Kevin Wilson: Three QB’s could play in opener

The depth chart that was released on Monday had two names as possible starters at quarterback, but Kevin Wilson said Monday that doesn’t mean that only two names are involved.

The Indiana football coach was asked for a timetable in which he will name a starter, and once again said that he has no timetable and that he could play multiple quarterbacks in the opener. He was asked if he anticipated playing two.

“Maybe three,” Wilson said. “I don’t know. We’re just not as consumed with it as you guys. They’re all doing good. No one’s really separated.”

That means, of course, that not only do redshirt sophomores Dusty Kiel and Edward Wright-Baker still have an opportunity to play, but true freshman Tre Roberson is still in the mix.

Roberson didn’t take snaps with the first team in the most recent scrimmaging and he is not listed on the depth chart with Wright-Baker and Kiel, but Wilson has said throughout the preseason that he’s been impressed with his playmaking ability.

“Even if a guy goes up there first, we’ll see if he stays the starter,” Wilson said. “Again, I don’t know if anyone’s had the support or played well enough to clearly separate. You get in to game situations, maybe things go different. We’re not going to look over the shoulder at one bad pass, but right now, we’re just gonna let it keep going a little bit. We’ll see. We might have a guy go first. He might not be the starter. It might be based on what we’ve seen short term. That guys taking care of the ball the best.”

Wilson said most of the rest of the depth chart is close to accurate. He confirmed the reason that wide receiver Duwyce Wilson and tight end Ted Bolser were not on the depth chart were because of injury purposes. He said they were both dealing with minor tweaks and pulls, but with the amount of running the team has been doing, it’s been hard for them to participate.

He said they’ll probably be cleared to play, but he says injured players have to earn their way back into their old situation. He said they’ve both missed enough time to set them back and that he owes it to the other players who have been on the field to not give their spots away so easily.

“Physically, they’re probably good,” Wilson said. “… To me, you gotta kinda earn it back. To the other guys that have been out there battling every day, it’s a little disheartening. Even though some guy might have a skill set, you have to kind of earn it back. It might be a quick earn, because your skill set drives you to the point. I don’t buy the deal, ‘I got hurt, I automatically get my spot back because I was the starter.’ You gotta kinda earn it a little bit too. One of my comments is, it’s not about getting healthy, it’s about getting better. Better doesn’t mean healthy, it means you’re being a better football player, too. When you miss work, that’s hard to do. We’ll keep an eye on those guys. Those are two skilled kids. They did a lot in spring. We’ll see if they get back in the mix.”

Senior Dre Muhammad took Wilson’s place among the starting receivers along with senior Damarlo Belcher and sophomore Kofi Hughes. Senior Max Dedmond was listed as the starting tight end with freshman Jake Reed as his backup.

Redshirt freshman Matt Perez and junior college transfer Stephen Houston were listed as 1-2 on the running back depth chart. Wilson said Bloomington North graduate D’Angelo Roberts, who had been playing with the first team, will also play there in Week 1.

He said it’s likely that true freshman wide receivers Shane Wynn, Cody Latimer and Jay McCants — all of whom are listed as backups on the depth chart, will likely play.


  1. Every other coach in America knows who their starter is at this point. Quit messing around coach and just name one. Gunner isn’t available so pick one and go with it.

  2. Relax Debbie- The OSU for example still deciding between Miller and Bauserman as their starter. It’s not crucial to have named a starter by now for us to win.

  3. Nor has JP at Penn State made a decision. If it was the 1st conference game of the year it could be considered more of an issue. Coach Wilson appears to be able to deal with whatever situation is facing him. I do not see this one as unnerving to him.

  4. Wilson understands that when two or three players are so close in their skills, abilities and experience, some times the only method for determining who is best is to see how they perform when it really counts, during a game. Some players elevate their performance during a game and some players freeze up. Which quarterback will rise to the occasion for IU? If they can’t separate themselves from one another after six weeks of spring and summer practice, then the only way to find your starter is to test them during a game.

    When milk is churned, the cream rises to the top.

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