Report: Calbert Cheaney to join Indiana coaching staff

Calbert Cheaney is set to join Indiana’s coaching staff for next season, according to Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Cheaney would presumably be taking over the director of operations position left open when Drew Adams went to New Mexico.

Bozich contacted Tom Crean for comment.

“I’m not ready to make any official announcement yet but you can say that I’m extremely excited about the future of our basketball staff,” Crean said.

Cheaney has worked as a special assistant coach the last two seasons for Golden State. He’s been around the program frequently over the past few seasons.

If true, Cheaney would be the first member of the Indiana family hired by Crean.

Cheaney was the consensus national player of the year in 1993, a three-time All-American and the Big Ten’s all-time scoring leader at 2,613 points. He was also on Indiana’s All-Century first team.

UPDATE, 4:07 p.m.: Dustin Dopirak here. Just got off the phone with Calbert Cheaney. He didn’t want to go into too much detail, but he confirmed that there is a possibility he could join the Indiana coaching staff.

“I wish I could tell you right now,” Cheaney said. “There is some truth to it, but we’re not quite there yet.”


  1. This is great news! Cal is my favorite IU player, and I have been waiting for him to coach at IU since Crean came here. I guess one good thing came out of Keith Smart’s firing out at Golden State.

  2. Great hire CC is my all time fav IU player. He had one of the all time smoothest strokes from outside I ever saw and under rated as an athlete. He might be able to really help some of the wings esp. CW.

  3. Yes!!!!!! Short of signing a six-pack of 5-stars or adding a 6th banner, I could hardly be happier. I was at IU in ’93 when arguably Knight’s 2nd best team (after ’76) went 31-4 and Calbert was the national POY. They were just awesome as a unit and my friends and I called Calbert ‘Money’ because if he got the ball, it was money. If only Alan Henderson hadn’t torn his ACL in February–but I digress.

    Perhaps this will be the final piece in the puzzle of reconnecting Coach Knight with IU and the family that so badly wants him to once again be an ally of the program.

    Now I think we should retire #40 with Calbert on the bench at the ceremony!

  4. CCFan, good call on Cheaney coaching up Watford. Watford is just a slight bigger version of Cheaney as far as style of play. This might be what CW needs to make a quantum leap as a player.

  5. I am on vaca and finally logged on to see this…great news! Eric, rumor is Zeller is taking #40 so let’s wait 4 years…

  6. JPat, if it will lead to Cody having anywhere near the Hoosier career as that ‘other’ #40 had, I’m all for waiting however long is necessary!

    I thought I’d get some debate by calling the ’93 team Knight’s second-best after ’76. You can’t much argue with 32-0. The ’93 team was just tremendous. Greg Graham won Big Ten defensive player of the year, so they had the best offensive and best defensive player. Damon Bailey was highly-underrated as a PG feeding those guys the ball. Henderson and Nover were rugged inside. Pat Graham was a sharpshooter. Chris Reynolds pressured the ball on D rarely turned it over on O.I could go on and on.

  7. Nice…this should definitely help with recruiting and the programs visibility. Great get CC!

  8. Fine decision by Coach Crean. Calbert deciding on a college coaching career was destined for IU or Clemson.

  9. Wow! That would be great! As to ranking great IU teams, it is hard to not rank the 1975 team as #2 all-time, 1976 PLUS Greeno and Laz!

  10. Five Questions:

    1. Does this mean Bob Knight will now mention IU during ESPN telecasts?

    2. Can’t see Calbert working as a glorified camera operator. Is McClain on the IU bench this fall?

    3. Will we finish 3rd or above in the Big 10 standings next season? ?

    4. Is Hoosier Scoop considering a “Where is Jamarcus Ellis” story?

    5. How did the NBA camp go for Guy-Marc Michel?

  11. Eric, Just wanted to throw this out…. I believe when coach Knight talks about his best teams {Maybe not most talented} he groups his 1975 team as his favorite and would have been undefeated if Scott May did not break his arm right before the NCAA tourney. That team was 31-1 and I believe Steve Green was a stronger player than Tom Abernathy the following year. But it is hard to argue with 32-0 in 1976. Nobody has done that in the last
    35 years. It was a sad day when May got hurt and he gave a great effort trying to play with a soft cast, if not for that and Allan Henderson’s injury in 1993 IU would have 2 more banners!

  12. Southport and BeatPurdue, you are correct. I’m just barely old enough to remember ’75 and ’76. The biggest thing I remember is people being overwhelmingly happy and my Dad yelling at the TV frequently, in a happy way. But I have heard that ’75 was at least as good as ’76. So maybe I could put the ’93 team at #3. I’d say ’92 and some early ’80s Thomas/Wittman/Kitchel era teams would round out a top 5 among Knight teams. The ’87 team would obviously have to be a candidate, but it won more on Knight’s navigating the tournament than anything else, IMHO.

  13. eric; in my opinion, the 75 team was better than the 76 team (I saw almost every game, either live or on TV during those two years). But IU’s best scorer (Scott May) broke his arm late in the season and IU lost a real close one KY in the NCAA tournament. If May avoids the injury, IU likely goes on to be back-to-back undefeated National Champions. But who knows, if they won in 75, maybe they would not have been so motivated or mentally tough in 76.

    CC was a great player. Great news that he may be returning to IU. Crean’s smart to hire him.

  14. ’75 was arguably better than ’76 team. Starters were May, Buckner, Benson, Wilkerson, Green. With John Laskowski as the “super sub” off the bench. When May broke his arm, Steve Green once again emerged as a high scorer. I think Knight regrets the game plan they had against Kentucky going into the Regional of ’75. I recall they started Laz for his scoring but might have done better using Abernathy’s defense instead. Either way, losing to KU 91-90 without their best scorer was quite a feat but very disappointing. Benson got 23 rebs & 33 pts!! But KU sent their bigs after IU. Of their 3 guys 6’10 or taller, 2 fouled out and the 3rd ended the game with 4 PFs. Then KU laid down against UCLA and John Wooden’s final game for the championship.

  15. That game put Jeffersonville’s Mike Flynn, the KY point point guard and former Indiana Mr. Basketball, on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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