Report: Jim Tressel out at Ohio State

It’s official: sweater vest sales just fell appreciably in Columbus, Ohio.

Jim Tressel has resigned as football coach at Ohio State, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting.

The Dispatch has obtained a memo Gee sent to OSU trustees this morning:

“I write to let you know that later this morning we will be announcing the resignation of Jim Tressel as head coach of the University’s football program. As you all know, I appointed a special committee to analyze and provide advice to me regarding issues attendant to our football program. In consultation with the senior leadership of the University and the senior leadership of the Board, I have been actively reviewing the matter and have accepted Coach Tressel’s resignation.

“My public statement will include our common understanding that throughout all we do, we are One University with one set of standards and one overarching mission. The University’s enduring public purposes and its tradition of excellence continue to guide our actions,” Gee wrote.

Tressel has obviously been under fire for months, since it was revealed that players sold or traded uniforms and memorabilia to an area tattoo parlor. As more information has come out about just how much Tressel knew and the overall culture of the program, it became less likely Tressel would survive this.

Assistant coach Luke Fickell will serve as interim coach next season.


  1. Now the NCAA needs to make OSU responsible for its actions (or lack thereof) in this entire matter. I guess the OSU president needn’t worry anymore “that the coach might fire me”.

  2. Not surprised by this. It did not seem likely that he could survive the allegations (and most likely truths) against his team. Wolverine fans must be ecstatic at this news.

  3. Tressel resigns and assistant will be interim coach…hmmmmm. You mean to tell me Tressel was the only one who knew the corrupt culture of the program. Tressel resigns to satisfy the NCAA and the culture continues in Columbus.This is an institution that plays by its own rules.

  4. Has Bob Knight’s creditibility been destroyyd by his support of Tressel and apology to UK in recent days? Stick a sock in it ,Bob.

  5. I, like many others, was initially (up until these issues came out) very impressed with Tressel (even though it looked like we would keep getting our b**t kicked for the next 34 years or so), his intelligence, relatively low profile and accomplishments. There is no doubt that I was wrong; and, felt (and continue to feel) strongly the NCAA had to either be accountable for holding all coaches and programs to the letter of their rules (as they had with Sampson and Indiana) or end the ‘compliance’ farce.

    The resignation by Tressel was undoubtedly brought about by the results of the AD’s further investigation on his responsibility for the permissiveness of the OSU football program.

    The resignation has a meaning for Hoosier sports as well. The NCAA now (correctly) seems to come down very hard on the issue of “…lack of institutional control over athletic programs…”- that is to say recruiting and the role of its alumni and institutional or individual ‘friends’ of the university’s programs.

    This, indeed, may have very big consequences and loom large on meaning over the activities and relationship with A-Hope, Mr. Adams, Sr., Mr. Barrett, etal. Whether the athlete was a part of an AAU summer team, whether prospective athletes were recruited and brought together by non-profit, religiously motivated, NGOs which only wanted to create more opportunities for kids over 6’8″ in war-torn, narco-trafficker dominated, violence riddled third-world countries may be irrekevant.

    The rules ‘is’ the rule. Sometimes you just have to be careful what you wish for.

  6. I don’t know what ‘very big consequences’ would be for. Other than misleading headlines, IU hasn’t even been accused of anything other than building relationships with a successful AAU coach. All parties with direct knowledge agree that the NCAA has been advised of every move they have made. Mark Fish is simply an irresponsible hack.

  7. Very simple and straight forward Chet. Just as my earlier post implies. If there were no gifts, if there was a guardianship legally set up to legally support paying for trips home, etc. there is absolutely no problem. And, like most I’m on my knees praying that is the case.

    However, if there is any evidence of telephone calls paid by someone other than a legal guardian/parent, a $6 lunch not justified by an NCAA acceptable source of the payment applied according to NCAA rules; then, the very acts would be seen [by the NCAA] as evidence of “lack of institutional control”.

    And, “lack of institutional control” seems to be the area of violations that the NCAA seems to be most sensitive about. I don’t think my post says anything except that. The ‘consequences’ is a reference to the history of the NCAA actions and the new president’s stress for enforcement in the area of institutional control and accountability (previously SMU, Tulane, most USC, Tennessee, Connecticut, Ohio State).

    Thanks Chet, I appreciateand enjoy how you ask questions and/or comment on this blog- even when we may disagree.

