Cody Zeller, Austin Etherington and Remy Abell meet with the media

Cody Zeller met with the media for the first time as an Indiana Hoosier on Wednesday, and he handled it pretty much the exact same way as he did just about every media interaction he had as a superstar high schooler in Washington.

He avoided any grandiose statements or bold proclamations. He acknowledged the significant transition from high school to college basketball and high school to college life without giving the impression that he was even remotely overwhelmed. He avoided setting any bars for himself for the team that he would have to answer for later.

In other words, he was Zeller being Zeller.

He was asked about pressure and about goals. He wasn’t going there.

“I don’t have any numbers in mind,” he said. “I’m just trying to get wins and do whatever I can to help the team win. That’s all I can do.”

He gave a little insight as to where he saw himself position wise, more as a power forward than a center, but he stressed that he hadn’t worked out with coaches yet, so he really didn’t know.

“I just work on each spot, both post moves and stepping out a little bit,” Zeller said. “Just keep on doing what I’m doing. Like I said, the coaches can’t be at any of the workouts right now. I haven’t had a whole lot of instruction yet. … I think the five guy is more of a banger, more of a bigger guy so I think (I’m better defending) probably the four guy, but as I get stronger, hopefully I’ll be able to guard both.”

The only thing he said definitively is that the strength and conditioning program has been important. He said he’s up 10 pounds from when he arrived and is over 225 pounds. He said he hopes to bulk up to 235 by the beginning of the season.

“That’s one of the biggest things I need to work on,” Zeller said. “Two twenty-five is better than what I was at, but I still need to put on more strength. It’s just a work in progress.”

Austin Etherington and Remy Abell also met with the media for the first time and were equally non-controversial. Abell was asked about his role on the team, if he felt he would be better as a point guard or a shooting guard.

“The first position I ever played was point guard,” Abell said. “But as I grew older in middle school and high school, I got moved to the wing. I kind of had point guard abilities, but then I got moved over because I’m a better scorer. I can score the ball, so I would kind of say I like to play the two, can play the point. But either way it goes, wherever they put me at, I’m just gonna be ready to play.”

Etherington and Zeller were asked about their expectations of themselves and what they can do for the future of IU basketball. They weren’t planning on being bold there either.

“It’s definitely not going to be a quick transition,” Etherington said. “It’s not going to be easy. It’s gonna take hard work from all of us. Not just us but the upperclassmen too. I think if we all just keep working hard and doing the best we can, I feel like we’ll be able to turn it around here soon. I think this year we’re gonna start the tradition in bringing Indiana back.”


  1. From what I read here and the transcript on peegs these guys seem very classy and humble. I am so excited for this basketball season and hope my tix are better this year!

  2. I like these guys. They’ve got the common sense not to come in making proclamations about their own greatness. The best proclamations are in practice and on the court. In particular I like hearing Etherington say the upperclassmen are going to have to work hard as well as the freshmen. Not that the returning players haven’t worked hard, I just like Etherington’s willingness to hold the entire team accountable. That’s a leadership quality.

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