Garrett Green’s coach: “He wants to experience an NCAA Tournament”

Just spoke to Derrick Taylor, who was Garrett Green’s coach at Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Calif. Taylor said he hasn’t spoken to the LSU transfer and Indiana target in a few days, but plans on speaking to him later today about his most recent visit to Wichita State.

Taylor confirmed that Green is at least hoping to make a decision tomorrow when he graduates from LSU, though he couldn’t say for certain that Green would definitely go through with it. He said Green has enjoyed his visits to Long Beach State and San Diego State, but he had no reason to believe he wouldn’t.

“It’s like all visits,” Taylor said. “Everybody wines and dines.”

Taylor maintained that academics are going to be critical. A pursuit of an unavailable graduate program is, of course, Green’s stated reason for leaving LSU and the reason he can transfer without sitting out a season. But Taylor thinks an athletic concern could also be critical.

“He’s looking for an opportunity to play, and he wants to experience an NCAA Tournament,” Taylor said. “I think that’s what it may come down to is who he thinks has the best chance to get there.”

The 6-foot-11, 230-pound Green averaged 6.3 points and 5.1 rebounds at LSU as a junior last season.


  1. non homer question, what school gives him the best shot. I know San Diego State lost a ton of talent, but my guess would be them based on conference. I would put Indiana at 30% at best and that is probably high. Thought I read Witchita State lost a good deal of talent as well and has a 7 footer on the roster with good numbers last year but have no clue if they will compete in the MVC.

  2. I think I read Long Beach State returns 4 or 5 starters from a team that won its conference. My money would be on them to have the best shot and secure the verbal.

  3. thanks steve, I should have checked their roster as well, I assummmed it was a one year flash in the pan. However, LBS gets upset in their conference tourney no chance they get in. The other 3 can realistically have a shot at an at-large. That may factor in as well but who knows.

  4. FYI was bored at work today and asked Andy Glockner of SI on twitter his opinion of odds to reach tourney, he went Long Beach, WSU, SDU, Indiana.

  5. Andy Glockner of SI, like the rest of us at this juncture, has no clue whatever about the relative likelihood of the four schools making the NCAA tournament. Far too many variables.

  6. Every home game at Assembly Hall is like being in the NCAA tourney! With Green I would think IU has a better chance at finishing in the upper half of the conference and possibly putting themselves in position for a berth. That’s if we see drastic improvements in defensive play by those returning and CZ is able to give immediate production at the 4.

  7. if that is the case it will be SD ST. Last count they had only 8 players but with the conference generally getting 2-3 bids that would help against wich st and lb st which get 1. IU will not get in

  8. I agree. If we had seen 8 wins in BT play this last season, I believe we would have a good shot at a finish earning a bid this coming season. But I just don’t believe we made enough progress, and players enough development, last year to now expect a hugh leap forward. But with an experienced guy like Green to bang the glass and bounce some opponents away from the hole, would perhaps mean 3 or 4 additional wins this year over not having him with us.

  9. Bobby Knight isn’t returning, and neither are the Hoosiers to the dance. Discussion beyond fantasy is a waste of breath. They WILL stay home. LBSU has the best chance of getting to the dance, based on the horrible league in which they compete, BUT they are going to have to win their league tourney. They won’t get an at large. Barring injuries, Wichita State will at minimum be a Top 50 team and Coach Marshall has a proven track record of lots of playing time amongst his big men. A 4 man rotation last season, and every one of them got all the minutes they could handle. SDSU will be very competitive, but will be down. An at large is extremely doubtful. All I want to see is the young man happy and confident in his decision, whatever it may be.

  10. There are going to be a lot of Indiana basketball bashers eating a lot of crow come tourney time. These guys are so matter of factly saying I.U. doesn’t get to the big dance, I say the Hoosiers are on the verge of a major turnaround! And I will be quick to remind all you detracters this fall about how wrong you were. Of coarse the sound from Illinois & Purdue fans by then will be drastically reduced! Time will tell? Go Hoosiers!

  11. If we had seen some decent improvement last year I may agree but it is hard to be optimistic after last season. I just do not see us making the dance this year.

