And we have a new guy

I think I’m safe in announcing this now that he’s been here for a day. The Bloomington Herald-Times has hired Ryan Kartje, a recent University of Michigan graduate who was an intern at USA Today this summer, to step into the role vacated by Hugh Kellenberger. That means he will be the beat writer for high school football and the Indiana basketball columnist and will hold other duties similar to those that Kellenberger held.

Candidly, we did not expect to hire a recent college graduate for this position. We had a large pool of applicants, including several with more experience. Honestly, there were probably 15-20 who could have handled the job. But if you’re going to hire a columnist, he better be able to write.

I think this story on Denard Robinson, which was named sports story of the year in the college division of the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence awards, proves beyond a doubt that he can do that.

At some point soon, Ryan will introduce himself on this blog. I hope you all welcome him the same way you did me and all the rest of us on the Scoop.


  1. Even though you didn’t hire me.. No hard feelings…
    Good luck.. I hope that you write with HOOSIER PASSION

  2. Welcome. Years ago my roommate and I headed to Ann Arbor in the freezing cold with nothing but two tickets and no plans. It was only the kindness of a bunch of fun loving Michigan fans that kept us from freezing to death. I’ve always felt warmly toward blue fans since that time.

  3. Higher pay comes with greater experience, so hire a recent graduate and save cash. Regardless of the business side of things, he’s got big shoes to fill… Have you seen Kellenberger’s feet? But, it looks like he can do an admirable job. Great gig out of college. Good luck to him.

  4. With this clever hire Dustin has moved his own name to second most difficult to pronounce.

    KART-ee? KART-yuh? Kar-TEE-Ay?

    In any case, well played, sir!

  5. I’ll give him a fair chance even though he is a Michigan man. My experience with their fans has been the opposite of Chet’s. Plus I’m still dismayed that Hugh convinced himself that a move to Mississippi was an improvement over Bloomington. That’s an insult. But that’s not Ryan’s fault, so welcome aboard, Ryan!

  6. Now that he’s been down there a few weeks I’m betting Hugh is already updating his resume’.

  7. Dustin, the link doesn’t work in Chrome or Safari, but it works in IE. The DailyMichigan site fails in both the aforementioned browsers. It appears to be only MS friendly.

  8. It worked this time. Thanks.

    Good stuff.

    Looking forward to reading his article on IU winning the Big Ten……..

  9. Welcome to the camp fire. When you get your butt burned you will know why I called it that. 🙂

  10. Get that new guy a new background for his Twitter page! Although we’ve beaten Ohio State as many times as his alma mater has since he matriculated to AA!

  11. “Candidly, we did not expect to hire a recent college graduate for this position.” Does this mean that nobody with any writing talent or experience wanted to work for this “award winning” newspaper?

  12. This man better learn to bleed Red in a hurry or this crowd will eat him up!!!! Ask any MS fan about UM??? Good Luck Ryan. Jury is out!! Go IU.

  13. As an avid, lifetime reader of the Herald-Times, I am a little concerned that someone who seems to be new to Indiana Basketball will be writing columns about the team. I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Kartje is a superb writer (as the linked story proves). However, I am skeptical as to whether he understands the history and culture surrounding IU basketball enough to truly write about them from a columnist’s standpoint. If Mr. Kartje is a recent graduate of Michigan (a fine school, by the way) then it is unfortunate that he probably wasn’t able to see IU as the powerhouse it once was and still may become again. My concern is that IF he does not have the previous knowledge of what the culture of IU Basketball was like during the glory days (Mid 70s- Early 90s), will he be able to accurately assess the the struggles and triumphs that will exist within IU Basketball in the future within the proper context? This is just my opinion….

    Again, let me stress that Mr. Kartje looks to be a fine journalist. It’s just that growing up reading Bob Hammell and Stan Sutton has spoiled me in a way where I expect the writer to have the inside scoop on everything that has to do with IU Basketball. Those two writers have made me look forward to reading the Herald-Times during basketball season.

    That being said, welcome to Bloomington, Mr. Kartje! I look forward to reading your columns very soon!

  14. BTW, the “glory days” of IU started WAAAY before the ’70s. We already had 2 NCAA Championships under our belt by then. RMK only won 1 more championship than McCracken.

  15. So much for Indiana University’s School of Journalism!

    The new guy benefited from having some great athletes and relatively successful Michigan teams to write about. Even the best artists need a decent canvas.

    Looks like Ryan’s timing continues to be good. He’s arrived in Bloomington at a time when IU is bringing in some great BB players and its football team is poised to have some success.

    Ryan if you thought Michigan was passionate about its football team, you have not seen anything like the passion about Hoosier BB when they are competitive. Expounding on Tom’s post above, not only should you start bleeding Hoosier Red in a hurry, but you better know your basketball. We Hoosiers know basketball!

  16. No one is as rabid as Minnesotans and their hockey, but agreed that Hoosiers know/are absolutely passionate about their basketball. Proud to be a Hoosier fan and looking forward to their rise once again.

    On topic, welcome Ryan.

  17. Welcome to Hoosierland Ryan!

    Glad to have a guy who no doubt feels the same way about OSU that I do. LOL!!

