Dion Witty not yet committed to IU

Cornerback Dion Witty’s commitment to Indiana was apparently a bit premature. Witty told Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana/24-7 Sports on Tuesday night that he is still keeping his options and Coral Springs (Fla.) High School coach Ray Gould confirmed that Wednesday afternoon.

“Dion is keeping his options open,” Gould said. “… I don’t know if he knew what was going on. He’s got a lot of things going on. But he’s very interested in Indiana. He’s going to do what he’s gotta do with his school work and football. He’s keeping his options open, but Indiana is very much on his list.”

The list Gould presented was slightly different than the one that has been reported on recruiting websites. Gould said Witty has offers from Minnesota, Florida Atlantic and Western Michigan along with Indiana. Though it has been reported that Witty has an offer from Wisconsin, Gould said the Badgers and Mississippi are both very interested but have not yet formally offered.

Gould said whoever gets him will have a dynamic, multi-talented football player.

“He’s a very explosive football player,” Gould said. “…We use him at everything. For us, he plays mostly free safety, because he can offer so much support defensively against the run. He’s a big hitter. He can do whatever, but in college, they might see him as more of a corner. For us, we use him at running back, receiver, kick returner. He can score at any given time. He’s highly talented and very explosive.”

And if he does play corner?

“You’re not gonna run away from him, I’ll tell you that,” Gould said. “He’s really fast, and he has great football skill. It would be a nice lockdown situation if you were to play him at corner.”

Until apparently pulling it back, Witty was the Hoosiers first commitment for the 2012 class.


  1. I just don’t like that at all, just don’t feel good about any kid that would do that. Just the way I feel!

  2. Does not look for Wilson to not have any recruits as of now. Seems like this kid is playin’ IU. Homey don’t like players!

  3. This kid is taking a cue from the four assistant coaches who accepted jobs only to change their minds later. Just add this to the list of strange things to happen since Mr. Wilson came to town.

  4. Lets give the kid a break. He should look around then look at all the things IU can bring to the table: Great education, first class training facilities, great mentoring teammates, and great coaches.

    IU can do a lot with some speed on defense.

  5. IU’s coaching staff (lead by Wilson)is trying. This an example of how hard it is going to be.

  6. It’s a kid being a kid. There’s no reason to make a big deal about a 17 year old being indecisive or not being clear about their intentions. Didn’t any of you guys ever date in high school?

  7. Chet, I agree with you.

    Boy, there are some chicken littles posting on this site. Anything less than ideal news and people draw all sorts of negative conclusions. “Cut him loose.” Are you kidding me? So, if they don’t drop to their knees and beg to play for FB for IU, ‘cut them loose?’ Wow, please tell us you were being sarcastic.

  8. Signing day is a ways away. In order for IU to get better talent from states like FL, GA, TX and OK they need to show signs of improvement under the new staff. If players see that guys have gotten exponentially better and we are competitive enough to get to around 6-7 wins kids will take notice of it guarantee. But it’s also going to be hard when you have UF, FSU, Miami, USF, UCF, FIU (keeps a ton of local talent) recruiting against you.

  9. Keep recruiting FL! Sure local coaches are going to “steer” kids to Miami. They can play in year one at IU and go to the NFL, as in Tracy Porter. Keep recruiting FL!

  10. The recruitment of high school players has become a confusing, debasing experience for the kids being recruited. Young Witty, as all others, should look for the best education, the most comfortable environment (football and social wise) and the chance at the opportunities for a good life. He’s doing what a mature person does, give careful consideration, consult with his parents and those adults he trusts and allow himself as much choice as possible.

    And, if at any moment you feel you’ve hurried your decision…review your decision, letting everyone involved know as soon as possible.

    It’s interesting that many of the comments condemning young Witty come from those who also thought it fair to pull a scholarship from a student-athlete on the second or third year.

  11. We would not want Coach Wilson and staff to give up on a game or to an opponent, this requires the same resolve. Determine his objection and answer it or reconcile it if possible and attempt to close on his commitment again. Nothing wrong with this kid nibbling and requiring more effort if we value his potential. Hell assembling better talent is going to take more shmooooooozing and we now have a staff collected from big programs that have done it before. Not a problem, just a process.

  12. BeatPurdue – That sure is a long list you have there, compare that with Miami’s. Most of the time playing in year one is not such a good thing.

  13. Your word is your bond…can anyone these days stick to their word, anyone?

    I think Porter was from Louisiana if I remember but not 100% sure.

  14. JPAt,

    the majority of kids nowadays regardless of the sport don’t understand the meaning of the word commitment and what it all entails. A lot of coaches are sick and tired of these kids not understanding this.

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