Other news and notes from Huber Farms

My story in today’s paper mostly focused on Tom Crean’s response to the A-HOPE story and his discussion of the hiring of Drew Adams. But other issues were discussed at the Tailgate Tour at Huber Farms. For instance:

  • Crean said sophomore forward Derek Elston is recovering well from offseason surgery to his abdomen, but isn’t back on the court yet. “I don’t think he’s been cleared to get back on the court and do a normal workout,” Crean said. “But his spirits are good, and I’m sure he’s gonna be conscious of trying to get his weight back up and just follow the rehabilitation procedure that Tim Garl puts out for him.
  • Crean said he’s unaware of any further injuries. He also said he doesn’t have any new scheduling news. “We’re still working on those things right now. You take all of those things on a case-by-case basis.”
  • Crean was asked about the Big Ten’s discussion of expanding scholarships to include the cost of attendance. He didn’t have much of a comment. “I’m not well-versed in that enough to have a real opinion on it,” he said. “I’m really not. If I start talking about it now, then I’m just pontificating on something that I really don’t know a lot about and at the end of the day am not going to have any say in anyways. I don’t have a feel one way or the other other than to say I’m for anything that supports student athletes.”
  • Crean said he does support the addition of the restrictive arc in the paint that will keep players from standing underneath the basket to draw charges. “I really do like that,” he said. “I think anything that takes a judgment call out of it is really important. When you can make it a cut-and-dried issue as much as possible. I think it’s going to put more pressure on help-side defense. I think it’s going to put more pressure on short space movement and getting in position. I think that’s good, and I think it’s going to be even better for players. If you can’t get there and you can’t rotate, it’s gonna be harder for you to be on the court, and those things are important. To me, it’s a tough, tough judgment call for somebody to make the decision without that line there. So I like it.”
  • Crean praised all three of his recruits for the 2011 class in his speech. His thoughts on Remy Abell, a guard from Louisville’s Eastern High School, stood out. “Right now, off the street, he’s the best guard we have at getting all the way to the rim,” Crean said.
  • Though he tends to have a singular focused and Fred Glass praised him for that, football coach Kevin Wilson said he’s enjoying his first speaking tour as a head coach. “It’s part of the deal,” he said. “I’ve been very fortunate at Oklahoma. We had phenomenal media coverage and fan deal. We had the opportunity to do this as assistant coaches. Shoot, one year, I  even had a weekly radio show. I’ve been blessed with that, so it’s part of the deal.” Still Glass said he doesn’t come off as too much of a natural. “He is who he is. He’s not a back-slapper, glad-hander, smooth-talkin’, you know, he can sell you some car insurance. He’s not the guy you can chalk up to working the crowd, but because he’s so authentic, people are impressed with that. He’s a little raw. He’s pretty straight-forward and tough-minded and speaks his mind, but that’s what we want in a head football coach.
  • Wilson was asked about the Ohio State situation. He didn’t want to comment about the specifics, but said it does prove again that coaches have to be vigilant. “I know for example at Oklahoma, we had a guy a couple of years ago named Rhett Bomar who was the top quarterback in the nation,” Wilson said. “… He didn’t mean to, but stumbled into a deal where he was getting paid. The day we found out, coach (Bob) Stoops didn’t blink and dropped him from the team. It was non-negotiable. There was no debate. End of story, he was done. I think with that we ended up losing three scholarships and it was a public deal and it didn’t look good, but I know coach handled it like, ‘Hey, we’re not gonna be about those things.’ Kids can make mistakes. There’s a lot of issues, a lot of deals. Whether you’re doing things right or wrong, you try to be honest and straight forward.”


  1. Abell is already better getting to the rim than Oladipo?

    Holy cow.

    With Zeller at the top of the key with the lanes open, we should be driving like crazy….and getting the other big men in foul trouble.

  2. Maybe I should have said Coach Wilson is a little RAW…that would not have had any panties in a bunch along with everything else in the paragraph above, right??? haha!

