Indiana will face N.C. State in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge

Indiana will go on the road to play North Carolina State as part of this coming season’s Big Ten/ACC Challenge contest. Here’s the full schedule of games.

Yes, Indiana went on the road last season (to Boston College). But the school has wanted to have at least the ACC game or Kentucky at home each season, and was willing to go on the road two seasons in a row to accomplish that.

I once covered N.C. State so I can tell you … nada about this team. Yeah, I left in 2008. Sidney Lowe was wearing the red jacket and trying to be a combination of Jim Valvano and Norm Sloan. J.J. Hickson had just gone pro, Gavin Grant looked like a fool for saying N.C. State would lose no more than four times during the preseason and then leading the team to a losing season, and we were all wondering if anyone on the roster could play point guard.

It’s 2011 now and Mark Gottfried is coach. Hickson is with the Cavs, Grant has had some trouble with the law and, well, there still isn’t a point guard.

We now know four nonconference opponents during the 2011-12 season: at Evansville, at North Carolina State, Kentucky, and Notre Dame at Conseco Fieldhouse.


  1. What do the ACC/Big 10 challenge and playing UK at home have to with each other?

  2. Andrew,

    From what I understand, Butler is part of the non-exempt tournament IU is hosting (instead of going to say, Las Vegas or Puerto Rico). I would suspect IU and Butler are guaranteed to meet, but I don’t know that for sure – no details have been announced.

    Big E,

    From an economic standpoint, you’d like to guarantee yourself one large gate per nonconference season. From a competitive standpoint, Tom Crean hasn’t liked going away-away every-other year.

  3. I think we can beat NC state easily, from what i saw from them this year all they have is Scott Wood (Indiana Native) and all he can do is shot 3’s so i think this is a good match-up for IU

  4. Is there a date set for the IU NC ST. game? I moved to South Carolina in 2009 and being this game is in Raleigh, NC…. Think I may just drive up for the game since it is only 4 hours away and I miss watching IU Live…

  5. Gotta say, take it or leave it but I have heard from 2 different people in the last 2 weeks that Sheehey is not happy…

  6. Never been so bored with IU basketball as I am now. The recruit/transfer speculation seems empty, repetitive and fruitless.

    Now more than ever we need a good football team. Or, we need more Champions League coverage on the Scoop. C’mon, is there any IU basketball player, past, present or future, who compared in excitement to Chicharito?

  7. I ate at Nicks last week and the talk is all about bball… there is so much I want to write but no substance behind most of it.

  8. ‘Meets me at Nicks’….Leonel Messi, Christian Ronaldo, Iniesta, Roman Riquelme, Ibrahimovic, Garrad, Dogba, Di Maria…Chicharito is a good player but not at the level of those above.

    Also, soccer’s true measure- as in basketball- is not individual but that of a team. The reason you may be bored is because at this time of the year many basketball fans focus on individuals…a view that reality shreds once the season starts. As Butler has shown in the NCAA, Indiana and Duke in the past and the Bulls are now doing in the NBA.

  9. Jay Pat…I hear the same thing about Sheehey!!!! I heard it … from the guy who parks my car in the parking building down the street; and I heard it from the lady I hired to come and clean the drain before the garbage disposal was fixed! Amazing…that story is really taking hold since I live about 6-7 hours from Bloomington.

    You heard it from two sources? Who? How are they connected to the IU team? Was it Sheehey family? Was this the same source who is seeking revenge for charging for the pancake breakfast? Any chance that you need attention and are kicking this off just to get it?

    You wrote at 1:46pm – “Gotta say, take it or leave it but I have heard from 2 different people in the last 2 weeks that Sheehey is not happy…” (I leave it-TTG)

    You wrote at 4:26pm- “I ate at Nicks last week and the talk is all about bball… there is so much I want to write but no substance behind most of it. (I underline…’no substance to it’.)

