Kevin Wilson vs. Jack Trudeau

Presented without comment.   The podcast from this morning’s radio show.

UPDATE: 5:48 p.m. They messed with the link and sent it directly to the show in December shortly after Wilson’s hiring. But  you can still scroll down on that page and find the interview. It’s the one with the IU picture that says something about tempers flaring. Carry on.


  1. Good for you, Coach Wilson!

    As an alumnus, I’m glad you spoke your mind and let them have it!

  2. If anything, Jack Trudeau disrespected Kevin Wilson and Indiana. Kevin Wilson stuck up for his team and the school he represents like any other coach would. All the garbage that Trudeau said about Wilson being a bad coach, or him feeling bad about his kids going to IU was just the result of his ego being damaged because Kevin Wilson stood up to him. I see no fault in what Wilson did and Trudeau just needs to grow up

  3. Couple of observations:
    1) As this makes its way across the blogosphere, it certainly has created more pub for the program than the 4-min mediocre-at-best radio interview the show was planning on having.
    2) As fun as it maybe for a UofI alum to crack jokes about a downtroden IU program, did these guys really think the best time to do this was when the head coach was waiting, listening on the line?
    3) Its freaking Jack Trudeau. You dont like him? He’ll punch a police officer.

  4. Jack Trudeau got his shouts in first about never hearing the IU fight song because Ill. never let us score, then Wilson come on and had his turn, fun an games was over ! Go get em Coach! Trudeau may have two kids at IU but far as I’m concerned he can keep has smart a$$ in Indianapolis or sucking up to Ron Zook..just don’t come to Memorial Stadium

  5. I’m amazed at the “outrage” the radio guys felt after making fun of a program right before they had the head coach on their show. It was totally lacking in class an professionalism. I’m glad Coach stuck it to ’em, and couldn’t be more proud of the way he’s representing our school.

  6. He is not Bill Lynch. I am glad Coach Wilson stood up to those guys. They had no respect and were taking up his practice time. As Trudeau kept talking, it was obvious he had no clue what he did. He didn’t care! Like I said on the other post, “There is definately a new sheriff in town”.
    I have no respect for Trudeau or his co-host at all.

  7. First and last time I’ll ever listen to that show.

    Wilson, on the other hand, continues to impress me.

  8. Been quite awhile since I last posted here, BUT I am completely pissed after listening to that interview (and the “hosts” comments afterward). Yes, they are completely protected by the 1st Amendment, but I guess the level of commentary is to be expected by no-talent hacks. I’ll be really curious to see comments on message boards by fans of other teams that might have come across the interview or podcast.

  9. What high horse was those two A$$ clowns riding on? You act like adolescant idiots on air while the Coach is waiting and they expect him not to be insulted? Why would any Coach not be insulted by that unprofessional behavior? Those two should be apologizing to the Coach and not the other way around. Why is Jack Trudeau on the air in Indy anyway?

  10. They are saying he will be on Dakich at 2 pm today. If you miss it, you can listen to the podcast. Should be good. Don’t Sass our coach you jackals. I can’t stand that show anyway, Zac needs to clear his throat.

  11. What else would you expect from a couple of d-bag djs whose names rhyme? Trudeau needs to realize what state he’s in, he played most of his professional career here and is now earning a living as a dj here. Not a good idea to piss off most of his listening audience like that. That was the first time I had ever heard of this show, and I hope the next time is when they’re both getting sh@t-canned.

  12. I remember listening to JMV (when he was on 1260) and Jack Trudeau was on talking about the goings on at an NFL Pro Bowl as if he had first hand knowledge. Some guy called in and asked (something like) “How’s Jack know what happens at the Pro Bowl if he’s never played in one?” It was hilarious.

  13. These guys are dopes. What do they expect? Cowards to cutting Wilson off the phone, and then ranting and attacking him? Cowards

  14. Oh Matt, they think they are “syndicated”. I guess that means that two other crappy markets also get the show. They would be better off talking Indy sports and getting a local listenership. I think they are almost up on their BS.

  15. furthermore, these cowards attack Coach for not being a good recruiter? I think hes proved them wrong already.

