Christian Watford among college guys at Kevin Durant Skills Academy

Nike released the rosters for the Kevin Durant Skills Academy, going on right now in Chicago, and Gary Harris was among the high school guys on the team.

But so was Christian Watford. The Indiana junior was among 18 wings invited to be a part of the three-day camp, which leads into the LeBron James Skills Academy next month in Akron, Ohio.

Watford’s measurements are interesting. Indiana listed him at 6-foot-9, 230 pounds during the season; the camp did fresh measurements and came up with 6-foot-8 (with shoes), 229 pounds (without shoes). But they did come up with a 7-foot wingspan – Kentucky’s Terrence Jones was the only other camper with a plus-7 foot wingspan.

Harris’ measurements, by the way, were 6-foot-6, 198 pounds and a 6-7 wingspan.


  1. So does that mean Watford is really 6’6″ w/o shoes? For example, when I measure my son, 6’5″ w/o shoes, he is 6’7″ with shoes. Watford’s wing span is probably a great equalizer if he would use it, doesn’t seem to be an aggressive rebounder to me?

  2. I suppose “Guy with 85 million dollar contract over five years that disappeared at the NBA Western Conference Finals…. Skills Academy” would be too long a title.

    Even factoring in inflation(let’s say it costs 12 million to build a six million dollar bionic Lee Majors today compared to 1974), using Durant’s salary we could build seven 6 million dollar men and still have a million left for uniforms and other expenses. We could build this bionic basketball team and still have two guys on the bench to come in as “Super-Sub” bionic John Laskowskis. Gentlemen, we can rebuild the Hoosiers…we have the technology.
    I dedicate the following clip to Chet.

  3. Oregoniu,

    Closer to an inch w/o shoes, so I’d say he’s 6-7. But I am fine with saying someone is 6-8 with basketball shoes, because that’s a fairly standard choice of footwear when playing basketball.

  4. Bionic, Durant may have disappeared in the WCF but he wasn’t the only one. I seem to recall Wade and Lebron also disappearing in the Finals. Add $125 Million and $96 Million to your numbers. You could make some super bionic men with those numbers!

  5. Yeah, I’d say 6-7/6-8 sounds right for Watford, but with such an impressive wingspan, I wonder why he’s always getting stuffed on the block.

    On the upside, maybe he’s close enough to Cheaney in size that Calbert can teach him to develop his wing game. If Zeller and Pritchard can stay on the floor at the same time, there will be a place for C-Wat at the three.

  6. Bdotblot-

    Thanks for going along with the fun. You’re right about Wade and LeBron…All kidding aside with regards to the future prospect of bionic basketball, it’s quite an honor to be on a roster with such promising young talent. Watford took a lot of abuse from some bloggers on this website claiming he was soft. I never saw him as one bit soft…Guys mature to the game at different rates(both physically and in terms of intelligence on the floor). Having a rare opportunity to play blossoming stars and practice with a beast like Terrence Jones can do nothing but make Christian better…Once we roll into the season, Watford is also going to benefit immensely from the attention Zeller will command…I am almost dizzy with excitement and anticipation a huge turnaround season for our Hoosiers…. I realize there will be a lot of “what ifs” in our lineup going into next season, but I’m thinking this Hoosier roster could be strong enough to make a very deep run in an NCAA tournament. I know it sounds completely nuts, but given the new key elements previously absent our team (primarily speed in the backcourt and a mega-talented 7-foot immensely determined post player) now in our lineup, I think many guys on our team are going to excel like never before. If wins start to accumulate and early success is shown against some old Big 10 thorns in our butt, positive momentum could spread like wildfire. Could this be the first team in the history of college basketball to go from a last place finish in their conference to a Final Four appearance the following year? I’m wondering if a team going from last place has ever even made it to the Elite 8 the following season…? Cody, Watford, Elston, Pritch…It seems like a pretty damn strong front line. Abell gives us a real lift in terms of added speed in our backcourt…I’m thinking this could be a real sleeper team that has the depth and key elements previously missing in our lineup to be a very tough match-up for many quality opponents. Am I overly optimistic? Hell no.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  7. Looking forward to watching Cwat this year.
    True he “ate” a lot of leather but he also was a centerpiece scorer and rebounder for the team. Zeller should open things up for Cwat. As a poster mentioned players physically develop at different paces and lets not forget he is young for his grade.
    Looked at the camp lineup and saw that 3/18 of the wings are from UK. Yikes. Scumapari will be loaded again this year.

  8. A more realistic goal would be 1st catch Iowa, PSU,NU and next year you can dream about .500 in conference and the NIT.So far away!

  9. BionicHoosiers, love the clip. After seven ortho and one neuro surgery plus a handful of broken things I’m well into six figures and lots of new parts. None of them made me better than I was and I wasn’t much to begin with.

  10. Chet-

    Glad you enjoyed the clip.