    I’ve got one (1) issue with you …you start rumors and don’t give a ‘bleep’ about the consequences. And the rumors can hurt people’s lives. So you want me off your back…comment all you want, but start or spread no rumors.

  10. Tsao, if you have read me for years on here and Hugh and Dustin can back me up…I don’t start rumors on here, GOD knows I don’t. One of my good friends worked at IU with me for 4 years and still works there today on campus, 15 years plus. I take what he says seriously. I talked to another guy who said the same thing…he has worked on campus but not at the University for over 30 years. They both said the same thing: he is unhappy and feels Crean is recruiting over him somewhat. If you think I am starting rumors I am sorry you feel that way. I don’t write a lot of what I know to be true…I have a ton of dirt on a coach we discussed recently BTW. I looked at this as if I was out of state and wanted some scoop…would I want to know this and the answer was yes. I know it is hard to get in your thick skull but most readers know me as honest and sincere. With that said….Kiss my A$$ and goodnight!

  11. Note to all…what I said up top I feel to be 100% true and that is why I posted it. Not sure how to be more sincere on this computer, wish I could. With that said I think he will stay at IU but Tsao is treating me to a steak dinner if he leaves…Janko’s all the way, screw Nick’s!!!

  12. Tsao- Not sure who “Garrad” and “Dogba” are. Sound like two Pirates of Penzance, or two ogres from Aesop’s Fables. Might want to check your spelling. Also, there is no such player as “Christian” Ronaldo; his name is Cristiano, a Portuguese name which we don’t translate. Antonio Banderas, when cruising the streets of Hollywood, is still Antonio, not Anthony Banderas.

    Also, I didn’t say Chicharito was the best player in the world… I said he was more exciting than any IU player. For that matter, I would challenge you to find a more exciting player in the EPL right now.

  13. While I am loathe to interject myself between JPat and TTG, I will say that, unless your sources are on the basketball staff, it I don’t see how it could mean much. I was “on campus” for years. Heck, I was a student-athlete and shared some of the same training spaces, but I didn’t know squat about what was going on inside the basketball program.

  14. Meant Liverpool’s Drogba (dropped the ‘r’) and Chelsea’s Stephen Gerrard (also my typo). Sorry…I should really edit before sending my thoughts out as I often do have typos. As for Ronaldo, you say Cristiano, I say Christian as I do translate- same guy and it doesn’t bother me one bit. We’re talking about the same male model/soccer player from Portugal playing for Real Madrid, not the as-of-late pudgy one from Brazil. We do agree that following their feats is a heck of a lot more exciting than sitting around driving ourselves insane wondering which pre-puberty high school teenager is going to reject us.

  15. And I repeat Jpat…my only issue with you (or anyone else) is that rumors destroy people, savage careers and damage families…they are serious business. You say you don’t do that but in the very same post you state: “…I have a ton of dirt on a coach we discussed recently…”, then you add “… BTW. I looked at this as if I was out of state and wanted some scoop…would I want to know this and the answer was yes…” Know what??!! You are now implying that there is ‘dirt’ on an IU coach recently discussed (boy, that would be hard to guess who you’re talking about;…is it a sport played on grass with a line every ten yards and two big sticks coming out of the ground joined by a stick across at each end?

    And no, I won’t take DD or Hugh’s word for you since they started the discussion on the desirability of players being forced to leave, the speculation on who would leave…stoked the fire, poured gasoline on it and ‘voila’ counted on some d****ss to pick up on it and keep it going …because they knew you were out there…they used you JPat!

  16. Chet, I can live with that…maybe my sources don’t know squat but I beg to differ…

    Tsao, I knew you would be the person to come down on me. I know what I wrote to be very good info so I am at peace with it and also you for that fact. Not going to go around with you…have a great day. Sorry you feel the way you do about me and what I wrote.

  17. never been called a dumba$$ before…thanks…easy to do behind that computer I know!

