Adams to take director of ops position at New Mexico

Indiana director of operations/video coordinator Drew Adams is finalizing a move to New Mexico for a director of operations position with the Lobos, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Adams, a Bloomington South grad, worked with the IU basketball program for two years, the first as the coordinator of basketball systems. The 26-year-old is extremely well connected in AAU circles, as his father Mark is a coach with the Indiana Elite team that currently includes five Indiana verbal commitments and has produced several others including 2011 signees Cody Zeller and Austin Etherington.

Adams will be working for former Indiana star Steve Alford, who coached Adams at Iowa. In his current position, Adams splits administrative duties with Jayd Grossman, the assistant athletic director and director of basketball administration. The move to New Mexico will likely mean an increase in responsibility and pay. Adams’ yearly salary at Indiana is hard to pin down because he took a promotion and a pay bump last year. However, Brian Barone, who held Adams’ position before leaving for an assistant coaching job at Wisconsin-Green Bay, was making $60,000 per year in that position.


  1. Huge loss. Adams should have been promoted to asst coach instead of McClain. This is big for Alford and New Mexico. The Indiana Elite/AHOPE pipeline is now headed toward New Mexico.

  2. I don’t think there can be any doubt that quite a few 5 star Hoosier high school studs will be skipping over Indiana, not to mention Duke, KY and UNC, and flocking to New Mexico due to their new 26 year old director of operations. Huge, HUGE loss.

  3. Do you really think that? It seems like if Crean was worried about massive damages in recruiting resulting from Adams’s departure, IU would have found a way to keep him.

  4. Could this be the reason behind some of the push for oversigns? Is fallout anticipated? Jurkin and Perea? Letters of intent finding a paper shredder? Maybe Crean will be a better coach free from the feeling of obligation those with unjustified entitlement and influences upon our basketball program.

  5. If the 26 year video coordinator is the “key” to IU recruiting, then Crean should be fired. Since I don’t think this guy is the ‘key’ I also don’t think that the best players in Indiana are going to follow the ‘video’ guy to New Mexico. If they do, I see an NCAA investigation with sanctions that will make the Sampson era in Bloomington appear mild.

  6. I guess I should have made it clear that the investigation would be of “NEW MEXICO” not IU.

  7. The only connection Adams has is that his dad coached a bunch of Africans who never played a minute of college basketball. No loss.

  8. At this point in time if Drew were ready for D-1 assistant coaching responsibilities he would already own that position somewhere. After 3 years who can be more connected to IE, A-Hope and AAU BB in general than Coach Crean? Mark is still coach of IE and everyone involved with IE(coaches,board of directors and others)have Indiana ties. Multiply Alford X 2 and he still could not out work Coach Crean when evaluating recruiting talent. No doubt IU has lost a good man but he will be only a slight benefit to SA after suffering through the past disappointing season in Albuquerque.

  9. No fall out from this. This was an opportunity to make A LOT more money working for someone who was previously your coach. Drew being a single man and mobile made it an even easier choice. This is no slight on Indiana as it was just a better opportunity. Don’t get carried away people reading way too much into this than there should be. Recruits came to play at Indiana because it is a power program and close to home for them. Not to mention friends like to play with friends. Having Drew on staff probably was a nice cherry on top but not the main reasons the current batch of recruits decided to play at IU.

  10. Some people worry about the smallest changes, big time programs are always losing assistants and they keep there recruits, actually we didnt even lose a assistant coach we lost a video corrdinater? Relax we still have Crean and Buckley. Plus you guys ever see the 2012 class’s tweets all saying stuff like “Its Indiana” and “The Movement” We will be fine, Relax

  11. He was more than a video coordinator. He is the son of Mark Adams. I wouldn’t downplay his role with some of our recruits.

  12. The one statement I have never heard a recruit say, “I am committing to IU because of my relationship with Drew Adams.

  13. To me, it’s just good sportsmanship from Crean and Alford. Adams is just moving up on the food chain. Maybe he will get his own Head coaching gig some day. Good luck to him. Sounds like he’s earned what he has.

  14. Plus you guys that think future players will leave IU and go to New Mexico really think Alford would do that to Indiana? I dont.

  15. I think this is Crean’s first push out/ move along of 2011. More to come with the players this summer or next. It’s the same thing as I can get someone better to do this job, so I’m setting you up at a lesser program where you will get more responsibility, but not as much notoriety. Fill it with someone who can help improve our guys NOW!

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