All our prayers to Austin Hatch

Austin Hatch is a 2013 guard from Fort Wayne Canterbury, one of the better shooters in the state (if not the country). He committed to Michigan on June 15.

But that seems rather irrelevant right now.

Austin was involved in a plane crash last night in Michigan, which killed both his father, Stephen, and his stepmother, Kim.

Austin is hospitalized in Traverse City and is listed in critical condition.

It’s a story that is obviously incredibly sad, and our hearts would go out to Austin no matter what this next sentence said:

In 2003, Stephen was flying a plane that clipped a power line. Stephen and 8-year-old Austin survived, but the resulting crash killed Austin’s mother, Julie, and two siblings: 11-year-old Lindsay and 5-year-old Ian.

If there’s a God that you pray to and you wanted to include Austin in those thoughts, you’ll be joining all of us here at the Scoop.


  1. What a tragedy. I pray this young man makes a recovery physically, emotionally and spiritually. Awful heavy stuff for a young man to go through.

  2. Very sorry for Austin. Why the hell was this guy flying a plane again? Pretty sure if I killed 60% of my family a few years back that I wouldn’t be sitting in the cockpit again, at least not with my family with me. Terrible tragedy for Austin, I hope he survives the second crash his father caused.

  3. No matter what happened or who is at fault I think we should focus on Austin. Per the media reports I have read he has no immediate family left.
    I pray that he is able to come through medically and that someday he will heal emotionally. May his family and friends comfort him in his time of need.

  4. WO One, Hatch has the three siblings of his step mom as immediate family. What a tragedy.

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