Updating the rankings board with new ESPN numbers

ESPN.com updated its rankings for the 2012-14 classes today, so we’ve updated the board. Keep in mind that for ease of browsing, I’ve kept it to the commits and top prospects (for the moment, just five guys). It’ll get updated soon.


  1. Given the composition of the current commits in the 2012 class, do most IU fans now believe that it is more important to land McGary than Harris? If you could only have one who would you choose?

  2. McGary for sure.. he’s got some size and an ever improving game. Problem is, a lot of other schools are starting to notice. I’m sure Duke, UNC, and Kentucky will come calling soon enough.

  3. I would say go after Harris, people seem to forget when they talk about McGary that we already have a great PF in Zeller and a super athletic one in Perea. I saw McGary play at the AMC he was good and all but the #5 recruit in the nation? HELL NO! He is just ok on offense and he is pretty good on defense. Harris is a great player and would fit in great. So its Harris

  4. Definitely McGary. Whether McGary is as good as his rank suggests or not, he seems to be at a comparable talent level to Zeller…Also, With Zeller and Perea we have 2 good 4s. Do I need to list off the combo guards that IU will have in 2012? A 3rd good PF is much better than a 6th combo guard.

  5. Does anyone think like I do that if MM was added at the 4, HP and CZ could and would work at the 3 position?

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