Ron Patterson is headed to Indiana Elite One

Ron Patterson is leaving Indiana Elite Team Indiana for Indiana Elite One, a source confirmed.

The decision has nothing to do with his relationship with his future Indiana teammates or Indiana.

Patterson played on Indiana Elite One last season and it is pretty much the same roster, including longtime teammate Kellon Thomas.


  1. So….is this playing down a division for him or does Indiana Elite have two teams in the same age division?

    This moves makes no sense to me. You’re playing with your future teammates Ron…keep it that way.

  2. “The decision has nothing to do with his relationship with his future Indiana teammates or Indiana.”

    As Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler would say, “Rrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllly.”

    What, pray tell, does it have to do with then??

  3. Hugh,

    I’m surprised you havn’t mentioned that Rivals released their new 2012 rankings. McGary shot up to number 5. Perea is 15, Yogi 28, Hollowell 42 and Patterson now at 115.

  4. Someone needs to ask Tar Heels bound point guard Marcus Paige where he would rank Patterson. I am sure he is suffering through bad dreams after having to deal with RP in the second half of their meeting at the Run-n-Slam.

  5. Patterson will never rank high, until you watch him play. He doesn’t do anything great, but does everything well and he is *ss eater of a defender. Hoosier fans are going to love this kid.

  6. Anybody else think its time for a new Scoop Poll to come out? Just wondering

  7. I was only providing Rivals Rankings as an FYI and it just happened to be on a thread regarding Patterson. However I didn’t mention it to disrespect the kid at all. I think Ron and all of these guys (including Jurkin) will be great additions to IU. I think they’ll all prove their worth once they get there.

  8. I still don’t understand why Ron would want to switch AAU teams? I thought that having all five 2012 recruits playing on the same time was a great idea, allowing them to develop chemistry with one another before they come to IU. If he stayed on the same team, by the time they got to campus they would be able to make the most out of their fresh yr. Was there a problem with the coach or does this allow him to be more of a go to guy or what?

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