  3. Rhett Bomar “didn’t mean to” get paid for a job he didn’t show up for? That’s kind of funny.

  4. Gents, If you want to hear a fan focused, rousing oratory, find Coach Crean’s talk he made at Huber and listen to it all but especially the last 2-3 minutes. The best I’ve ever heard him. It was magnificent( a word I do not throw around lightly), near unbelievable. JPat and Mike P. you will both be impressed.

  5. Hey Laffy, Oladipo does not have the handle to get all the way to the rim from the top of the key. Either way, I still like the commit.

  6. Please read the following excerpt from a blogger posting on Scoop a few days ago:

    Listen I am an IU fan living in Maine. I read these blogs, the responses, get alerts and dig around for any IU basketball news I can get. Your little rant was very well written and articulated, but extremely paranoid. No one outside of Indiana and a couple border states could give a rats ass right now about keeping us down… LEAST OF ALL ESPN.

    Next, watch the last two minutes of Tom Creans speech at Huber Farms-Part 2(courtesy the nice man named Philippe).

    If any blogger is going to label my rants as paranoid, please extend the same compliment to our “magnificent” and inspirational head coach. I agree with him 100%. The liberal establishment that runs nearly every means/channel national sporting news is fed to the public, the same establishment that sends most their spoiled brat kids to elite schools in the East(UConn, Maryland, Georgetown, Duke, NC, Syracuse, the Ivy League schools, Boston, etc, etc, etc) love to see Indiana down. It won’t be that way for long, my friends(e.g. Mark Fish). A change in the winds are coming.

  7. You let me know when you find a liberal network other than Comedy Central and evenings on MSNBC. The networks are all run by big (conservative) corporations like GE, Viacom and Clear Channel. That is a fact. The “liberal media” myth was dispelled many years ago.

  8. Living here in the east and having just gone through the admissions process with 2 kids I can say for certain that any list of elite schools in these parts does not include Maryland, UConn or Syracuse. UNC is elite to non-residents partially because of their heavy preference to in-staters. UVA is elite. William and Mary too, as well as the Ivy’s and Patriot League schools, etc.

    As far as IU is concerned, I believe that Crean is talking about the local competition (O$U and PUke who need to keep us down so they can recruit more easily), not some media conspiracy.

  9. And you’re so naive to think liberal points of view can’t live within corporations putting on a conservative front(or vice versa)? Corporations have been notoriously careful in how image is packaged. Major news outlets would never get sponsors if they adhered to the personal biases and viewpoints of upper executives, program directors, legal staff, writers, broadcasters, etc.. I consider IU to be a well-rounded and diverse liberal institution though Crean’s personal stamp on the basketball program is looking more like the Christian Coalition. Does that mean Tom Crean is not a man of liberal principles? Can a man have liberal principles and still be of strong faith? Why not? Will Crean give spiel the same personal religious ideals he shares on his Twitter page with a journalist conducting a one-on-one interview in a nationally televised program for ESPN? What organizations sell as public image has little to do with what brings a story to life and intent behind the decisions in what makes headlines and what is buried. Looking at some of the comments I read from Hugh and Dustin, it appeared they believe the Mark Fish story to be already dead and ultimately prove to be harmless. Will we ever know if their original motivations in plopping it on this website were as harmless? It’s too simplistic to label an organization’s choice for public image in the black and white of liberal vs. conservative. Most the garbage fed to us on national networks and the dominant news/sports outlets is watered down. Even ‘hard-hitting’ commentary is packaged as to never take a true stance in fear some big dollar sponsor will take offense or think their toes were somehow stepped on. The ESPN piece by Fish didn’t have enough nuts and bolts to assemble monkey bars on a playground. We all know what Crean is suggesting in the last minute of the speech he gave at Huber Farms. Malicious content is rarely found within malicious intent the planting of seeds and suggestion. Every possible story on a news desk is a loaded gun. Most our loaded with blanks and duds..The news organization, and to some extent the powers an influencing journalist/author, still has the choice which trigger to pull in making the big bang heard across the airways and internet. It’s not the bullet that kills the target, but the bang.

    I’m proud that Indiana is a liberal institution founded in principles the deep exploration of truth and equality. Though I paint the intent of those with squeamish motives as “liberal” to write a slanderous story with no backbone, it is likely they are far more close-minded and backward the average Indiana University student/fan/professor/administrator/basketball coach..