  12. Maybe this guy can assume that he is a senior in his final season, and should step it up himself. There are no guarantees in life. IU has everything he needs to fulfill his dream. Our team, plus a senior big man, would be dramatically improved.

  13. “Long Beach gets upset in their tourny, no chance they get it” Uhh, think again. Long Beach will have the toughest non-league schedule in the country. We will have one of the top 10 point guards in the country in Caspar Ware. Yes, our league will hurt us, but this team will get with a conf tourny loss with 6, possibly 7, maybe even 8 losses, depending on the Ws in non-conference, and this team (with or without Green, who will have to fight hard for playing time if he goes to Long Beach) has the ability to go thru the schedule with 6-7 losses. Good Luck IU, you’ll need it (with or without Green) more than Long Beach.

  14. Oh, and BTW IU, Green was a high school teammate of one of our starters and seniors, Eugene Phelps (and Green would compete for playing time with Phelps if he comes). We had James Harden & DeMar DeRozen and John Wall playing on campus this week. Our point guard teamed up with LeBron two weeks ago in the LA summer league. IU is a great school, SDSU is a good school, but as far as what IU has to offer over Long Beach (in academics, career prospects, baskeball) and your chances of getting Green, I wouldn’t get yourself to worked up.

  15. I agree with stlhoos, if Green is looking for an NCAA tourney experience, he will get it many, many times at every IU home game. It’s highly unlikely that any one of the four schools, if they make the dance, will get past the first round. So he can roll the dice and try to make one game of the tourney, or live the dream at one of the best basketball schools in the country. (And go far with IU in the NIT tourney : )

  16. Sorry to break it to you John, he will get the NCAA experience (regular & post-season) at Long Beach. He will play at North Carolina, Louisville, Kansas (we beat them at Phog the last time we played in ’96 and they were #1 BTW), Pittsburg, Xavier, San Diego State. No need to hole up in southern Indiana where he’ll have to slither away to French Lick or some casino on the Ohio river to have some fun. Let’s see, does he want to be written up by the LA Times or Indianapolis Star?? Easy Choice. For supposed basketball fanatics, you guys really don’t know much, even Wooden had the sense to go out west.

    With Long Beach he’ll get to play Ohio State in the 2nd round vs. only in the regular season at IU. Good luck next year!

  17. BeachFan, you’re making me laugh. Playing at the opponent’s court and getting laughed off the court does not constitute an “NCAA experience”. Having a packed house of crazy fans cheering for YOUR team, that’s what bball is all about. You will NEVER see that at Long Beach St.

    2010-11 average attendance figures:

    Indiana 15,259
    Long Beach St. 3,169

    In Indiana, we have more fans than that at high school games. Good luck dominating all the local community colleges at LBS.

  18. John, what was IU’s record last year that 15000 got to see over and over like a nightmare? That must have been fun. Maybe you should ask Roy Williams if we got laughed off last year at North Carolina? Hey, I like IU. But face it, IU’s reputation in basketball is old. I realize 15000 people in Bloomington don’t have a lot to do January. I’ve been to Indiana, and if the highlight of a place is Shake’N’Steak, well that says it all. If this kid is gonna make his decision based on how many people show up at games, then think again – this isn’t a starry eyed high school kid. He’s been there done that in the SEC and if you think road trips to Champaign, Madison, Lansing, Happy Valley, Iowa City,West Lafeyette in the middle of Winter when he can play all of January & February in Southern California after playing at 5 top 10 schools in December is a bad idea, walk on campus in shorts where the co-eds where halter tops year-round, then you should come out of the humid corn fields.

  19. John, Let me let you down gently. Green is not going to Indiana. OK? He’s not going to Wichita either. He might go to San Diego State because they have a great coach and because of the Sports Managment MBA and I’d wish him well. He’s probably going to Long Beach because for 2011-2012 he’s going to have the best competition day-in-day-out, he’ll make tons of contacts for his career, and he’ll have a MS or MBA from a good university that has a 35% acceptance rate (what is IUs, BTW?), and he won’t have to deal with nuts swooning or moaning about him every time he has to take a piss.

