Garrett Green taking final visit

LSU transfer and Indiana target Garrett Green said on his Twitter account Wednesday morning that he is visiting Wichita State today. He said it will be his final visit before making a decision on a school. The 6-11 center from the Los Angeles area has visited Indiana, Long Beach State and San Diego State before this visit.


  1. What is important to this kid? Really, san diego state, long beach state…. Do you want to play basketball or do you want to work on your tan??? Wichita state. huh? Who is this kid Richard Mandeville?

  2. I’m thinking the same thing, Bob. If weather and being close to home are most important, then SDSU or LBSU; if he wants basketball culture, a great school, and a beautiful campus – then IU. What in the world is he going to see in Wichita in August?

  3. You can’t criticize a kid for going to school where he wants and especially if it is close to home.

    If contributing to a competitive basketball team in a competitive conference rates high on his list of priorities, IU is in good shape. If he decides his days of playing basketball are about up and it’s not as important as being near home, so be it. Best of luck to Garrett Green either way.

  4. His girlfriend goes to Wichita State. The West coast schools are close to home. This kid is about getting the best degree he can get. It’s not about basketball/facilities so much. I’d put that maybe 3rd on his list.

    Believe me, the best thing for IU in this recruitment is the grad programs they offer.

  5. I won’t critisize the man (he’s no longer a kid, he’s an adult)for where he chooses to attend graduate school, but visiting Wichita State certainly raises questions. No offense, but Wichita is not a good place to live. I’m no expert, but academically, I can’t imagine that WSU offers the quality of an IU education. Now San Diego State has some things to offer. It has a good BB team, a good coach, great weather, a lot of very attractive co-eds, and reasonable academics. It’s not IU, but given that the young man is from So Cal, I could understand that choice. But Wichita State?

  6. SDSU’s sports management masters program is in cooperation with the San Diego Padres. Having an internship with the Padres could be a very attractive career development move if sports management is his true aim and not a choice based upon what LSU didn’t offer.

    SDSU also offers a great basketball environment. They sold out their 12.4K arena consistently last year, and only have a very few season tickets available now. Many announcers described the SDSU basketball games as the best college environment they expericened last year.

  7. As for bball, both SDSU and Wichita State would have kicked IU’s behind last year and probably this year also.
    CTC has shown very little coaching ability at IU.

    Climate wise-SDSU; girlfriend and coachwise-WSU.

    Education wise— maybe IU, maybe not.

  8. if your favorite team’s hopes and prayers are riding on where a transferring senior graduate student(green) who played 18mins per game for a team(lsu) that went 1-14 in their last 15 games decides to play you might not be looking ahead to a great season; IU has a lot more concerns for this coming year other than when/where Garrett Green decides to choose to play basketball…….IU was 3-20 last year against legit opponents, they added one respectable D1 player(Zeller), Garrett Green will not be the piece that puts IU over the top next year…sorry Charlie.

  9. Moving on; some good points and I agree with some of them. Green’s not going to be the star on any team he decides to play for, but he could certainly help IU. Any player that is 6’11” with four years of experience in the SEC would help IU in the post.

    I don’t think anyone’s getting too excited regardless of where Green decides to go. It’s just that WSU seems like a strange option. But then again, if romance is involved…..

  10. Get Real has a good point. It’s obvious to even the casual observer that a Coach K, Bill Self, Roy Williams….hell, even Bruce Weber…could have taken IU to the Final Four last year. CTC blew an amazing opportunity to go the distance.

  11. What the heck are you talking about? I am a big IU fan, but none of those coaches could have gotten us to the final four. There just wasn’t anything near final four talent. NIT or bubble team a good possibility this year.

  12. Someone posted on here the girlfriend goes to Wichita State. Is that true because if you look at the tweets between Green and her it sure looks like she’s at LSU.

  13. Given Get Real’s second sentence Chet is also being sarcastic or he’s not feeling well.

  14. What excuses will you people make for Crean after this year? He’s the worst coach in the Big 10 and getting Marshall from WSU would be a huge upgrade in coaching. Crean obviously is a great recruiter– although the Perea recruitment may bite IU after all is done.

  15. Sarcasm? Moi? GR is a troll. I don’t mean someone who posts just to induce harm, I mean a small man with an huge nose with warts that lives under a bridge and has problems with goats.

  16. Get Real reminds me of someone who has received multiple rejections from Comedy Central and garners the same results on here.

  17. How many other BCS schools are saying” we wish Crean was our coach ” ? I think yhe answer is none. You guys can’t handle the facts and the truth.

  18. With the surgical precision of two trained assassins,the tag team rises again to squash any sign of dissent.Well done Comrades.

  19. Who cares about basketball right now. Seriously. The NBA sucks, and is not going to happen next year. We all love the college game, but we won’t start seeing real games against real competition until late November.

    We are a football school right now, plain and simple. Basketball should occupy the most distant and remote part of our sports minds.

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