Michel participating in NBA Draft combine

The New Jersey Nets are hosting a combine at which 44 NBA Draft hopefuls will showcase their skills. Among the players expected to be there is Guy-Marc Michel, the junior college center who signed with Indiana but was declared ineligible because of a brief stint with a French professional team.


  1. First, I agree with Byrd. Good luck!

    Second, should be interesting to see how he does. It will be an interesting post-year commentary on what he might have added last year had he been able to play.

    Thus, if he shows well, think what that could have meant – and if he doesn’t, the opposite …. although he might have improved significantly if he had been exposed to game situations.

    And, of course, from his perspective, one has to wonder what, if anything, he lost from a year squandered (in basketball terms).

    Or was it squandered? Did he get much out of practice only with the team? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Good luck to him. He was dealt a very untimely and unfortunate hand by the NCAA.

  3. The NCAA and the NBA need to get there act’s together so kids like Michel get at least a chance to play and get better before it’s sink or swim at a tryout camp. This should never happen to any player and they know it!!

  4. we shall see. He went from geing a guy we did not unstand why we signed to the next michael jordan. My guess is he still is not that great but crean built him up to be shaq.

  5. Not sure where you came up with that. As I recall CTC said that he would be useful defensively in the middle. Not exactly calling him the ‘next shaq’.

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