    Now if Purdue was one of his choices, I’d have a different opinion.

  20. Beachy, nobody has even heard of your po-dunk school, Get a life, and go to a real school. Go haunt the Wichita and San Diego blogs now, then maybe you can clean up the garbage from LA that washes up on your beach. Watch the needles! We’ll see who makes it to the Final Four first…

    I’m going to sleep, counting banners is a good way to do that…

  21. I used to live in a little beach house in San Diego right where Mission Beach and Pacific Beach come together (Zanzibar Court), just south of the pier. I still frequent my “shack” but I don’t live there anymore. My sister and her family have lived in the Scripps Ranch neighborhood in northeastern San Diego for twenty years, or so. In other words, I know the area. Quite well. SDSU and Long Beach St. are both basically community colleges. My niece, though a bright girl, unfortunately wasn’t much of a student at her San Diego high school and ended up at SDSU after she couldn’t get into Cal Poly, which is a good school, or any of the UC campuses, also good schools. She says it’s easier than her high school. Long Beach isn’t nearly as well regarded as SDSU. Her plans are to transfer to, in her words, a “real school” once she gets a couple semesters of improved transcripts, which, again her words, “will be no problem.”

    You should travel more.

  22. To each there own, BeachFan (you are getting lots of attention…bet you like that).

    I am from Southern California (Topanga Canyon), and I vastly prefer the rolling hills, cornfields, 80 degree fall afternoons, and snowy winters of southern Indiana to the generic overcrowded smoggy seasonless climate of SoCal.

    Also, there is enough female eye candy at IU to compete with any place in the country (sorry to be crude). Have you seen the black stretch pants that the co-eds wear in the winter? Who needs halter-tops?

  23. I’ll tell you something a lot of people don’t realize about California beaches. That water is COLD. San Diego is as warm as it gets out there and you need a wet suit if you’re gonna spend much time in the water.

  24. Waffles, I used to ride my motorcycle through Topanga Canyon back in the day. The law didn’t demand it but I’ve always been one to wear a helmet. While I generally preferred sunglasses as my eye protection, when I was in the LA basin I had to wear a face shield on my helmet because the air pollution burned my face.


  25. Wow. I must admit, a feud between IU fans and a Long Beach St. fan is not something I’ve ever anticipated seeing on the Scoop. The surprises never cease.

    Long Beach fan, I have nothing against Long Beach St., but consult any ranking, guidebook, admission guide, etc., and you’ll find that Indiana (and every other Big Ten school) is highly-regarded not only among public universities, but among all universities. The last time I looked, the Wikipedia entry on IU indicated that it is the 90th best university IN THE WORLD. For a public school that has a mandate to take a substantial percentage of applicants, this is truly extraordinary. So, while I’ve got no gripe with LBSU, your position on the relative academics of the two institutions is untenable.

    I won’t bother to respond to your derisive comments on women and having fun in Indiana other than to say that, if you’ve been to Indiana, you didn’t hit any of the good parts.

    Good luck this season. I’m sure you’ll have a good team.

  26. I would never confuse Long Beach academic thresholds with Cal, education in California universities is severely teacher dependant anyway. Most anyone who can get in to IU does, and a ranking of 90th is, well, 90th. (We’re #90!!) I realize the water at the beaches in SoCal may be cold, but how does that compare to the water at the closest beach at IU – that would be by Gary, right? I love Indiana, I like all the flat lies when I play golf there (does the ball roll away from the cornhusk or towards, I always get confused). After all, Indiana is the gateway to Louisville, that’s the closest place IU fans can get a chance to watch Green next year and two top 25 NCAA bound basketball teams (Louisville and Long Beach). And go to the restaurants in Louisville, a step up from the chow they have in Indiana.

  27. Beach- No disagreement on Louisville^. Louisville and its restaurants rock. Another great reason to live in B-town: 2 hour drive to Louisville. In LA, a two hour drive will get you to Bakersfield, one of the most redneck, racist places in America.

    By the way, the water in Lake Lemon (15 minutes from Bloomington) is about 75 degrees right now. And unlike the water at Santa Monica, there are no turds or oil clumps floating around in it.

