Gus leaving CBS

This isn’t Indiana news, but I figure it’s close to many of your hearts. Gus Johnson is leaving CBS according to this story. He’s still apparently on the Big Ten Network roster, and the word is he’ll probably join FOX, which owns 49 percent of the BTN. However, that likely means he’s not going to be broadcasting NCAA Tournament games for the time being.

(Trying to weep in silence.)

UPDATE, Hope Returns at 9:26 p.m.: The New York Daily News is reporting that Johnson’s departure from CBS isn’t a done deal yet. Johnson has been handed an offer by FOX, a source told the Daily News, and Johnson will give CBS a week to match it.


  1. Sterling Gibbs has asked for a release from Maryland due to coaching change. I hope Tom Crean tries to get him for a visit.

  2. now if they can just get rid of rafferty. ugh. with his constant screeching about little kisses and puppies. god. when i watch a game he’s doing i have to hold the remote in my hand the whole time so i can mute him just before he starts.

  3. Along with his “big fella” crap Raftery leaves much to be desired.

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