Big Ten announces single plays for 2011-12 season

A little bit more of Indiana’s schedule was released today.

Indiana’s four single plays this season in the Big Ten Conference will be: Illinois and Northwestern at home, and Nebraska and Wisconsin on the road.

That leaves Indiana playing home-and-away series with Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Iowa, Minnesota and Penn State.

Solid balance in the single plays for Indiana. Wisconsin should be back among the conference’s elite, with Illinois and Northwestern in that second tier with Indiana. Then there’s Nebraska.


  1. Off to Madison Wisc to see the Hoosiers. I am sorry they are not playing at Northwestern. (in the High School like venue).

    I don’t like going to Madison, it holds bad memories from Mike Davis fall, (he resigned after uncompetitive loss) to Bill Lynch’s fall (another uncompetitive loss).

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