    Random question: Were any from the Scoop blogging family ever around in Assembly Hall during a championship banner-hoisting ceremony? Is there a banner-hoisting ceremony. Does it take place during the first game of the following season? I’ve never seen footage of any the Hoosier banners being raised from McCracken up to the rafters. Was this just one of the many behind-the-scenes jobs of the “mop lady”? This could be a good research project for Andy…Does Andy still work for HT?…Never see or hear from Andy..Why don’t you let the poor guy do a couple posts?

  11. I was at IU during the 1976 season (’75, as well, and I think they hung a banner of sorts) but I don’t remember the banners actually being raised. Maybe they just grew there.

  12. I just remember the banners being there the next year, already hung. Coach Knight pointed out the 83 Big Ten Banner. Didn’t Davis bring one back out and dust it off? Or was that Kelvin Samsung? I don’t remember any big ceremonies.

  13. Think of the thousands of times those banners have been photographed, yet no images or video footage to be found of an actual hoisting. Watching the banner lofted to the heavens seems so symbolic of the rare achievement the great teams represented in the elusive quest. For some of those players it was the finality their years and years of dedication to the game of basketball. They took those thousands of hours of grueling practices…invested their childhood summer’s in putting a ball through a hoop…sacrificed the joys of sitting in a chair playing video games or blogging all day and instead committed every spare hour into making the dream of winning a championship for Indiana into a reality. And we can’t even give them a ceremony? We often hear grumpy old farts talk about how spoiled and unappreciative the younger generation. We hear so much about the great coaches who get endless hours in front of cameras to talk of their achievements..I think Chet might be right.Maybe the banners “grew there”…Those kids that helped hang those banners represent the best of a breed that ‘grew’ from a belief in work ethic, loyalty to a cause, trust in fellow teammates, honoring education along the pathway to adulthood, and sportsmanship..And how about the families that raised these young men to ‘grow’ up with those values? Having a short ceremony where the hearts of all involved could reminisce and share in appreciation a storied journey that began from a clumsy playground day the dribbling a speckled ball, into the ultimate achievement where a team accomplishment transcends the game into something bigger than the countless individual hours of dedication spent transforming rudimentary skill into athletic art, would seem appropriate.

    We take those banners for granted. We take our kids for granted. No matter how old and dusty, to think they’re only representative of one team’s victory at one game, is a complete insult.

  14. Let’s see if Watford will actually hustle down the floor this year. So many times he lost the ball or got beat on defense and he jogs down the court like it was someone else’s fault. A little more hustle and he will help us, if not, the bench is where he will be. And no he is not the front cover of IU basketball, he is not remotely close to what Indiana basketball is all about.

  15. Yes, I remember an interview that Watford had on the Dan Dakich show. Dakich asked him why it was so hard for him to run down the floor…………that was funny. I guess everyone notices it.

  16. COACH
    Be careful injecting honesty into the conversation.Some people have a hard time handling it.There is no doubt CW has that lackadaisical Jay Edwards look about him at times.

  17. Watford is a hell of a talent. I don’t see him as lacking in hustle..Didn’t he break the bone in his hand diving for a loose ball? Only dorks sprint down court on every possession..Dakich could put everything in his tank defensively and run up and down the court attached constantly to MJ’s jockstrap because he had zero offensive game where he might need to save a few breaths. It’s not that hard to set screens when your gasping for some extra oxygen..Try a jump shot when you’re 6-8 and 240 lbs. and you’ve been giving it all at both ends the court with relatively few trips to the bench. You have to play with the pace of the game and a big man can’t burn and recoup energy like a guard..It’s easy to sit on blogs and accentuate the negative. Have you guys ever played basketball at highly competitive high school or collegiate level? Can’t you recognize how much value Watford brings to the team? You can’t recognize his wonderful versatility in going inside and outside for points? How many bigs can shoot from the stripe as good as Watford? How many 6′-8″ guys can drill the 3-point shot with comparable accuracy? I don’t need to look back at last year’s stats to know he likely had one of the highest field goal percentages on our team from the charity stripe and the 3-point line. Of course, the percentages likely tapered off some when he had his hand in a cast for the final stretch of the season. But let’s forget all the positives…Let’s just make some sarcastic remarks about the fact he doesn’t look like an out of control clumsy dork sprinting up and down the court for no damn reason. Maybe Watford would have had a lot less sprinting to get back on defense if our primary point guard wasn’t turning the ball over so frequently. That would have been my answer for Mr. “Smartass” Dan Jockitch.

  18. Despite what DD would like people to think, no one would ever trade CW for Dangerous Dan. He is remembered for playing one good game…on defense. His skills get better every year he is away from the game.

  19. “Dangerous Dan”….I love it. I wish he’d apply the same rules and immediately retire from broadcasting so in twenty years he’ll be Howard Cosell.

  20. That should have read ‘Murrow’. Good night and good luck. Only you oldsters and, hopefully, Dustin and Hugh might know him. As well as Ernie Pyle (as in ‘Hall’).

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