IU lands first commitment

Dion Witty, a 5-foot-11, 175-pound cornerback from Coral Springs (Fla.) High School, committed to Indiana on Sunday according to a Rivals.com report. Witty had offers from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Central Florida and interest from Florida, Iowa State, Miami (Fla.), Michigan and Nebraska.

Witty is the Hoosiers’ first verbal commitment for the 2012 class. More to come tomorrow.


  1. This is EXACTLY why the coaching change was made last year! The first recruit of the Wilson era is a FAST defensive back from FL who had scholarship offers from MN, WI, and Central FL! This is a GREAT beginning!

  2. After watching a short video it is evident this DB owns good vision and enjoys collisions. Has a nice list of suitors to prove this staff is aiming high. The hire of Coach Wilson may be as big a positive proportionately as is the negative from the Kelvin Sanctions hire.

  3. There used to be a rule of thought on Florida players, that if you got out of Florida, past Alabama, through Georgia, through Tennessee, and missed by Mississippi, that you maybe were not that great of a player. Don’t know if it is true in this case or not, I guess we’ll see.

  4. Wilson is going to be a recruiting maven! IU is going to love Coach Wilson and his “just win, baby!” attitude!!

  5. Rule doesn’t really apply, there is soooo much talent in florida overall that talent will get out of state and the school you just mentioned.

  6. Gosh Bob, I guess if they made it all the way to Ohio State, Notre Dame or Southern Cal they must really suck.

  7. A lot of top FB programs outside of the SEC seem to get a lot of high quality Florida talent. For a young man that wants to get the exposure necessary to get drafted in the NFL, going to a big conference school outside the SEC may incease his likelyhood of playing and getting drafted. The competition on teams like Florida, AL, and other top SEC teams often leaves otherwise talented players with minimal playing time and diminished prospects for a future in the NFL. Every year those schools bring in 5-star talent and the competition for playing time is fierce. Look at the college path of Baltimore’s QB! You get to the NFL by proving your talent during games, not by being a highly talented backup and sitting on the bench. If you get top quality coaching and development, like Wilson’s staff can now provide, going to a school where you are likely to play sooner and a lot makes sense.

    I’ve always wondered at the wisdom of a 5-star recruit signing with a team that already has four 5-star recruits on the roster. No matter how good they are in HS, their ods of playing early and playing a lot in those football fatories is diminished. Perhaps Mr. Witty is as smart as he is talented. It’s the old P.I.E. axium; in order to advance in a competitive environment, you need to have Performance, Image and Exposure.

  8. I agree. I remember a few years back Tennessee recruited something like 3 of the top eight QBs in the country. What are those thinking, especially at QB? I guess it’s an ego thing. They figure they will be THE MAN. If I was a kid looking at, say, three schools, I’d pick the one that needed someone at my position the most. Especially if I had pro aspirations. If Jake Locker had gone to Stanford, instead of Washington, he would have ridden the pine behind Andrew Luck and never had a shot at the NFL.

  9. look at the teams that have dominated college football over the years. Competition breeds success and it happens at each and every school that dominated over a period of time. Happened at Miami, UF, USC and even Bama.

  10. First recruit is a four star!!!!!!! Run with the DOGS Coach Wilson!!!!! Great job.!!! Watch the rest to follow. Podunker!!! Good post!!!! I am with you!! I am buying season tickets!!

  11. Miami; you’re right, competition on a team is necessary to produce winning. However, if you’re a HS All-American and you sign with a team that has four other HS All-Americans at your position, your chance of playing early and often, especially in the first two years, is greatly diminished. You’re running plays on the scout team and taking a beating at practice for a couple years until its your turn. And that’s if your body survives the beating until you’re a Junior. These days, if you aspire to play in the NFL, with so many players entering the NFL draft after their JR year, why take that risk on a team loaded with talent at your position? Like Chet said, ego has to be a huge part of it.

    There are lots of very talented players that never see the light of day because they get buried on a super-talented roster. You take the third string players from Florida, AL, USC, etc, and they’d all be starters for IU. They might even become All Big Ten players. I guarantee those players would have a better chance at being drafted playing for schools like IU than they would buried on the rosters of traditional FB power house programs.

    The key is having a coaching staff with a track record of developing players and getting them to the NFL. IU has that now, and with the promise of getting “exposure” in a big conference, IU’s talent level should improve significantly.

  12. Podunker,

    completely agree, athletes nowadays have a sense of entitlement. You constantly hear how these kids are recruited by pulling out everything in a coaching staffs arsenal to get them. Then once they get to campus they have to be de-recruited, bc fact is these kids have to prove everything all over again, they haven’t faced the size, speed and competition of big-time D1 football. Also, if anyone can confirm, on one of the mods for a Miami website has said Witty had an overnight change of heart. Waiting for him to explain, but I believe he talked to his 7 on 7 coach and was told the commitment is no longer. I know it’a MIAMI site putting this out, but he has had some interest from UM, so just passing along. anyone else see something on this? tia

  13. Of course, latest report is that he changed his mind. Made a hasty decision and needs to think it over.

  14. Please list all the NFL talent that Wilson and his staff personally developed and got to the NFL. I haven’t seen a great deal of OU OL linemen getting drafted, and that was the unit he was specifically responsible for developing.

    IS Wilson going to significantly improve IU’s talent level from what it currently is, or is he going to improve it to the level of other conference teams, namely the contenders? It won’t be hard to improve the current talent level, but getting the talent level equal to those of OSU, UW, Iowa, PSU, MSU, Nebraska and UM is a totally different animal.

  15. Hey MAC, obviously, I wasn’t there to actually watch Wilson coach these guys, so I can’t say how much of their success is specifically his doing and how much was their God-given talent, but Wilson’s media guide bio gives him credit for developing three first round picks at Oklahoma, including tight end Jermaine Gresham and offensive linemen Davin Joseph and Jammal Brown. He also developed a second round pick in offensive lineman Chris Chester, a fifth round pick in tight end Brody Eldridge and a sixth round pick in Wes Sims. Obviously, who he gets to claim and who he doesn’t as an offensive coordinator is a different story. He was specifically assigned to tight ends then, but the offense as a whole produced quarterback Sam Bradford, running backs Adrian Peterson and Demarco Murray, offensive tackle Trent Williams. I don’t think you can really say who he gets credit for and who he doesn’t if you’re not there.
    Now, obviously, turning Oklahoma recruits into draft picks and turning Indiana recruits into draft picks are two completely different things, so I would never tell you that he definitely will make Indiana good enough to consistently compete for a Big Ten title. But he has a track record.

  16. Honestly, I think IU’s overall FB talent can only go in one direction. That’s not to say we have not had some very talented players, but overall, I think it can only go up. And my expectations are realistic, just a winning season two out of every three years, be competitive in the Big Ten and go to a bowl game more than once a decade. If Wilson is as successful as Mallory was, I’d be delighted. Beyond that, IU (and its fans) has to show significant increased support for Wilson or his successor in order to compete for national prominance. And that’s a different discussion.

  17. DD, I would expect if MACChamps had researched for the power of knowledge you just expounded upon before he posted he either would have posted differently or more likely not posted at all. He will tread more lightly on his next attempt. Damn good job.

  18. The summer dreams they sprout again,
    A game called football played in basketball’s den.
    Another new coach assigned the magical transfusion,
    Storied Final Fours in Crimson blood gives vitality this illusion.
    Can an equal passion root strong for simply give it reason,
    Where gods have soaked the soil in ‘Madness’ every March season?
    We shall try again, make blond the brunette, and blue eyes brown,
    Wear a new skin stripped from pig, on hallowed hoops ground

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