    Chet- nice comments. Sounds like you’ve really been around the block.

  28. LBSU = community college

    Nothing like Assembly Hall even when we are losing the place is still bumpin. And bloomington is not like the rest of Indiana. there is plenty to do. fine girls great parties and a great school. Banner up

    btw your “pyramid” and the rest of your campus is hideous, california schools don’t understand that a campus should have a consistent architecture. they just throw a bunch weird crappy buildings together and call it a campus

  29. Obviously you haven’t been inside the Pyramid. The Pyramid rocks. Long Beach is a beautiful campus – yes, not historically old, hard to be when it’s only 60 years old. Nothing wrong with community colleges, had some of the best instruction there, better than at UC in most cases for undergrad. Dream on!

  30. Nice remark Chet. I think this guy saw Indiana from the Sears Tower observatory. When I was a kid, we were in Florida, and I guy told us he was from Indiana. We asked where, and he said Gary. My dad told him we don’t consider Gary part of Indiana. I stand by that still.

  31. I am glad that THE beach fan is gracing us with his presence. I am sure he has an appearance later today somewhere. I bet he is the one guy who paints his face for their game against South West Arizona State Tech.

  32. Well said, Docdave. I live in Tennessee now, and we really just wish Memphis could be part of Arkansas. Indiana wishes Gary could be part of Illinois, or anywhere else that could be made to take it.

    Beach fan, as to #90. That’s among all universities in the world. The United States alone has over 1000, not to mention ‘colleges.’ There is a difference in academic structure and degree offerings between the two. So among all institutions the world over, to be #90 is to be in the top few percentile on the planet. But again, I don’t know why you’re fighting with Indiana fans; surely you have some windmills to joust closer to home.

    And again, good luck this season, I’m sure you’ll have a good team.

  33. I try to just take a deep breath and walk away when you guys go off the rails like this. But I just have to ask. Is this fight actually happening? Seriously?

  34. The only correct thought Beach Fan expounded was he is always confused. Averaging 3k at a home game with such a proclaimed outstanding BB program establishes the following apt description “not viable” at all. I now fully understand California Dreamin.

  35. Docdave, that would be Eastern New Mexico this year, and don’t leave out BYU-Hawaii. That’s how bad it is for home scheduling this year when we have a good team. No one from the BCS will play us in the Pyramid this year because they are scared. Fortunately for IU, no one is concerned about going into IU and getting a loss, 15000 will show up anyway!

  36. Why the hell would any BCS team want to schedule a trip to play in front of only 3k people(and only local TV broadcasting). With that kind of gate receipts I suspect Junior High refs are all that could be afforded. It is not the responsibility of BCS schools to make your program viable.

  37. Just have to laugh at the fact that Beach thought he could come on here and play the ‘California Card’, as if he was talking down to a bunch of hicks. Turns out most people on the Scoop are more Californian than he is.

  38. Oh, North Carolina is playing at the Pyramid next year. More competition than they would get at IU!! Doesn’t seem to bother them. What are they ranked and where is IU ranked??

  39. …UNC = 1 BCS…now how about some more California Deamin…3k tickets a game…really…wow…

  40. 3k fans pay to see a winning team. 15000 pay to see a losing team. Interesting. Still trying to understand how an IU education translates to success outside Bloomington. Seems the 3k fans are fairly discriminating.

    Lets do some math. 3000 fans for 20 wins is 150 fans per win. 15000 fans for ten wins is 1500 fans per win. Sorry about IUs lower standards! Guess Long Beach has ten times the efficiency in success as IU.

    I love IU and southern Indiana, just not delusional about it.

  41. obvious standards in Indiana are not as loose as the women’s dress standards!! Is that really such a bad word? Sheeesh!

  42. Only in Indiana would it be considered shameful to NOT go to a basketball game. Maybe that’s why LA doesn’t have a NFL team, we just don’t feel a need to go.

