies paid 100%. Overhead ran about 4% (Medicare is less than 3%).
    Then then MBAs came in and turned it over to ‘the market’. Now the purpose of the company was to increase profits. That can be done two ways, raise premiums or deny claims. There are multiple layers of bureaucracy there for the purpose of denying claims. Salaries went into the tens (or hundreds) of millions. Overhead went to 38% on the average. Only 62 cents of every premium dollar goes to health care. You can’t find anyone who will say their insurance is better than it was 20 years ago.
    No. There are some place ‘the market’ needs to keep its money grubbing hands off and education is one of them.

  43. psych, I imagine you’re right. Many schools split their sports. Cornell, for example, is D1 in basketball, track, and wrestling but D2 in football. There is more going on behind Wizard Alberts’ curtain than he is disclosing I am inclined to think.

  44. The market has made our health care system the most advanced in the world. Bar none. The MBA’s were brought in to neutralize government regulations and intervention and the ever expanding medicare and medicaid programs. The $14.00 aspirin goes more to pay for all the administrative work to satisfy mandated redundant red tape than adding decimal places to the bottom line. My health coverage is head and shoulders better than it was 10-20-30-40 years ago. I will continue to carry it even after reaching medicare eligibility(just around the corner)so as to keep myself as far away from government tenacles and obamacare as possible. Entities from the competition of commerce should stand or fall on their own merit, be it a bakery, hospital, bank, insurance, college or a Ma and PA and not be encumbered, controlled or propped up by federal funding.

  45. Clarion: surely by “most advanced” you can only mean “most innovative.” As far as affordable coverage for our population goes, we are one of the worst in the industrialized world. Your argument loses all merit when your linchpin is “My health care coverage is head and shoulders better…”. You can’t extrapolate from your own personal experience to conclude that the whole system is therefore the best. Glenn Beck himself was tape recorded on CNN many years ago calling the American health care system a joke, decrying the way he was treated at the hospital for surgery. He only changed his tune when he realized he needed to gain an audience on FOX, and he certainly wasn’t going to win any conservatives over by telling the truth about his experience.

    If you really want a market solution to health care, then it MUST be mandatory for everyone to purchase it. That’s the way car insurance and home insurance works. The fact that republicans are fighting that point is absolutely juvenile. Mitt Romney himself suggested the same idea in the 90’s and even made health care mandatory in Massachussetts. Making everyone buy healthcare would be a great step in the right direction for the influx of dollars it would provide the system.

    Look forward to Chet’s next post.

  46. My personal experiences are how I develop an opinion. In non-emergency needs I call my Doc for an appointment, if I need current care I go to a Redi-Med, in an emergency they would haul me to an ER for immediate action. Yes I would call that head and shoulders above what it was 40 years ago as there was no Redi-Meds then. Sorry about your poor experiences. Government genesis, regulation and management of SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Post Office, Amtrak, Fannie and Freddie(and dozens and dozens of others)tell me the less government directly touches me the better.

    Now if you are going to reply keep it brief or your time will have been wasted as I do not waste my time reading your trademark long drawn out dissertations. That is just a hint but you do as you see fit.

  47. Clarion- The roads we drive on, the police force, the fire department, the Navy Seals, our community public schools, and others tell me that the government is capable of doing good things.

    I agree that it’s good to be suspicious and hold government in check. I also feel it’s good to be suspicious of corporations and keep them in check. Theoretically we shouldn’t want any large body controlling too much.

    With health care, we can keep our private doctors and still regulate strategically, like everyone else in the world does, including every single developed country except the USA.

  48. I’m always amused when someone uses the post office as an example of bad government. For 42 cents you can send a piece of mail to any address in the US in 2 or 3 days. For a little more you can get even more features. You can get the same service by UPS or FedEd for 10 to 20 bucks. Of course, they won’t deliver everywhere.
    Navy SEALs? Good example. Wonder how KBR would have done. Probably killed everyone in Pakistan. More likely they would have killed everyone in a nearby country.
    Medicare has a 3% overhead. Ninety seven cents on every dollar goes to patient care. I doubt that the salary of the 100 highest paid managers in the Medicare system put together is equal to the salary of, say, the CEO of United Health.
    My wife is a surgical nursing case manager. She works with insurance companies every day. In her opinion, the insurance system consists of Medicare, Medicaid, and a bunch of thieves.