  8. hahhahahahahhaha O$U fans that supported these cheaters deserve all the humiliation and embarrassment. hahahahahahahahahaa

  9. I will never wish anything bad on a program that will be brought down by the NCAA. As an IU fan through and through I have lost a lot of sleep over the Sampson thing so I will not kick OSU when they are down. Besides, they have kept the Big 10 on top being a national contender every year for a long time. I feel for the fans!!!

  10. It’s good to see that few have jumped on board with this sham. It would be the height of hypocrisy. If CTC had not been building bridges with this coach, fans would demand to know why not.

  11. Dick Vitale was on ESPN this morning blaming the NCAA for everything at OSU. He went on to say how awful it was that people suspected Calipari for misdeeds and what a great guy he is, as well. I wanted to puke.

  12. Having known lots of people who attended OSU and a few that played there, I have suspected OSU FB of being a major rules violator for a long, long time. If any portion of the current allegations are true, I’ll be glad to see them receive harsh punishment. I won’t feel the least bit sorry for their fans, either. They are some of the most arrogant fans in the nation. And when confronted by these allegations of wide-spread rules violations, most of the OSU fans I’ve spoken to (as recently as yesterday) simply laugh it off, implying that because its OSU, nothing major will come of this. Well, I don’t believe they’ll be laughing much longer. And let’s admit it, OSU being taken down a peg or two might be good for the Big Ten. And I hope IU FB is smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity in the years to come.

    I’m no fan of the NCAA, but in this case, believing that OSU’s violations go much deeper than the public will ever know, I’m cheering the NCAA on.

  13. Po,

    I completely disagree. OSU,if they suck in football for the next few years like what has happened to IU basketball, will be bad for the Big 10. The SEC can claim outright to be in a class of it’s own all alone. You can somewhat argue now that the Big 10 ties them or runs a very close 2nd but that will not be the case. I agree OSU fans are arrogant but Wisky and PSU fans are just as bad…they just don’t show up 25,000 strong at Memorial Stadium!

    I always enjoy your posts but I think it’s sad you want to see the hammer put down on them. Think about how you have felt watching IU bball for the last three years.

  14. Vitale has been puke from the start…he was always a ‘carny barker’ who gave impetus to the hyping and corruption that has made NCAA major sport nothing but a degrading form of human trafficking with the ensuing carnage of a meat packing house…all while supported by some of this country’s most important academic institutions.

    We (IU) were there, twice(first 1960 football/Phil Dickens)(did you all know that the best swimming teams in the history of swimming could not compete in NCAA Championships because of football recruiting NCAA sanctions?) and most recently with Kelvin Sampson and Rick Greenspan who were able to all-but-extort nearly $1.5 million combined just to leave Bloomington.

    The NCAA needs some serious reformation of the AD code of conduct so that vermin like Calipari, Sampson and Tressler don’t find major or passive collaborators in athletic directors like Greenspan and the clown currently at OSU.

    We really do need to puke these characters out of our system. And, …no…I don’t feel sorry for their fans as I do not feel one bit sorry four IU fans, including myself, who closed our eyes and ears as the integrity of our Indiana U. teams was being taken/given away in the light of day because we simply didn’t want to know.

    “We didn’t know”!??? Read their (OSU) blogs…it’s all a conspiracy by others wh wished they were OSU. In fact read our blogs. We already have fans saying maybe we can recruit the players who want to leave OSU. Sounds like the same excuse the Germans gave when the horror of the Nazi concentration and extermination camps next to their towns was shown to them by the American troops: “We didn’t know”. No, I don’t feel sorry for OSU fans…they got exactly what they wanted.

    One request for Mr. Glass…make absolutely darn sure you hold your compliance staff against the wall to insure that nothing even close to questionable is going on at Indiana University. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!…or your next job will be promoting bear wrestling in the Antartic.

  15. This question is for all and very sincere. Why should I not feel bad for the OSU fans? I am trying to understand from all angles. If it is the…they have been so good and I want to see them fail or the…we were down and out at IU and now they should feel some of our pain…I don’t buy that. The fans are the ones hurt, maybe some are mean and arrogant or even prima donnas but we at IU have seen the depths of hell so I would think we could have some compassion for another program that will fall on hard times within our own conference!