  43. I was fine reading all this until I hear people from Indiana talk about Gary I’m not from there but rather East Chicago what’s wrong with Gary that’s not wrong with Indianapolis or is it that most of the talent from the region go elsewhere and not IU…either way good luck Garrett green wherever you go

  44. BeachFan-

    What do you think Hoosier basketball needs to do to become a force on the hardwood again? What do you think of Tom Crean? Think they should concentrate on trying to make their football team a contender? Do you like the Eagles? Hotel California?

  45. Those were horrible remarks about Gary from Docdave. My father was born in Gary..WWII vet and the kindest man I’ve ever known. I wish I had 1/10 his determination and one ounce his accepting big heart that refuses to insult or make shallow judgments about people. I don’t understand censorship rules that allow for comments like that. It’s sad he had to come on here when a troll was attempting to paint IU fans as backward hicks…He gave the thoughts justification. And you should be ashamed, Dustin. Ashamed for not telling him off instead of kissing BeachFan’s butt. Makes me believe it’s just Fourguards or one of his buddies.

  46. If my high school only sold 3,000 tickets they probably would have cancelled the game.

  47. “Maybe that’s why LA doesn’t have a NFL team, we just don’t feel a need to go.”
    Dothan, Alabama doesn’t have an NFL team, either. Nor does Colby, Kansas. Or Ninety-Six, South Carolina. You’re in heady company.

  48. This is one of the most amazing series of comments I’ve ever seen on the Scoop, which is saying something.

    You’d think Garrett Green was Shaquille O’Neal.

    Maybe this season Long Beach St. could set its basketball team up in classes at IU, and play in the Big Ten. I’m sure they’d fare well in those trips to Columbus, East Lansing, West Lafayette, Madison and heck, even Lincoln. ‘husker fans are noted for their hospitality to opponents.

    To reciprocate, maybe IU could send its team out for a study abroad experience in the Republic of Long Beach. I’m not really sure where any of LBSU’s conference road trips take them, but hey, I’m sure the IU contingent would enjoy them. Coach Crean could work on his tan using the real thing, as opposed to faux sunlight in a tube.

    This sounds awesome, and it would allow Beach Fan to visit his favorite state to support his favorite team!

  49. A. It was a joke
    B. I wasn’t talking about the people who live there, I was talking about the ruin the city of Gary had become.

    Good luck to Garrett on his choice and future.

  50. Have to agree with Eric. Green has value, but he was a back-up on a bad SEC team. But you can’t teach 6’11” with experience in a good conference.

    I’d love for Long Beach to play in the Big Ten this year. I’m sure the 15000 fans at Assembly Hall would welcome the improved play as well!

    But then if IU played at the Pyramid, only a 1000 or so would show up.

  51. 2011 Sagarin College Basketball Ratings:

    Indiana = 103
    Long Beach St = 110

    2011 Pomeroy Ratings:

    Indiana = 75
    Long Beach St = 99

    Just by mentioning Indiana and Long Beach St in the same sentence, the preseason ranking of LBS went up 5 places.

  52. Just by playing in the Big Ten in 2011, Indiana’s rankings increase. Not sure of John’s point, other than IU should thank OSU, Wisky, & Purdue!!

  53. SDSU is still going to beat LBSU this year. We’re LOADED at guard, and the only reason Aztec fans are expecting a down season is because we don’t have a big body inside. Guess what would fix that.

    And saying your school provides an NCAA experiance is laughable. It took about 2000 SDSU fans to set your all time attendance record when we played you last year.

  54. Boy, they do exaggerate in San Diego. Must be compensating for something that’s lacking. There were about 800-900 San Diego State fans at the game, not 2000, that portion of the section that was filled with mostly SDSU seats about 400 fans, actually I have to congratulate the SDSU for a very good fan showing at the game. I expect you’ll get about 500 LB fans max when we take our revenge this year:)

    You’re not as loaded at guard as we are.

  55. Wow this was fun reading. Seriously, Indiana U is a respected academic institution and has a long and illustrious basketball history and no one can question the fanaticism of the state’s high school hoops. But its basketball team has fallen on hard times (yes, I think Crean will eventually turn it around although it will be difficult in the Big 10). Nine of its 12 wins came at home against what had to have been the worst non conference schedule in the country. Long Beach on the other hand will have a good team this year. How good? don’t know. Maybe top 50. It is also a good academic school and its reputation grows yearly. We like the direction the team is moving and expect attendance to reflect it. Where ever Green winds up I am sure he will help and will be happy.