  49. Our addiction to junk food is killing us one Big Mac bite at a time. We have to do something about our destructive dietary habits. Do countries having government control their health care system have a population with the horrible junk food life the average American? Unfortunately, everyday we are contributing to worldwide unhealthiness with the exporting our fast food industry. Why not a fast food tax to help fund a national health care program? The more saturated fats in your order the higher percentage the tax. If you’re willing to damage your body(as with cigarette use), than it only seems fair you contribute now for what the masses will subsidize when your obese body with clogged heart can’t get out of the recliner. If you’re a horrible driver don’t you have to pay higher premiums for your auto insurance? We don’t want government controlling our health care, but is having health care companies in cahoots with doctors going to fix a broken system? You find yourself paying out the nose in monthly premiums, yet there is always the conservative approach when ordering diagnostic tests. It’s cheaper to just let someone croak. I think doctors are being forced/coerced by providers to turn their back on patients with histories of cancer and other life-threatening diseases because of exorbitant costs(surgeries, radiation treatments, hospitalization, etc.) when these same diseases are not caught in earliest stages. The diagnosis of the day seems to be “inoperable tumor”. A very sad answer from your doctor when the technology was always there for early detection but the doctor feared backlash an insurance company for ordering an expensive test. I don’t know the answers, but the future of health care based on our dietary habits and the corruption already present in the system makes the outlook very bleak without drastic and urgent corrective measures. I think many the problems a free market argument is because wages have so miserably failed to keep pace with cost of living over the past 25 years. The same companies that run scared a thought of providing a basic minimum health care benefit for an employee have perpetuated the problem by feeding greater percentages their profits for decades to stockholders and CEO’s instead of the hourly worker in the form of increased pay. Many Americans are so time constrained and financially strapped/abused that the little disposable income left after the basic necessities of a roof over head leave them ignoring their health and giving into convenience of eating junk. Filling bags of groceries can be far more costly and wasteful than filling their kids stomachs with fast food. How do you fix that overnight?

  50. BTW, while the post office is a government agency they operate entirely in the black without tax dollars. I’m sure someone can find something somewhere where a tax dollar found it’s way to the USPS, but they are basically self funded.

    Just like Social Security. They draw no money from the general fund either. SS has never added a single penny to the deficit. They are also fully funded until at least 2032 at which point they could still operate, almost indefinitely, at 90% of current payouts. There are plenty of minor changes that could fix that. There is no scenario under the current system in which Social Security is anywhere near “going broke”. That is simply a scare tactic to transfer a massive amount of money into the hands of corporate thieves.

  51. Yeah, I do understand that they have borrowed some money in regard to their retirement compensation but, if you look into it you’ll find that the the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 took the USPS out of the federal budget. Congress decided that mail delivery was a self-financing business whose operations should not be scaled up or down depending on national budget consideration. By federal law they cannot be part of the federal budget process.

  52. HC, instead of simply dismissing it because of your views, go to a non-partisan fact checking site like, or any non-partisan site you like, instead of someplace like FoxNews or the Heritage Foundation, and show me where I am mistaken.

  53. I merely want to point out to HC that you replied to ‘Tao and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” probably thinking it was me. Two points. 1) It wasn’t me. I believe it may have been a son I never met after a wild night celebrating the 1976 Tournament. And 2) You always have the option of not reading my posts at all. But, if you do…answer with respect.

    I would jump into this discussion, but Chet has mopped the floor with you. In case you couldn’t tell, Chet’s argument is about having solid data, not ideology or partisan puppy love. HC…you lose in a rout so I’ll just stay out of it. Have a very good night.

    Ohhh!..and you too ‘Tsao and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. Who’s your Daddy?

  54. I don’t want to mop any floors with anyone. In this weird sort of internet playground I consider Hoosier Clarion to be my friend. Time to move on.

  55. Chet, if I remember right you are in NC so yeah…it would be a long drive to have it out with someone, haha. I have to say I look at you and HC and I think you are good guys, guys who don’t go after people time and time again. I enjoy reading your posts. Have a great weekend!

  56. All I can say is, May 6th, 2:57PM to May 13th, 3:44PM. Only 66 entries. Wow. Ditto to what J Pat said.

  57. Nick’s peace treaties seem rather insincere when at the end a 67 post thread someone decides to slip in a cheap shot on the backside some compliments for the “good guys”. It removes much the worthy praise. A bit like telling your wife of thirty years she’s no different in your eyes than first date at IHOP and then giving obvious follow to the nice tush a college girl passing by your booth.

  58. With all due respect, Chet mopped his own floor when he stated in error a stamp cost 42 cents; that to me muted and made suspect his argument. Hence the Comedy Central remark. USPS burned through $2.2 billion in red ink this year already. You will find Politifact, Heritage and FNC agree about this. Last year it was $8.5B, if you look back farther you will find more of the same. We make up for the losses. The misconception government achievements produces good value is based on a performance anomaly created by it having no competition to be contrasted against. Take nearly any government entity and place it in competition with 9 private sector entities with the same responsibilities/goals and the government will attain results ranking it in 7-10th place.

    Chet I do hope the weather is good enough for you to cruise on the Blue Ridge Parkway this week-end. Nice drive.

    TTG, I am the lone author determining if my posts are tolerant, respectful or disrespectful. You are not in the equation.

  59. Mine being the 67th comment, I’m assuming, you mean me.
    I was being a little sarcastic in regards to length of conversation. Let me be the one to apologize if my message wasn’t recieved in it’s true form, or meaning.
    Ditto to what Chet said. LOL. It is a bit rediculous when one can’t comment anymore without someone being offended, or recieving a 5000 page novel of literary wrist slappings. Relax everyone, don’t take things so personal, or maybe join a creative writing club. GO HOOSIERS!

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