  18. JPat- welcome to Scoop Censorland. As you can see, complete imbeciles like Big Bob are allowed to roam freely, while more innocent commenters are frequently cordoned off in isolated pastures and force-fed the company grass.

    Moose- I think it is fine, and almost refreshing, to have someone with no connection to IU’s past writing about the team. I think that will make the guy more able to achieve the critical distance necessary to assess the present. “Awareness of the past” has usually resulted in skewed expectations for our current program, such as expecting Crean’s first few teams to be in the national championship picture, despite injuries.

  19. Big Bob,
    Just read the link.
    This should not at all be seen as a shot at any IU kids past or present. There is a lot of talent coming out of there.
    You certainly have a fair point, and historical perspective can obviously be a virtue. But it’s a virtue that neither Ryan nor I have. You do the best you can in those cases. Read up on the history, pay attention to every detail of the present, weave it together as well as you’re capable. You can’t always get jobs covering teams you know, so you go somewhere else and adjust. Korman did that. Hugh did that. I did that. Ryan will do the same and do well.

  20. “No one is as rabid as Minnesotans and their hockey”

    Hence all the movies and cultural references to Minnesota hockey.

  21. Just what we need, Penn State and Michigan graduates writing about Indiana athletics.

    I am very confident that no bias will be shown by this new guy (snark).

  22. Dustin; I just could not resist. A long time ago, when I was young and naive, I was a journalism student at IU. Then I realized I needed to make a living after college and switched my major to business.

    Just ribbing you a little, no disrespect intended.

  23. Podunker,
    Understood man. And good call on the career change. Just wanted to make sure we weren’t giving off the impression that we don’t consider IU grads or that I don’t think they do a good job over there. Probably just a little jumpy lately. Thanks man.

  24. Agree to disagree Chet. The Minnesota high school hockey tournament is the most watched and attended high school tournament in the entire country, outpacing the Texas football and Indiana basketball tourneys. Minnesotans may not have a movie made specifically about one of their teams, (I will say Hoosiers is one of my favorite sports movies), but I hardly find that to be the deciding criterion. The book “Blades of Glory” will have to suffice as the closest thing to “Hoosiers” in terms of a real team being written about, although “Mighty Ducks” was about a Minnesota hockey team. “The State of Hockey” has more players in the college and NHL ranks than any other state in the country. I could go on and on, but this “argument” will not be won by either side. Again, agree to disagree.

  25. Well at least we didn’t hire a PU graduate, heavens forbid. Maybe some day we can have someone with some Indiana U. background.

  26. I suppose they are every bit as passionate. Since hockey interest is more regional than basketball I guess I’ve shown my own bias.

  27. Regarding Ryan. I moved to Denver a few months before they got Elway from the Colts (he was not drafted by Denver) for Chris Hinton. Denver was Bronco-mad before Elway and will continue to be, perhaps more than any city-sport combination I have ever seen. I became a HUGE Broncos fan. It has faded with time. Perhaps Ryan will have a similar epiphany.

    Side story. I worked at a hospital in Denver. I listened to the first half of a Broncos game on the radio before hurrying home to see the 2nd half on TV. The half ended on a Rich Carliss 50 yard field goal.
    As I was clocking out, two older women from housekeeping were excitedly chattering away in Vietnamese, when one of them clearly blurted out, “Fifty yard field goal!”
    Such is Denver.

  28. I am very happy/grateful my dad is from Indiana and brought his love of IU basketball up to Minnesota when he moved there 35 years ago. Hoosier basketball is just so much easier to love and embrace than Golden Gopher basketball. 🙂
    As I said before, I am very looking forward to watching the Hoosiers rise again to their rightful place among the top powers in college basketball, as I’m sure all of you are as well.

  29. psych,

    Pretty impressive attendance numbers, in a very large tournament. Still, their highest single game attendance was under 20K people. I was one of the 40K+ at the Hoosier Dome in 1990 to watch BNL and Damon Bailey win the state crown.

    Now, Welcome Ryan, you seem to have a good talent for your chosen career. I look forward to your future articles, but know some of us locals get a little feisty about our homegrown boys. Good Luck, look forward to meeting you in the near future, I still owe Dustin a night of Sink the Biz at Nick’s!

  30. The kid must be a good writer, for a second there I liked a Michigan football player. I’m over it now.

  31. Mike P., I believe the NCAA finals were at McNichols Arena in Denver that year. McNichols holds about 17,000, I think. The IHSAA finals had more than 2X the NCAA finals.

  32. Chet,

    I think you’re right. I’ve always said you’ll never find a larger attendance for a single high school game than the 1990 IHSAA Basketball State Championship game.

  33. I will accept Ryan if he is willing to do the following:
    1.Publicly state that the officials screwed Indiana in the Big House two seasons ago.
    2In his first appearance in a Hoosier Scoop video he must sing Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up”.

  34. That BNL Championship game is not only significant for its never before heard of attendance but it also was one of the best darn BB games I have ever seen performed at any level. The only other HS game that I can mention in the same breath was the Plymouth Championship led by Scott Skiles.

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