Photos, evaluations from day one of adidas May Classic


6-7, 2014, F, Eric Gordon All-Stars/North Central

GAME: Was the team’s most consistent scorer during the first half, which his team eventually won 58-56 against Indiana Elite Hoopmatics.

SCOUTING REPORT: Poindexter has a nose for the ball and knows how to finish around the rim. He is very slender, so he does need to gain strength.

COLLEGE LIST: Indiana, Purdue, Xavier have all expressed interest.


6-4, 2014, G, Eric Gordon All-Stars/Evansville Bosse

GAME: Lyle arrived late, well into the first half, and did not make an impact in the team’s 58-56 win.

SCOUTING REPORT: Lyle is a tremendous prospect, one of the better players in the state for 2014, but he played like a kid who had been riding in the car all afternoon. He had little burst and was off-balance on his jump shots.

COLLEGE LIST: Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Xavier and Ohio State have expressed interest. Indiana has offered.



6-foot, 2014, G, MBA 2013/Mishawaka Marion

GAME: Jackson was MBA’s standout guy, scoring 17 points in a 69-57 loss to Indiana Elite Stars.

SCOUTING REPORT: You could excuse Jackson of trying to do too much, but after his team fell behind by double-digits he was put in the position of trying to steer a one-man comeback. It didn’t work, but Jackson has great explosion, is active on defense and has no problem getting to the lane.

COLLEGE LIST: Indiana is trying to set up a visit. Notre Dame, Purdue, Xavier, Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue are also interested, but no one has offered.



6-3, 2014, G, Meanstreets/Grand Rapids (Mich.) Christian

GAME: Harris led his team with 23 points during a 63-60 win against Indiana Elite 1.

SCOUTING REPORT: Maybe the most impressive 2014 player on Friday, Harris showed a really nice burst towards the basket. He also had one of the more consistent jumpers, making him a well-rounded player for his age group.

COLLEGE LIST: Indiana has offered. Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Purdue and Ohio State are also showing interest.



6-7, 2014, F/C, Meanstreets/Lake Forest

GAME: Wideman had 13 points and dominated the paint during a 63-60 win against Indiana Elite 1.

SCOUTING REPORT: Wideman has an advanced body for his age, weighing in at around 240 pounds. He’s a load in the middle, uses his body to create separation and showed pretty good aggressiveness when grabbing rebounds.

COLLEGE LIST: Purdue has offered. Indiana is trying to set up a visit, while other Big Ten schools are expressing interest.