Baseball/Softball Complex expected to cost $19.8 million

Indiana’s proposed baseball/softball complex is expected to cost $19.8 million and would be built on the originally proposed site near the 45/46 bypass, according to the Board of Trustees agenda.

The site was originally approved in 2006 as part of a $55 million athletics facilities project that also included the North End Zone facility in Memorial Stadium and Cook Hall. Those two projects took up all of the funding, however, and IU has been taking donations to build up the baseball/softball complex. When athletic director Fred Glass’s tenure began, he reassessed the project and learned that the initially approved project would cost approximately $24 million. He decided at that point to scale the project back, hoping to pay between $10 to $13 million and to build it on the current baseball/softball site at Sembower Field.

The $19.8 million figure and the move back to the proposed site apparently indicates that IU was more successful at fund-raising than expected. The agenda reiterates that the complex will be paid for through private fund raising and athletic department funds. Construction will begin in Spring 2012 and conclude in Spring 2013.

Glass will present the project to the Board of Trustees on Thursday in Indianapolis. IU is seeking approval from the board and state for the project.


  1. Will the the new baseball/softball stadiums still the look the same as what is posted in the renderings gallery on the IU website?

  2. I’m guessing no, because the project has obviously changed, but we haven’t seen renderings yet. Mike Leonard, our IU reporter on the news side, is putting in a request for those.

  3. About time. Get it done Trustees! The baseball stadium is a disgrace. A school like IU should have competitive, if not superior facilities, for every sport.

  4. We are the southern-most campus in the Big Ten, which should give us an advantage in recruiting for baseball. This is one sport where we can do well at – and the conference is not locked down by one or two powers as it is in many other sports. The opportunity is there and I’m glad to see we are trying to take it. Indiana has some strong youth baseball organizations (Little League, Babe Ruth, Legion, etc.) and we can utilize that as a base then fill out the roster with upgraded out of state recruits.

  5. Dustin,
    First of all, your coverage of IU Football has been top notch the past few months. Secondly, I’m really pleasantly surprised by the change of plans with the baseball/softball facilities. It could just be my imagination, but I thought I heard Fred Glass interviewed just the other day saying the the facility would cost between 11-13 million dollars and be at the current Sembower Field location. How could that change in just a day or two? Doesn’t really jive with what FG recently stated.

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