HD Video: Indiana All-Stars vs. Junior All-Stars

Here’s some numbers for you: Cody Zeller is No. 1 in white and Austin Etherington is No. 12. In the red, Yogi Ferrell is No. 5, Gary Harris No. 7, Ron Patterson No. 15 and Jeremy Hollowell No. 18.


  1. Was there a Jim Thomas that used to play for IU? Patterson reminds me of Thomas. Hollowell seems to possess the most natural basketball skills…very active and fluid on the court ..saw a bit of Jamarcus Ellis in his style/game.

    Is Zeller as good as Mitch McGary? In the few videos I’ve seen of McGary, he looks more agile and hungrier around the rim. Maybe Cody just wasn’t taking this game very seriously.

  2. Cody had 26 points and 19 rebounds. He had some highlights I miss, but he got the majority of his points by just posting up smaller defenders and getting to the basket. Nothing flashy, just effective.

  3. Dickerson went 91 overall (1st pick in 3rd rd) to Pittsburgh. Drafted as a 1b, explains why his draft status slipped. The bat is there, but they didn’t know where to put him.

  4. I continue to be unimpressed with Etherington in the numerous videos I’ve watched on this site and others. Just don’t see how he is going to produce at the next level. Doesn’t ever appear to do anything real impressive stat wise. Will someone share thought on him and help me eliminate my concerns? Not trying to be critical, just trying to understand how he will fit in at IU and what his contribution will be. I know many have high expectations and from what I’ve seen, they may be too high. Thanks.

  5. Ughenstein, On Jim Thomas…Absolutely, a key member of the national championship team. Jim Thomas, an excellent, very intelligent and commanding player while only 6’3″. He was perhaps the best rebounder (positioning and blocking out plus a good jumper) and a great defender while also playing very good team offense. He was a favorite (well earned) of Bob Knight’s who often used him as an example of ‘his type of player’. I believe he was from Florida and the son of at least one, possibly two teachers. Absolutely great kid, very good student…the kind that leads your team.

    Today, unfortunately, the blog wires would fill with angry posts wondering why we are recruiting him (doubt whether he would have made the Rivals Top 150. Not a showman. All kids like him do is win national titles. We should recruit half of each class in the physical, mental and character mold of Jim Thomas.

  6. Thomas was from Ft. Lauderdale I believe. One of the very first players Knight recruited outside of Indiana/Illinios.

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