  18. Chet, I have enjoyed reading about your kids…what sport did you play at IU?

  19. Tsao-

    It’s a sign of your stubbornness (and ignorance) that you would insist on translating a proper name, even though there isn’t a single English-speaking soccer announcer on the face of the planet who calls the guy “Christian”. I don’t care if the whole world knows who you are talking about.

    What’s next? Shall we talk of the former IU player Bob Muniru, or the Bulls forward Louis Deng? Or how about the controversial former A’s slugger Joe Canseco? Give me a break.

  20. OK, I’m going to take a deep breath and just hope I can get in and out of this as fast as I can without getting tangled in it. We also heard the Sheehey rumors going around from a couple of different sources so I checked it out and called Adam Ross, his old coach at Sagemont Upper School in Florida. Ross said there’s nothing to it whatsoever. Sheehey is coming back for summer school and he’s jacked about another year at IU. So we can kill that rumor at least for the time being.
    As for JPat, I think we can all agree that he’s a warm-hearted human being. He brought a rumor to everyone’s attention and stated it as a rumor. We checked it out. It isn’t true. I don’t think anyone’s life was destroyed, career damage or family savaged. We can move on.

  21. Dustin, thank you. I am very glad I posted it as I love Sheehey so the clarification is nice. The two people who told me this were quite sincere but I am thrilled they/I was wrong. Take care.

  22. J Pat, I had a very forgettable wrestling career as a walk on. I did serve as practice cannon fodder for an excellent wrestler, though. The only action I ever saw was in open tournaments. I did enjoy the experience. I got to the Big Dance vicariously through my son.

  23. Sal Sue Gonzalez….it is a choice that is left to the individual…friends translate my name as well, even in this blog many call me TTG because it is easier for them…no objection from me. They treat me with respect, care about me, add to my life…(some even call me Polonia because my mother is blonde-), no problem. You won’t see me react as if I had been made impotent.

    Your point comes from the ridiculous contradictory ‘political correctness’ menu of ‘don’t translate peoples names’! Why not? The name of this country, the United States of America is translated every day into several languages (i.e Estados Unidos de Norteamerica, or the short version EE.UU.)

    I have a great love for my culture (all my cultures, the 3 or 4 of them since before my family established itself in the Americas since; like most mutts here, they came from elsewhere as well). I say ‘mutts’ because in reality ours is a culture of mutts (mixed breeds) just as the majority of us are.

    But then, there are those so insecure that they can only find meaning in a past they never knew, have incredible difficulty accepting a present they are unable to adapt to and a future they just can not envision.

    Don’t be embarrassed by who you are…this is America…put your arms around it and love it!…whatever you were called before you are in America now… love your roots but leave them where they belong…in your memories.

    Heck…most of us, or our parents, came here because our families were either choking where we were and because they saw no way out for their children since the people running the joint stole everything including the dust in the street, brutalized every dream and raped every hope they had for themselves or their children;… unless, one was from those families doing the stealing and narco-brutalizing and raping in which case they get pretty defensive about their names.

    So go Sal Sue Gonzalez or Larry, Moe, Curly or Chicharito (‘little pea’) or whatever you want to be called. It’s a country of choices;

    …you say tomato, I say tomatoes;…you say potato, I say potatoes;…Lenny Messi, La Pulga… Christian, Cristiano …it is now time to go…

  24. Chet…I took a HPER wrestling class (taught by Charlie Mc Daniels) that laso happened to have Walt Bellamy in it. When Mc Daniels asked who had not wrestled in high school, only he and I raised our hands. So he matched us up (thankfully, the ‘match-up’ ended two classes later). I fit between his thumb and pinky finger. (Absolutely great guy though).

  25. DD- I agree with you…JPat is a warm, fuzzy teddy bear of a guy and, truthfully, I’ve taken a liking to him and hope we’ll eventually become good friends. What makes me nuts (not just about him- anyone- and, worse, when it is encouraged by poor or indifferent reporting are rumors or gossip mongering.

