Photos from day two and day three of the adidas May Classic

We’ll be posting videos and some recap stuff from the adidas May Classic, but I am sure you know by now that the 16U Eric Gordon All-Stars did win their tournament. Collin Hartman and Devin Davis both played really well during this tournament, especially late on Sunday. I came away thinking both had brighter futures than I believed a few weeks ago.

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  1. no photos of buss walking away???? haha i played sports all my life like most of us so i can understand being competitive like he is. i love it. sure the sportsmanship sucks but there is a reason he is good. i have no doubt he is a good sport, but sometimes frustration overcomes individuals (ie heat beating the celtics). I can’t wait for buss. as a recent iu graduate all i can say is i hope he stays with his commitment because we need competitors like that. ive always been told all my athletic life ” act like you’ve been there before” when it comes to sports. well, buss acted like he hadnt been there before when he lost and i love that he hasnt. in the words of bart scott, “CANT WAIT” for iu basketball

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