IU no longer in Lunardi’s bracket

Remember earlier this month when ESPN’s Joe Lunardi listed Indiana as one of its last four in? Well, the Hoosiers are out now, and not only that, they aren’t even one of the last eight out.

Now, we know this brings up a lot of questions. What could Indiana have possible done in April and early May to fall out of Lunardi’s good graces? What could other teams have done to better their standing? Why did Lunardi feel the need to post a bracket projection the first week of May anyway?

Of course, we don’t have the answers to any of these questions, but we figure we’d share it with you anyway.


  1. One could speculate that Lunardi is in possession of insider information regarding one or more upcoming transfers or unannounced injuries or whatever that would cause him to devalue IU’s stock next season.

    It could also be that he thought IU was going to land one of the other prospect bigs for next season and when several bigs passed he decided that IU’s anticipated lineup wasn’t going to make the cut.

    I don’t know who we fell behind/who jumped in front of us, but I have a hard time imagining there were enough guys who decided to finalize their decision to stay in college or leave for the NBA that would have cause a drop of more than 9.

    Or it could be something completely different.

    C’mon, he’s a member of the media. Don’t you guys have something like bat-phones where you can call each other for questions just like this? Or do you like keeping us in suspense?

  2. Jim,

    I highly doubt Joe Lunardi is in possession of such info. Just not his beat to call coaches and ferret out information. As such, our bat phones do not connect with each other.

  3. I think it’s aftershocks from the Drew Adams move to New Mexico. Maybe Lunardi is another in the “I have posters of Alford in my garage” camp.

    Remy Abell is going to be integral in propelling the Hoosiers into the tournament. By mid-December he’ll be getting large chunks of PT. Here’s a kid that can play point, inject speed, and not be taken off focus when it comes to involving teammates due to pressures/heavy reliance on his production the scoring column. Our perimeter shooters will be huge beneficiaries his carving into the middle the court. Let’s face facts. Jordy Hulls can’t be Derrick Rose. It’s very rare to have a point guard that’s also your ‘go-to’ guy. Hulls is much better than most ever imagined his progression at creating his own shot, but he’s more valuable coming off screens and interchangeably working the point. Why is everyone so worried about ‘bigs’? Don’t we have one of the premier players in the Midwest, Zeller, coming in next year? And just like Hulls be the beneficiary from the addition of Abell’s jetpack speed, Watford and Elston will have weights taken off their shoulders with a versatile big moving about the paint in Cody. How many times did I read Scoop journalists claim Zeller changes everything? Are we not sticking with that? Just more proof how quickly journalists jump off and jump back on a ship. We will be in the 2012 NCAA tournament and we won’t be squeaking in by the hair of our chinny chin chins. Lunardi should have stayed with his very conservative initial prediction. I doubt it has any basis a basketball mind. Just another breadcrumb journalist that likely slid in his popularity rankings. With such a plethora in the profession, it’s a wonder how even half retain employment. On a daily basis they need to find ways to stir the pot to keep hits/interest in their stories/blogs/websites or they become another victim of budgetary cuts in the ongoing wars to hold onto market share.

  4. The heck with the media predictions (and I am being nice) IU will be a 12 seed or better in 2012. They will be a 8 seed or better in 2013 and a 4 seed or better in 2014. Watch the recruits !!! Coaching is good!! Self Promotion is great!! Desire is great!! Work ethic is average (coach needs to do better to instill!!) They have a solid base of talent!! They are smart kids!! At this point it is all about blending the talent (kids) (current and future) to play as a TEAM!!!! Which is the hardest part. PERIOD!!!! If CTC can do that than I would bet anyone on my prediction!!! I LIKE WHAT I SEE!!!

  5. Answer: This one is easy folks, Jones didn’t transfer. Lunardi was assuming that after such an embrassing junior campaign that Jones would be forced to transfer to Southwestern Texas State and the Hoosiers would begin their rise back to the top.

  6. You knew when he originally listed IU as being in that he had made a mistake.

  7. Personally, I think March Madness used to be a lot more enjoyable before obsession with brackets, ten dollar office betting pools, statistical analysis every number cruncher, and the typical tendency our American culture to always dumb something down; an easy laziness and comfortable refusal to see beyond the surface, into the heart of the sport, because it’s more important to be the genius that can pick a winner or make a couple bucks. Three cheers for Pete Rose.

    Once you fill out your brackets, you’ve compromised a genuineness in the direction your cheer, be it for favorite or underdog; the ebb and flow of emotions as you absorb yourself into a game from start to finish. Who cares anymore about anything but the dreaded loss your masterful pick? You’ve detached from the joys a closer examination of players, unique characteristic a coach or team, because the utmost concern is not having your precious bracket “busted”. We examine every brushstroke without any knowledge the workings of the colors the game. We stand so close to the canvas painting our hoops, we no longer care, nor have any instinct to know, if what we’re watching is van Gogh or just another concocted show. I think much the same applies to the ridiculous obsession with the rankings of recruits. Heaven forbid a kid that was overlooked, matured his game late in process, and made some self-proclaimed expert able to identify talent in diapers wrong. I tend to believe those that push the game into the realm of superficial, with constant motivation fixated to remove any elements of mystique, art, and personality in athletics, are as plastic their desires.

    Good for Lunardi for squeezing basketball into a test tube. Maybe the same statistical analysis he uses to get his every pick correct robbed him an unconditional eye of a chance to ever simply love something at first sight and got a date with Virginia Commonwealth romantically right.

  8. I think the bigger question is, what did IU do this spring to prompt Lunardi to put IU into his Bracketology projections in the first place. I’m sure the addition of Cody will help, but the bigger barometer of the team’s success will be how much everyone else improves during the offseason, and we won’t see the results of that until we see them play again. Don’t get me wrong, I think IU will improve, but it’s silly to make projections at this stage.

    I’m with Big E. I’m going to mime my frustration, pretending to tug my hair and scream and rant, then sit down and pretend to write a purple-prosey blog post on my imaginary blog, maybe with some pretend bad MS-Paint images making fun of Lunardi, and maybe a pretend animated .gif of Lunardi riding a unicorn with Paula Deen through a bracket made of glitter, because that image makes just as much sense as putting together a mock-bracket before next season is even on anyone’s radar.

  9. Never did hear who won the Herald Times ‘Bracket Challenge’. I do remember glancing at Dustin’s brackets after week one.

  10. Lunardi does not have any insider information. The point of offseason bracketology is to give us hoops crazies something to do.

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