Indiana Elite loses first game

Well, Indiana Elite Team Indiana is out of the adidas May Classic.

The team lost to Baylor LNO this morning 78-64, ending their run in the tournament’s second round.

No individual stats were kept, but there were a couple of factors in the loss.

  • Indiana Elite played with eight guys. As Mark Adams said yesterday, depth is a big part of these things and his team just doesn’t have it right now.
  • Baylor was very aggressive, attacking on both ends. They shot a lot of 3-pointers and made a high percentage of them.
  • On defense, they did a very nice job of forcing Hanner Perea into traditional post position. That part of his game is improving, but it’s not there yet. He didn’t get loose for more than one or two dunks, and that offense was a major factor in Indiana Elite’s domination yesterday.
  • 17U SYF is still in it, so Mitch McGary remains the lone 2011 prospect for Indiana remaining. He plays again at 11:45 at Cook against the Eric Gordon All-Stars.
  • Indiana Elite South lost its first game, and Spiece Indy Heat survived without James Blackmon Jr. and Trey Lyles. Both are not playing today for what is being described as minor injuries. Spiece, now led by Trevon Bluiett, is playing again right now at Cook. The 16U Eric Gordon All-Stars are playing right now and lead 32-27 with 9:15 to play.


  1. And there was much rejoicing by Hugh. As long as IU sucks High is happy. Bring back Bob Hammel.

  2. Buss going to change teams after his latest tweet of “need a new AAU team ASAP”?

  3. And your post is nothing more than a stupid post! They arent even playing full strength, its a great team but lacks quality coaching and seems like someone is always gone for an event or hurt. What they do when they hit the campus is a little more important to me!

  4. davis25 – It’s a shame that you guys will spend months disecting these recruits and putting together possible lineups and whatnot, only to be dissappointed when these kids don’t live up to your expectations. Let’s not even mention at this time that they won’t get the greatest coaching at IU.

  5. It’s a shame that you always talk about the same kids and keep throwing their names out there but missed the other “Indiana” team that went farther in the tournament and didn’t use excuses. They were the VCU team of the tournament. Spiece Select-Irwin finished in the final four, beating Baylor LNO (the same team that beat IN Elite) by 15+ points with only 7 players. Sure their names are not as well known but they played as a team (a rarity in AAU) and beat teams that others could not. Teammates Logan Jaehnen, Logan Irwin, AJ Schmidt, TJ Blair, Lucky Winters, Kyle Fillman, & Kolten Krull know how to play team ball. They lost to OH Hoopsters by 2 in the semi-final game. These boys deserve the same recognition as the “known” players that went home early Sunday. You missed a great story.

  6. RealNews,

    As J Pat alluded to, this is the Hoosier Scoop. At AAU tournaments, we are going to focus on kids receiving interest from Indiana as well as our local guys. Spiece Select had a great tournament, but it is not of great interest to our readers.

  7. It sounds to me like maybe Crean is going after the wrong type of players. Instead of going after all the top name players, he should go after the ones who know how to play as a team. We used to have a coach here that did just that and he won three national championships. I think Crean is hoping to get lucky and fall into another Dwyane Wade type player and I don’t see that in any of these guys.

  8. It sounds like you guys are overreacting to this. The guys played 3 games Saturday, then had to play the next morning at 9:15 AM. Thats tough to do no matter who you are, if you were there like I was you saw how good the team can be when they are well rested. This probably wont be the lineup their first year but it should or will be their second and third year
    1. Yogi
    2. Oladipo/Patterson
    3. Hollawell/ Sheehey/(Harris?)
    4. Perea
    5. Zeller
    Now thats a pretty damn good lineup if you ask me. Dont overreact to AAU its mainly run and gun with no defense. I can see why Petterson got upset when he is a defensive player playing on a team with guys who arent interested in playing defense in AAU. Everyone just calm down.

  9. Everything hinged on Zeller. Are we already trying to kill the buzz of landing the most highly herald recruit in the state of Indiana since Damon Bailey? Since when did we care anything beyond immediate gratification? Isn’t that anti-American? Tom Crean swung for the fences and landed the game-changer..The rest these Indiana kids are nothing by pinata candy scattered about the ground. What a surprise the sky is falling again..What did it take a whopping six months? Good grief.

    And Remy Abell is not chopped liver, folks. Exactly the type of unselfish player that will make everyone else more dangerous in the specialties their own strengths. He may not play on any Indiana AAU teams, but he’s going to change things in the now. He brings speed along with a team first philosophy to his court play. I like the way Crean went outside the box in pursuing this kid. It left most with a bit of jaw-drop reflex with a decision to go his own direction instead of the typical manipulation and influence the AAU circuits. Say what they will, I still believe Drew Adams left for more than sun and few extra bucks..It is a small sign a bigger reality..Coach Crean is finally cutting the strings the Yacht Club and building a team based on his vision. Isn’t that what we hired him to do?

  10. I agree with Real News and Big Bob. Both their comments and their questions are valid and legitimate. I especially liked the comment that a team of ‘unknowns’ was playing well because the players respected each other as part of the team.

    Undoubtedly, we’ve recruited some decent high school (Berea, Zellers…) players with potential to become good college players. We have some good players coming back (Creek, Oladipo, Watford, Sheehey…). The next question is can the coach, Tom Crean develop them- defensively and offensively; and, can he blend them into an effective team.

    We can expect better basketball than what we have seen over the last three years, but there are no great ‘saviors’ among the recruits. Only candidates to become a good team…if the new ones can forget the hype.

  11. ALL, very valid points or arguments gentlemen. It becomes even clearer to me why so many scholarships are offered. Sh!t happens ! Wait and see, thats all we can do. I do like the direction IU is going talent wise. Incrementaly, IU, is getting better as a program. I think they will be a fun team to watch this year. I enjoy watching things unfold.

  12. Zeller is the savior. 4guards was right. The energy will be back in Assembly. Without Zeller most of you would have the rope already tied around Crean’s neck. Cody is the real deal; a versatile big man that hustles like hell and can shoot the ball. He will be a dominant force added to a very strong and developing team already in place. And,once again, no mention of Remy Abell. Expected to never hear anything from the journalists running the Hoosier blogging sites since they hate to be hoodwinked. Not a single journalist following Hoosier basketball had any clue the Abell pick was coming. A bit surprising the rest of you don’t recognize what an important addition and key influx of creative ability and speed in the immediacy he’ll provide. Getting back the fan base did all “hinge” on Zeller, but the door(our offense) would have stayed stuck without Crean’s brilliant last second move to put Abell in candy-stripes. As they say, timing is everything. You guys are all late to the bus if your worried about the tweets a 16-year-old. Mark this momentous blogging day down…Make note when the greatest mind ever found a Hoosier sports blogging site (three guesses beginning with first name the initial ‘T’)made no mention the unheralded kid from Louisville that will have the 2nd biggest positive influence on our team(second only to Cody’s presence inside). Proof again no confidence in Crean’s recruitment of the under-the-radar talent that will provide spark, competitiveness, and emphasis on unselfish play. Crean’s now doing things his way and the results will soon show. What happens this summer in AAU is irrelevant. You can’t sweep speed and a 7-footer under the rug. The Hoosiers are poised to make noise.

  13. rephrase…You can’t sweep speed in the backcourt and a talented 7-footer in the front court under the rug.

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