  56. What does IU have to do to turn it around? Recruit, recruit, recruit. That’s why Green going to IU is a BIG DEAL. Crean is a good coach, but he needs every little edge to elevate IU BB and turn the corner, because they have had so many goofs since the tail-end of the Knight era. Green picking a non-BCS over IU would basically sum up the state of IU basketball.

    Here you have mature kid, with a degree, IU with the most prestigious academic & BB history of the 4 schools, and if spurns IU, that’s not good. 20 years ago, A) IU wouldn’t have been recruiting Green, and B) even if they did he’d go there no brainer.

    But life will go on no matter where the kid picks to play, Beach fans will go to games when it suits them, and IU girls will were tight fits even in the dead of winter – seems there is little to complain about either way!

  57. As has been mentioned, he’s not exactly Shaq. He would be a much bigger get for the little guys. He might add a little depth but at IU but he’s not breaking into the starting lineup. They are all excited because, at their best, they might have a slight edge on us when we’re down. Maybe.

  58. When you said Crean is a “good coach” you lost all your credibility..We’re you planted here to help ratings? You’re an obvious fraud. Only a twerp working for Fourguards would make such an obvious disingenuous remark after complete deification on our basketball program. No coincidence you come on here right after Kellenberger’s IP Wall came tumbling down. Crean is at best an average coach…One hell of a fine preacher that can’t get enough of listening to himself blabber. He secures himself as untouchable from criticism by constantly reminding all his dedication to Jesus and Christianity on thy holiest Twitter page..Knight could get in a reporters face because he new how to coach the game. Crean can get in a reporters face because there will always be the past to blame. Pile that onto the fact he arrived after a devil named Sampson disgraced our village, losing basketball is fair punishment housed in puritanical Pollyannaism an acceptable path to redemption. We must suffer long and hard before the sins a 3-way call we died. In the mean time, Crean will manage to land recruits from Squaresville that also adopt his religious doctrines..He’ll also get that once in a blue moon kid like Garrett or Remy Abel that needs to find a school last-minute…And then you have those few so insanely in love with IU they will stomach the hypocrisy and Crean’s mission to shove down throats anything other than the task he was hired-turning a basketball program around…Do you think that’s an equation for winning basketball? It’s an oily and backward wide brush of staleness that will set IU hoops back far more than any chair-tossing mistakes or ghastly 3-way phone calling habits any coach our past.

    All the above being said, I still believe Indianapolis North Central’s high school bench team could go the road and give Long Beach State all they could handle.

    Am I depressed to never see winning basketball at IU for my remaining years my self-imprisonment this hick state that once had national notoriety a claim to hoops fame? Nah. We’re now no Sooner a born again football school. See you at the Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Chicken Wing Bowl.

  59. irate? No worries..That was nothing. I was just bonging to “Take it Easy” and trying to loosen my load…Just showing an act can be easily countered with another act. Watch CNN and the country is in crisis one day and in full recovery the next. Same with sports any pretend fanatic. True fans don’t blog. What’s the need other than to reaffirm to strangers what should be strong enough in your own heart? Irate would be dropping Docdave’s children off on Broadway in Gary at 1:00 a.m.

    A. That was a joke.
    B. ‘B’ is for the blowhard narcissists and big California hicks on this blog.

  60. docdave, It may have been dished up as a joke but certainly is a fact. Where would anyone rather spend a weekend, Gary or Indy? That simple Q makes it so.

    Of that 1000 showing up for an IU at LBS BB game 600 would be IU fans. As far as who should be thanking who on the topic of B10 BB OSU, Wisky and PUke should thank IU for doing the most in elevating the image of B10 BB for over half a century.

    Sagarin and Pomeroy don’t play favorites even to IU in rebuilding years.

    What a JOKE, 3k fans averaged in a 5k seat cap. facility.

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