  10. Listen to the last minute of Crean’s speech again..I believe he says “what you read“..Something came out of OSU and PUke in print? Is that what Crean is referring to? I don’t think so. His fiery words have nothing to do with competition our foes on a basketball floor. I thought it was extremely obvious he was alluding to the recent garbage directed at his program from the halls of ESPN. He was fired up, but he was also angry. Couldn’t you feel the anger..It gave the speech power and true emotion..It was Crean in more authentic state than I’ve ever witnessed him..He hinted of conspiratorial intent and targeting by those that want to keep Indiana down. I think it was a strong reference to malicious and irresponsible journalism. A lot to consume in those last 30 seconds. Whether you want to label it as paranoia is your choice in interpretation. I think Tom Crean truly believes there are people with powers the pen and powers the fuel to start investigative processes that want IU to fail in their return to basketball prominence. He is adamant in communicating we the Hoosiers will succeed in reclaiming an elite status carelessly stripped from her and shall return to glory despite the unethical motives and wishes those that want to paint an intrinsic ugliness upon our program that is untrue and unfair.

  11. Crean’s been talking about IU’s rise not serving others well for a long time now. It predates this Fish article.

  12. Ladeedadeda..ladeedadeeda….blah..blah..blah…ladeedadeeda..Whatever Whatever you say, GFDave. Tom Crean is all riled up over Purdue Boilermakers…Sure thing. The entire speech was his rebuttal to the slander thrown at our basketball program. The wounds of losses on the basketball court have ended. The hurt is rapidly fading knowing we have talent coming in then will stop the bleeding the last three years..There’s no reason to be angry any bitter defeats left on the smirk of Thad Motta’s face. You put those aside and move onto the next battle a Tuesday night or Saturday afternoon..Crean’s blood was boiling from something in the now…in the moment. He’s frustrated by the ill-will aimed at his doorstep. He said, “what you read”..from different “places”. Get used to it, Mr. Crean…It’s “Because it’s Indiana” and most those dimwits at ESPN hate to think of the clean b-ball whippings our boys will soon put on their cheating alma mater…Leave Jim Calhoun and John Calipari alone while you take potshots at a school that screwed up once in 30 years….Because it’s Indiana. Nothing more fun than painting a white horse black. Yes, the story is dead now, but don’t be surprised the doorbell rings in six months and it’s Ms. NCAA coming to tell us we’re unfit parents the A-Hope children we so corruptibly connived into our household. I mean who really cares about guys getting automobiles and thousands of dollars in gifts and cash to attend a particular school? Let’s build bonfires out of toothpicks and have another witch hunt.

    “Read” = Fish
    “Places” = ESPN(and maybe some Bloomington outlets defending the same garbage a platform).

  13. Why is alot of fans so concerned about who will start next year? Also Zeller is 2 years away and is going to play like a freshman. IU record will still be looking for 15 wins and maybe a look at the NIT…but I doubt it.

  14. I think you underestimate the impact Zeller will have. This is not just another 7-footer that stands in place. We are NCAA tournament-bound and living as catfish on bottom of standings is over.

  15. Chester, Viacom, GE and Clear Channel are conservative? If that is the case why do I not own their stock? Only one reason keeps me from it.

  16. You cannot get any more conservative. Particularly GE, the world’s second largest defense contractor last time I checked, depending upon your criteria.

  17. ‘Johnny-come-lately’ puberty? …body fat? …his first swig of beer? …another 4″ taller? …owning a custom-made, 92″ long, California king-sized, pillow top mattress for the bedroom of a oceanfront house Wilt Chamberlain used to live in?

  18. Is it possible to change JPat’s get-together location and meet at Soma coffee shop instead of Nick’s?

  19. First of all…Why would anyone want to meet anywhere except Nick’s? Secondly, Zeller is good but a Freshman and skinny. This is the BIG TEN. He’s going to get pounded and for 30+ games rather than 20+. He’ll be fine but he’s not next year’s savior (of course if I’m wrong…I’ll be very Happy).

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