    I wished you checked what you write carefully before it becomes part of your record. What JPat actually said in his blog is copied here:

    “Gotta say, take it or leave it but I have heard from 2 different people in the last 2 weeks that Sheehey is not happy…”

    There was not one word to identify as ‘rumor’. Not one! And, your call to Sheehey’s coach shows that loose rumors do have consequences. I’m sure neither Sheehey nor his family is happy about the rumor loosened on him. Then, to cover your butt DD, you make a poor attempt at using sarcasm in answering. Know what I heard….from two guys at the parking garage…you should give a thought to dentistry.

    By the way, since I have been avoiding writing directly to you. Earlier this year you had promised widening the reporting of the blog to include other IU sports. You’ve done a little with baseball but nothing with track (and I understand from different searches we’ve had some very good performers, some bad injuries, etc in track; tennis, golf…recruitment in other sports like swimming, wrestling, very little on spring soccer where our national prominence shows some sign of being re-established ….even football is getting short changed (after spring ball).

    More and more the blog seems to be totally dedicated to (mainly) men’s basketball, recruitment for men’s basketball, career changes of men’s basketbal technical support staff, resume writing for men’s basketball technical support, first communions of prospective sixth grade basketball players, seventh grade basketball player bar mitzvahs…

  26. Tsao, I’ve actually done a lot more with those sports than you realize, because once again, you complain without reading the paper or our subscription product. In the last few weeks I’ve done features on track, softball and volleyball, and I just did a story yesterday on a former wrestling coach who died. Plus, there was just a lengthy feature on football recruiting the other day. Why wasn’t more of that on the blog? The paywall has to serve some purpose, and I’m not going to put up every little piece of track information I get and clog up the blog if you guys are more interested in what happened at AAU tournaments, because the numbers tell me you, as a group, very much are.
    As for JPat’s rumor, you’re dealing with semantics at this point. Read that sentence again. “Take it or leave it,” he’s not saying it’s factual, he’s saying he heard it from somebody. I made a phone call and that wasn’t even based on JPat at all. I didn’t even tweet it or write a blog post. His coach had to deal with me for two minutes and when it was over, thanked me for calling him to put the rumor to rest. You’re way overstating the consequences here.

  27. Dante…that’s what I said… in I choose to use the name that is most comfortable for me; Jose Canseco chooses to be called Jose (personally, I call him ‘cheater’ or ‘syringe’) and his brother chooses to be Ozzie…yes, Ozzie as in Ozzy or Ozzie Osbourne) and have heard make reference to Tony Banderas, (I prefer Madonna’s man) though he obviously prefers Antonio and I have no problem with that either. But my choice is mine.

    As to my ‘unbridled Americanism’…I will respond (as a belief it offers much more than the junk patriotism of other nations including yours and the place of my birth). But, I have an appointment and need to go; but I will answer your posting fully within the next 12 hours or so.

    You keep changing your posted name. Any reason?

    (Jeeze…the access equation keeps getting higher and higher…I’m to the point I have to take off my shoes to count the answer).

  28. What we are truly losing in America is our collective ability to ever admit we’re wrong. Without the dignity and respect to do so, we begin to cross a line that drains the evolution of the powerful meaning of “freedom”.

  29. Tsao- Let’s get to the point. You made a couple of embarrassing gaffes regarding soccer names, and you’ve tried to cover up your ignorance with a silly “freedom” theory. It all comes down to that, and nothing else. Stick to things that you know. Better luck next time.

  30. Tsao, Dantes, you’ll notice both of you have had a post deleted. We’re not starting a nationalist war on here over whether or not Tsao wants to call Cristiano Ronaldo by his real name. You’re both going to try to make arguments about this, but I really don’t care. Enough.

  31. DD- You have a good point. Stupid argument…Christian or Cristiano, still a great player. Sorry I got caught up in it.

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