Taking stock of the 2012 rankings (and Rivals has IU No. 1)

So we now have four major recruiting sites – Scout.com, Rivals.com, ESPN.com and 247Sports.com. Three of the four have recently updated their class of 2012 rankings, so let’s look at where they all currently rate the five commitments and two major targets (Gary Harris and Mitch McGary).

Keep in mind that ESPN has not updated their rankings in some time and it remains a top-60. When it updates and enlarges, I would expect to see both McGary and Patterson.

Rivals updated their team rankings today and Indiana continues to be No. 1.


  1. Sorry but Perea is not better than Harris nor Yogi as both Rivals and Scout say. Nor is Hollowell better than Yogi as Scout says. This is my opinion in a true team environment as opposed to these AAU games….Would be surprised as well on McGary but have not seen him play. a 2 week period does not make a true player rating….all good, but just my opinion that they are upside down on a few of our players. I think they base too much on size maybe??

  2. Perea is way overrated. I look back at his game at Bloomington South where he had only 4 points. You can say he had a bad day but if he is truly the 15th ranked player as Rivals thinks, he should have dominated. Look for more of the same when he has a defender on him.

  3. Both Gary and Mitch could play for IU. Gary is a good football player too. If the football team offered him a scholarship, and Mitch realizes that neither Texas nor UCONN can offer what IU offers him, it will be the best recruiting class ever.

  4. Worth mentioning that Rivals bumped IU up to #26 in in the 2011 rankings after Remy Abell signed. Ahead of Kansas.

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