NCAA men’s basketball rules committe recommends restrictive arc in paint

The NCAA men’s basketball rules committee has recommended that the organization adopt the same restrictive arc in the paint used by the NBA to assure that players don’t step underneath the basket to try to draw charge calls. The NCAA has already adopted a rule to keep players out of that area but made it a judgment call for officials without actually putting the arc on the court.

Thought you all might be interested.


  1. I think it would help in calling the game. It seems to have helped at the pro level…

  2. I’m generally opposed to anything that makes college basketball remotely more like the NBA 🙁


    What’s the point of having a rule when it almost never gets enforced because it’s so difficult to tell? Paint the semicircle!

  4. I’m kinda with ‘thinking’. Next thing you you they’ll quit calling travelling.

  5. Thinking-I agree with your sentiment, but the refs blow the block/charge call about 80% of the time. I’m for anything that will help correct that.

  6. Good to see them move forward with this change. Many times on the chats this past season a charge has been debated by the Scoop Crew.

    Hope all is well guys.


  7. If the refs can find the time maybe they can also enforce the palming rule.

  8. I hate refs and the evil rule called “Charging” just play good defense or block it. I hate seeing players floping all over the court.

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