1. Thanks for the video, guys. I know you were probably editing pretty tight to keep the file size down, but some of the cuts make it hard to see the end of the play (i.e., did the ball go in or not; who’s that with the rebound?; etc.).

  2. IULaw10,

    Yeah, that’s a problem with the editing software (it inserts the transitions, not me). I’ll try to let each clip run a second or two longer, to allow for that.

  3. I’m pretty sure #25 on Red is not Jeremy Hollowell, and looks like it is probably Hanner.

  4. From some of the comments I used to hear/read from Dustin on numerous ScoopTalk and LiveChat sessions, I thought Perea was the next Dr. J. It only took watching the above video for 30 seconds to realize he’s a long, long way from Division 1 college basketball. Raw…very raw. You can be athletic, but I’m not sure that translates into being an Olympic pole vaulter…nor does it necessarily equate into being anywhere near the skill level to be a Big 10 college basketball player. Seems to be a lot of preaching about basketball potential that just isn’t there in these A-Hope recruits..Sure makes me wonder what is going on.

  5. Yeah, perhaps I needed to tone it down and the rawness was more than I realized. But I mean, the dude is kind of freakish. Seriously, how many people have you seen that can do what he does? What is going on with A-HOPE kids is they’re dealing with players who have very limited basketball experience. If Perea had been involved in the game as long as Zeller, I have a feeling he’d be a little further along.

  6. Dustin-

    I may be the guy getting the pie in the face when this is all said and done. I was probably too harsh on Perea.. He showed me a little more in his timing/leaps to the boards and shot-blocking ability…And he did have a pretty impressive spin move in the early portion of your video. He needs to work on gripping the ball. This isn’t necessarily a strength issue…His thoughts are ahead of his hands and he’s making his decisions on a move before he really has control the ball. Just plain overanxiousness..He needs to settle himself down. He’s two years away..He’ll likely prove me wrong and you’ll show you had the more perceptive eye.

    On a more positive note: Zeller has remarkable composure and fluid movement for such a tall frame. The more I see clips of him in action, the more I think he is going to be a nightmare to contain for the opposition. Looking forward to seeing what Remy brings this weekend.

  7. Dr. j–I’d rather have a player with wild athletic ability to whom I can teach basketball skills, than a player who lacks athletic ability and even if he has basketball skills, will struggle to use them against top competition. With Perea, the IU coaches have to feel like if they can teach him basketball, he has a very high ceiling. Having Indiana kids like Zeller around, ones who started shooting baskets on their Nerf mini-goal when they were about 2, will certainly help.

    Agreed on Cody Zeller, and on Dustin’s point on the benefit to Perea of playing as long as Cody has played. And again, being around players like that will, I believe, result in quantum leaps in Perea’s development.

  8. I mostly agree with you, Eric. Certain players may not have the complete package of raw athletic skills, but can do things exceptionally well within the realm of their talent. Not every kid on a roster needs the gifts that translate into playing every position on the floor. I think speed is the most essential element to build upon.

    Lastly, it’s the timetable(as Dustin alluded)for Perea that may be just too unreasonable for the short window of opportunity a preparedness for college hoops. Hanner is certainly not anything resembling a project like Tijan…Perea is a “some assembly required” work. Can he get it together in a couple years? Are those the type of chances you can afford to take frequently when trying to rebuild a program from ashes? Without Zeller’s commitment, the evaluation of such decisions may have faced much closer scrutiny.

  9. If a prospect has poor or slow foot movement, forget him in the Big Ten. Hanner, if he’s like every Colombian kid, grew up playing soccer with equally nimble kids and will have and well developed small muscle movement, particularly foot wise, his balance will will be superior and he keeps his butt low, lowering his center of gravity and giving him an advantage posting, pivoting around defenders and jumping straight up.

    The greatest challenge for development will be in the area of handling the ball and eye-hand coordination. Dr. J gave a solid analysis of what he can do ‘naturally’ and what will have to be drilled into him since it will not be a long-time previously acquired skill.

    Question: Why is he referred to as a ‘freak’?

  10. I think Dustin was referring to his ‘freakishly’ advanced physical development compared to most prospects his age. Given the maturity and size in his body, coupled with his raw athletic potential, their is a huge upside if his basketball skills can catch up to his physical attributes/gifts. Maybe George McGinnis(though possessing way more basketball skills as a freshman coming to IU)was the last Hoosier to have such an imposing gladiator-like presence on a b-ball court. Eric Gordon was in the same category minus the few extra inches in height…He had crazy(freaky?) explosiveness and strength for such a young man. Some old NBA highlights if you’re into hoops nostalgia.

  11. Oh boy. Tsao enlightening us on what “every Colombian kid” is like. Actually, baseball is quite popular in Colombia as well.

    Is Colombian a “junk nationalism”, by the way, or are they allowed to be patriotic?

  12. why is AE going to IU, there are numerous kids from the state going to smaller schools than IU who are much better players than AE is. I’ve said this for a long time…he will not play at IU.

  13. I guess I should ask Hugh and Dustin… what is your real personal take on Etherington’s game and if there is a spot for him on the floor at IU, in my opinion he’ll be behind so many guys that even getting a chance, regardless of his ‘skill’ level, would’ve been a long shot….

  14. Nearly the same criticisms were bleated about VO and Sheehey before they arrived. I would think you would want to ponder how those opinions worked out.

  15. Oladipo and Sheehey both played on two of the best HS teams in the country, their athleticism blows AE’s out of the water. Etherington didn’t win a game in sectional this year. Have you seen AE play? I have, thus the concern. Also please tell me who he will play in front of next year? Or the year after that when all the big recruits arrive…

  16. AE was 1/11th of the Hamilton Heights team that did not win their sectional game. He scored 27 that game so it is not all on him. As a Senior he averaged around 20 ppg. He also lost over 3/8ths of his 4 year HS career to injury and still tallied over 1000 points. He shoots from the wing and 3 point land proficiently and can take you off the dribble. He plays D and is above average on the boards. Even though his floor game is seldom above the rim he will play versatile positions in a multiple player rotation that Coach Crean favors. He fits well with the rest of the parts.

  17. you are describing well over 40-50 seniors in HS in Indiana. And many/most of them led their teams to much further than a first round loss to a sub .500 team in a sectional opener. I went to school with 3 kids who averaged over 20 ppg and scored over 1,000 and none of them went to IU, is he above average? Sure, because he is tall and athletic and he played against 16 year olds. Is he a big10 player and an IU Hoosier, nope. Again who exactly will he play in front of, name names: Is he going to play ahead of Sheehey, Creek, Oladipo, Remy, Jones? Ahead of Harris, Patterson, Hollowell? There were 436 pts total scored in the no defense exhibition games played for the Indiana Allstars; AE scored 10 pts total in those 2 games…are you kidding me? He is a role player for his summer squad, what will he be at IU, a cheerleader? Doubtful…his attitude is worse than his game, and thus my reason for being so hard on him. I am not a fan of his.

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