1. Anyone else see the hits JH, HP, YF and RP took in the new Scout rankings by Even Daniels? What gives?

  2. I saw one of the interviews that Coach Wilson gave from his office and he had about 10 binders that indicated they were from “Oklahoma Football”. Is a coach allowed to take playbooks ect… from his previous team? Seems like there would be so “Trade Secrets” or “Intellectual Property” concerns. I know IU got the Pistol offense from The Univ of Navada, but that was requested not acquire. I would like your thoughts.

  3. There’s a couple ways to look at that. If he wrote the playbook then it’s his product. Maybe Oklahoma is the one stealing intellectual property. If he wrote it, they aren’t going to come after him.

  4. Dustin- Do you have any names of a big that IU will add for next Basketball season? Thanks

  5. Why do you have to log-in to read the chat transcript…that has not been the case in the past? Has that recently changed?


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