Garrett Green watch: We’ve got nothing

Garrett Green isn’t taking calls and his voicemail box is full. His high school coach Derrick Taylor apparently broke his phone.

So unsurprisingly, no one has any idea how or when Green is going to announce his decision, if it’s actually going to happen today or if it’s going down later this weekend. And we really do mean no one.

The 6-foot-11, 230-pounder graduated from Louisiana State today and can transfer without penalty to a school if his graduate program of choice is not offered at LSU. He has visited Indiana, Long Beach State, San Diego State and Wichita State.


  1. I’ve read some unconfirmed reports saying that he has picked SDSU. Hope this isn’t true, but I never had a good felling about him picking IU anyways. Long way from home, very cold winters, and an average to not so good chance at making the NCAAA tournament this year. Add all of that up and it doesn’t equal IU, but you never know!!!!!!

  2. I sure hope he’s not taking phone calls – the people that probably want to get at him at the moment are totally useless to a career decision he has to make. Everyone should leave the guy alone. He graduated today, he should be out celebrating, going down to New Orleans and partying. Not sure why he put that August 5 date out there. Let him sleep on it over the weekend.

    He probably had a good inkling after visiting SDSU, maybe even before he began the visits.

  3. Beach,
    You do get that this blog is from a newspaper, right?
    He can take as long on a decision as he pleases and it is of no personal concern to me where he goes. I certainly don’t plan on giving him actual advice on the matter. But if a guy says he’s going to commit on such and such date, it’s kind of my job to call and find out if he’s actually going to do it. If he wants to sleep on it over the weekend, I’d love for someone to tell me that’s what he’s doing so I’m not married to Twitter for two more days.

  4. I am in San Diego right now and I will understand if he chooses SDSU. It will be hard for me to leave here. Keeping my fingers crossed for IU.


  5. Dustin, that wasn’t really directed at you, just at the barrage the kid is probably dealing with. I appreciate the forum. Such is life and the modern media when a back-up center for struggling BCS basketball gets in a position of being a mini-“Decision”. I’m sure he never anticipated this much attention when he decided to leave LSU.

    Can definitely see where this is a tough decision given all the variables and he really hasn’t had a lot of time to digest or let everything sink in – but school does start in a couple of weeks, he’s not gonna get much of a break – it’s interesting that none of the schools he considered was on a quarter system.

    Frankly, I’d advise the guy to just go into a normal MBA program and give himself lots of options. For all we know, he may still have no clue about what he really wants to do in the future.

  6. BeachFan, nobody really cares that much about him. There is this kind of exchange about fifty times a year over one kid or another. It’s what happens at big time programs. People are interested about every name that comes along. It’s why you are posting here and not at a blog about Long Beach basketball. It’s not really that big a deal to anyone here.

  7. Well put Chet, but be gentle there probably isn’t even a Long Beach bball blog out there.

  8. I counted 79 posts about Green so far. I agree …no one really cares, I’m just saying… Has he gotten 79 lines in LSU basetball during his first three years? Or 79 points? Or 79 rebounds? Here’s a thought; if he gets 1 minute of playing time for each post at IU, he’ll be worth the effort and thought we’ve put in writing about him.

  9. Chet, I beg to differ. Otherwise, why is the IU braintrust getting all worked up? Big-time programs don’t lose recruits to mid-majors.

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  11. GarrettGreen3 Garrett Green
    Just watched the Justin Bieber movie. He is the true example of the American dream.

    Sounds like Crean’s dream player. And he has a tweeting buddy that is a reverend!

    RevRunWisdom Rev Run
    My life motto::: I’m not perfect but Jesus thinks I’m to die for
    37 minutes ago

    Could it get any better for the Hoosiers? Hallelujah and praise the Lord!…a slam dunk for Jesus at IU!

  12. At least he didn’t make the announcement while drunk at a bar last night. Enjoy your graduation, kid! Tell us the news when you can.

  13. Who’s this Tommy Robinson from down under that Dustin tweets? The dude is stalking Garrett’s girlfriend. Not cool. And that Rudy guy? Another Jesus freak?

  14. TworTwicher. R U Kidding?, U R following the dudes girlfriend and complaining about stalkers?? Chill, the decision is done – y’all & IU will be able to get on with life in just a few minutes!!! It’s all good!

  15. ^U fraud stalking twit. Don’t interrupt me or give me lip while I’m praying to Jesus that this kid goes to Long Beach State. RU seriously reading every entry I type on here? Seriously? U need to do something more constructive like clean your colon. Blogging is the work of the devil.

  16. got it. IU apparently is full of devil worshipers. I can see you are starting to see the lite. U’r well on the way to recovery. Good to see the false worshipping of IU is crumbling away and reality is setting in. Everyone is pulling for you – we are here to help!

  17. U sound really backed up. RU? I recommend a colon exorcism. The power of ex-lax compels U…The power of ex-lax compels U. Is Long Beach State full of constipated Jesus freaks like U?

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