Big Ten announces future sites for basketball, football championships

Good news: Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium will play host to the Big Ten Football Championship through 2015.

Bad news: The men’s and women’s basketball tournaments are headed to Chicago (and the United Center) in 2013 and 2015.

Here’s the full release from the Big Ten.

Indianapolis and Chicago both bid for both the football and basketball championships, so this appears to be a win for Indy but also not a total loss for Chicago. Personally, I liked the idea of playing the Big Ten Championship on Soldier Field. Felt very Big Ten-y.

The years the Big Ten goes to Chicago is a bit of bad timing for Indiana, since 2013 will be the end of the freshman season for the vaunted class of 2012. Many, including me, suspect that may be Indiana’s first year back to the true conference elite.


  1. I’m not sure why you think playing in Chicago is “bad timing”. If the 2012/13 Hoosiers are good, they should be able to win no matter where they play.

  2. I think by alternating basketball sites, as has been done in the past, this sort of alternates between a “Legends” and a “Leaders” city. I don’t think this will be a negative in any way.

  3. I urge everyone to avoid using the “Legends” and “Leaders” labels. If we use them, the BIG TEN will think that they have been accepted. The way to get rid of these “lame” labels is to ignore them.

  4. I too think alternating sites between Leaders and Legend cities has a lot to do with the decision. I don’t think it is generally the best for the conference fans because of the duration of the stay(allowing more exposure to Windy City prices) for the BB tournament.

    By the way Longago I’ll bet those names are long term.

  5. Dome football is fake football. Chgo. is the capital of the Midwest; interlopers P.S.U. and Nebraska will have to travel a long way to either Naptown of Chgo. All title games should be played in Chgo. There’s a ton of high school talent in the pop. seven million metro area- by making it a tradition to play title games/tournaments (for all sports) in Chgo. the Big Ten might be able to hang on to some of that.

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