1. Dustin, did my question submit for the chat today? I think my computer at work is having some issues. Thanks.

  2. Hey JPat. I think it did. Kraft left because it’s a higher level job, gets him closer to the top and gets him closer to his family in Chicago. It’s a sensible professional move.

  3. I miss Hoosier Morning. Do you realize it’s been nearly two months since the last edition? Thoroughly enjoyed the format that offered links to various stories across a range of different sporting topics/news of the day. Does Hugh plan on ever bringing it back? I also liked Hugh’s personal music choice offered the end of each thread and other YouTube extras that kept the blog fun and contemporary in appeal.

  4. During the offseason, there just isn’t that much to link to, quite honestly. Last offseason, I spent way too much time tracking down links I would have never bothered with during the season. Hoosier Morning will be back come August.

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