Butler at IU set for Nov. 27

Indiana’s schedule isn’t out yet, but the leaks of other team’s schedules have started to provide some idea what the slate looks like. CBSSports.com’s Jeff Goodman reports that the Butler-Indiana game, which has already been reported as part of an exempt tournament that will be hosted by both schools, will be played on Nov. 27.

Other non-conference dates include Indiana at N.C. State (Nov. 30), Kentucky at Indiana (Dec. 10) and Indiana vs. Notre Dame in Indianapolis on Dec. 17 in the Crossroads Classic.


  1. During a Colts home game? Wow our athletic department administration has hit a new low when it comes to stupidity (they set the times for pre-conference games).

    Why play one of our biggest non-conference games of the year during a Colts game (especially when both teams fan bases have A TON of Colts fans)?

  2. Not all IU fans are Colts fans. Guess Colt fans will need to decide who they are more loyal to.

  3. There is no time reported yet for the IU/Butler game. The Colts play the Panthers on that day at 1:00. I’m sure that our game against Butler will be 4:00 or later. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to get it to be a night game so that the students can get back from Thanksgiving in time to go to the game. I remember when we played SIU at home on a Sunday night not too long ago.

  4. Whoa, people. It’s very simple. Go to Yogi’s, and watch both games at once! What’s more, with all the commercials these days and long halftime breaks, you’ll get plenty of time to watch fragments of each game individually.

    I actually love this decision and wish they would do it more often. Going to game has lost its luster for me. Annoying crowds, no beer at college games, high ticket prices – why not sit in the Great Indoors with $3 dollar pints and watch the game in comfort?

  5. Stay at home and watch one live and dvr the other and watch it after…just turn your damn phone off so your friends don’t mess you up, I hate that!

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