Recruit profile: Mitch McGary

HEIGHT: 6-foot-10

WEIGHT: 250 pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, N.H.)

AAU: SYF Players

YEAR: 2012

RANKINGS: No. 4 (, No. 5 (, No. 13 (, No. 15 (

STATUS: Top big man target in the class of 2012. Also considering Kansas, Connecticut, Duke, Arizona, Texas, UCLA and Florida.


  • Has a Josh McRoberts-like game, as a very smooth and athletic big man that is also blessed with a large frame.
  • Hunts down blocked shot opportunities.
  • When he rebounds he can also start the break.


  • Loses focus on the court, a result of attention-deficit disorder.

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  1. loses attention as a result of A.D.D? Really? get the kid some adderall

  2. I saw a lot of defensive lapses this season, do all of our guys have A.D.D.?

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