Capobianco leaving IU

Indiana sophomore forward Bobby Capobianco is leaving the Hoosiers according to an IU release. It follows. More to come.

UPDATE: 4:42 p.m.: Still trying to get a hold of some additional sources on this, but for now, some notes on Capobianco’s IU career.

The 6-foot-9, 235-pounder finished his career at Loveland (Ohio) High School as the school’s all-time leading scorer, rebounder and shot blocker and was rated the No. 100 player in the Class of 2009 by He had a steady reserve role as a freshman, averaging 2.4 points and 2.9 rebounds in 13.7 minutes per game. Though the Hoosiers were in even more need of help inside in his sophomore year, however. he didn’t even play in six of the Hoosiers 32 games and averaged 6.3 minutes per game in the rest, averaging 1.0 points and 1.2 rebounds. He committed 44 fouls in just 165 minutes, an average of more than 10 per 40 minutes.

Capobianco has two years of eligibility to bring with him as a transfer. The Hoosiers are one under the scholarship limit of 13 for the 2011-12 season and one over the limit for 2012-13. That does mean, however, that barring another addition, the Hoosiers will be able to sign all five of their 2012 verbal commitments in the fall period because of a Big Ten rule that allows for one oversign.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that forward Bobby Capobianco will leave the men’s basketball program and look to transfer to another institution where he can receive more playing time.

“Bobby has decided to go for a fresh start and transfer to a school where he can have three years to play two.” said Crean. “He has indicated he would like the opportunity to find a program where he can get more playing time and continue his education.  We will help him accomplish this move in any way that we can and we all really want to see Bobby be successful. My hope is that he finds a school like Indiana, that puts a prominent emphasis in academics as it does in basketball, as he has done an excellent job here in the classroom. He will be an asset to whatever program he chooses and we wish him the best as he moves to this next stage in life.”

In two seasons, Capobianco averaged 1.7 points and 2.0 rebounds and was an Academic All-Big Ten honoree this past spring.  He is currently enrolled in summer session and will complete those studies.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Indiana, but I want to look for an opportunity to further my basketball and academic career at another institution.,” Capobianco said. “I value the experience that I have had here and appreciate everything the coaches and basketball staff have done for me.  I am looking forward to this new chapter, and will always have very strong feelings for my teammates, coaches and everyone associated with IU.”


  1. Thanks for the contributions Cabo. Good luck in the search, consider Univ of Evansville and U Ill at Chicago.

  2. There goes some of the over sign problems. Bobby seemed like he was going to be the odd man out, all along. Hey Bobby Butler looks like a nice option !

  3. You will be missed, Bobby. I talked to your Mom every game about you and your role at IU. I hate that you never got to play in the role you should have been playing and had to make this decision. Good luck in the future and I hope you can find a program that can utilize your talents.

  4. Good luck Bobby. Wish we could have seen your true potential.

    We still need to push hard for Harris and McGary, or Smith-Rivera for 2012. Of the 5 2012 commits I could see Jurkin being sent to prep-school for a year since he has basically missed a year of basketball due to injuries. Wouldn’t be unrealistic for another to leave due to inability to recover from injury as much as I hate to say it.

  5. Just goes to show you how these rankings don’t mean shiite. I’m betting you find the same with Perea and maybe some of the others.

  6. Best move for all involved and helps clear up another grant. Still will have to have some other turnover to get Harris in.

  7. I want to wish Bobby the best of luck. Unfortunately he did not get to play his position here at Indiana. He has a great basketball IQ, has a great attitude, is a team player (unlike some we have) and will do whatever it takes to help the team win. I wish some of the other players would grasp on to his attitude of “team first” instead of “me first” That is what we will miss about this kid, not to mention his family who were very supportive even though he didn’t get to play much. Trust me his mother played for Vanderbilt in the 80’s and knows the game well, in fact she helped them win the Women’s NCAA Championship. It is unfortunate for Bobby, but the bright side of this is that he will blossom under another coach and another program. Goodluck Bobby, whoever gets you will be blessed. Thanks for the hardwork buddy.

  8. Best for all involved and absolutely no surprise to anyone that follows IU BB. He seems like a great young man. He’ll do well wherever he ends up. Just too bad that it never seemed to be a good fit.

  9. His time at IU will prove to be invaluable to him when he plays against mid major competition. Best of luck.

  10. Every knowledgeable IU basketball fan saw this coming. Bobby C. was just not a Big Ten caliber player, and his playing time would have been next to nothing in the coming two seasons. Not taking anything away from BC, his is a class act and he will still have a nice career in a less demanding conference. Good luck and best wishes to you, Bobby C!

  11. Capobianco isn’t even on the same planet as Hanner Perea athletically or talent-wise.

    What a dumb comparison to make.

  12. Great young man. Represented IU very well and earned a lot of respect. Sad to see him go but it is best for IU and likely best for BC. He loves basketball but his talent level did not fit the Big Ten. I wish him and his family the best in the future.

    Those taking shots at IU and Crean for a transfer are pathetic. Transfers are a big part of college basketball and it happens to every team.

  13. This is a loss. PERIOD. With two more years and Bobby’s size, he could have banged down low with the best of them as he matured. Even though transfers are in the cards, this was one I was hoping would not. Good luck Bobby!!! Go to Butler!!!

  14. Sam; I agree with your comment. Seems like Crean haters will twist any news about IU BB into a pathetic criticism of Crean. RMK had his share of transfers and its evem more common these days.

    And Tom, I disagree with you. It’s not a loss, it’s a gain, for both IU and Bobby. IU is better off making room for a more talented player and Bobby is better off going to a school where he’ll get playing time. To me, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a win-win scenario. Bobby is better suited to mid-major competition.

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