  16. J Pat, come on. You can’t be serious. Why waste any emotion feeling bad for fans of a school that may be found guilty of major rules violations? Rules violations that have helped the team dominate other rules-compliant Big Ten schools for decades. Why would you feel bad for fans that are some of the most arrogant fans in the nation? I suggest you have more important things to feel bad about. It’s not like the OSU FB team’s plane crashed and burned, or as if OSU’s FB program will receive the NCAA’s “death penalty.” OSU FB will likely be exposed as a cheating program that violated numerous rules, over the course of years, and tried to cover-up those violations by telling lies. OSU football may be punished, they may lose FB schalarships, may not get to play in a bowl game for a few years, they may have to forfeit games previously won on the field, they will probably lose some revenue, and one multi-millionare head coach has suffered the indignity of resigning without a severence check. But that’s about it. Life will go on for OSU football fans.

    OSU’s potential punishment and temporary decline will be good for Big Ten football. It will be a cleansing for the conference and make Big Ten football more interesting and more competitive. It may reward those programs that abide by the rules and act as a deterrant for programs that fail to properly enforce compliance.

    As for IU football, if IU plays its cards right, OSU’s temporary decline could definitely be good for IU football the way IU’s problem’s in basketball became very good for OSU basketball. And don’t think for a minute that most, if not all coaches competing with OSU for FB talent won’t use this pending punishment in the recruiting wars. IU would be stupid not to take advantage of potential opportunities resulting from the sanctions that are likely to affect OSU’s FB scholarships.

    I want IU to play by the rules, behave ethically, be display good sportsmanship on and off the field, comply with all the rules, graduate their athletes, and etc. But make no mistake, I’m all for IU. And if OSU’s self-inflicted wounds allows IU FB to become more competitive and more successful, that’s good for IU.

  17. Kleenex…thank you for the link…I just finished watching it and my face and shirt are covered in tears… You are so absolutely right, we waste so much of our time worrying about issues that have little meaning next to the sacrifice and loss of these real heroes. We play our small games every fall and every winter and spring and summer, only because they are there protecting us…until they are not. These indeed are the real thing.

    Thanks for your thought.

  18. Good thoughts by all, thanks. Every friend and family member I talk to agrees with you all that we should not feel bad for OSU but wow…after the last 3 years and knowing how empty I feel after continuously getting our ass beat…it is hard for me not to have some compassion and sympathy for them. With that said…I hope we can steal a win in football!!!

  19. No matter what side you fall on with this issue there is no way the Buckeyes will drop very far or for very long. As the only real big time U in Ohio collegiate sports along with the resources from the demographics and a FB culture are to strong to be neutralized. The head coach(in this case interim)will have much more to do with the rate of future success in Columbus. The leader is always the most important. When your resources question your leadership as did Weis, Billy Clyde, Rich Rod and Mike Davis you are for sure doomed. If Luke Fickell is the real deal(he may be)then even the NCAA punishment will be a second page headline in Ohio and possibly the B10.

  20. HC, you are absolutely right. The talking heads at ESPN are already painting Urban Meyer as a likely candidate after next season. To me, he’d be an upgrade over Tressel.

  21. A few observations and questions:

    1. Pryor has probably played his last game at O$U.
    2. How many other football players got cars?
    3. I bet this investigation is going to wash into basketball too, with the cars being the common thread.
    4. I want heavy sanctions for this. What we voluntarily did to ourselves over cell phone calls should be magnified significantly for this calorie dense smorgasbord of rule violating.

  22. GFDave; I agree with you. If half of what we’re now hearing about OSU FB turns out to be fact, OSU should get hit hard by the NCAA, real hard. OSU’s punishment should be at least as severe as USC’s punishment. And it appears (although facts still not in) that OSU’s violations are a lot broader(involving more players)than USC’s violations were. Then there’s the head coach telling lies and attempting to delay or cover up. That’s the big no-no to the NCAA. OSU should not be allowed to get off the hook simply because Tressel resigned.

    Of OSU FB does not get at least the same punishment as USC, the NCAA will have lost all remaining credibility. Either they go after the big boys that cheat, or they become irrelevant. Next up, Auburn.

  23. No sympathy for fans of THE Ohio State University. I am sure they had not sympathy for the Hoosier fans during the Sampson saga. Wonder what Kirk the Jerk is thinking right about now?

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