  16. It’s rare to see two people in the media that are so completely clueless. Talk about a lack of situational awareness! Wow, what idiots those two proved themselves to be. And where does Jack Trudeau get off saying that he was “disappointed” with KW, as if he expected to have his ring kissed and be sucked up to. Jack’s comments suggest that he think he’s a star. These two clowns displayed some serious thin skin. When KW did not comply with their little plan and stood up to their juvenile jokes, they went way over the top in their attack. And they did it after KW was no longer on the line. What losers. And they probably don’t have a clue that they came off as the bad guys.

    Ironically, they did KW a favor. I think the majority of people listening, or who have since heard the pod cast, would have been disappointed if KW had played along after listening to these two hacks insult the program that he now represents. I’m 100% impressed with the way KW responded. Good for him.

    Hey Jack, you moron, your child attends IU! Did you stop to think how your over-the-top attack on KW was going to affect you kid on IU’s campus? What an undisciplined fool!

    In my book, Wilson’s stock just went up. Getting criticized by these two hacks is a badge of honor!

  17. These commentators set Wilson up for a confrontational interview and then acted like they were innocent by-standers. Can’t believe Trudeau asked for an apology after cutting Wilson off the air. I don’t listen to these djs but does Trudeau get irate often? He really lost control.

  18. These morons just ended their careers on air! Is this the same Trudeau who was one of the worst NFL quartebacks ever?

  19. Podunker: I agree on the idiot really doing a disservice to his own kid who will attend IU. IU fans will back CKW and I guarantee JT will regret his cowardly behavior today.

  20. Docdave,
    I hope so, these idiots have no buisness being on the air. The video after was even worse. I hope I see Zakk in Indy with that Ball St foam finger so I can take it from him and shove it somewhere very uncomfortable.

    As usual I couldn’t agree more. The feedback I’ve been reading on several sites has been overwhelmingly in Wilson’s favor, I’ve only read one post backing the dj’s. Even some Oklahoma fans have been coming out and defending him. These guys have done nothing but made themselves look like idiots. Then they had the nerve to bring up Lynch. Yes Lynch was a great guy, but the whole smile while we’re getting our butts handed to us thing is over.

  21. And Dustin get a pair of stones and make a comment. Don’t protect these morons because they are in the media. You know exactly what you heard. It was juvenile behavior by those two no talent a$$ clowns. And like the children they are they got mad when they got called on it. It wuld be nice if someone in our local media would defend our program like our coach just did!

  22. I am so mad right now. I am speechless. I could march right to that office and upper-cut those two clowns.

  23. I’d hate to be his kids right now. They’re gonna be pariahs on campus. I didn’t even know he had a radio show but, as someone pointed out, he must not realize where he is. So, he’s gonna call the Illinoids coach and tell him to “pound” IU? Hope you have a gig lined up in beautiful Champaign because I imagine you’re done in Indiana. I’m betting he loses about half his advertisers before the day is out.
    What a couple of asshats.

  24. Here is the email address for the director of sales for the radio network .

    I think demanding a public apology is appropriate.

  25. I just read that article. The two NFL teams I pay a lot of attention to are the Colts and the Panthers. I had no idea he was even on the team. He must have been buried on the practice squad because they’ve struggled at QB for most of their existence and I don’t recall ever hearing his name.

  26. my guess: Coach was invited and not begging to be on radio with a couple hot air jocks. And coach took
    time out of his busy schedule just to be interviewed.

    During the warm-up, prelude to introduction of Coach, they giggled and pooked fun of Indiana University. Their no class act pooked Coach and all IU fans right in the eye.

    I am tired of hot air jockey arrogance. Hope everyone stops listening to their worthless program.

  27. The way to really make sure these two morons are off the air is to CONTACT THEIR SPONSORS AND BOYCOTT THEM. I haven’t listened to the show on the radio so I don’t know who they are.

    The contact info for the two main guys at that network, are listed at the very bottom of this page:

    I’d contact them (emails are listed) and tell them you are boycotting the show, the sponsors of the show, and will be contacting the sponsors DIRECTLY to let them know what sleaze their products are being associated with. These guys won’t be on their air long.

  28. YouWillNeverKnow,
    DD and Andy both commented on the situation during the weekly chat. You can check them out there.

  29. Dustin, I read your comment on the Chat. We have discussed our positions on objectivity regarding the media in sports. While I understand that Jack is not a reporter and opinions are expected of him, what is your feeling on a local ‘personality’ actually taking the position, as he clearly did, that he does not want the local team to succeed? Indeed he wants them to be “pounded”. To me it sounds like career suicide.

  30. My displeasure will be expressed to the radio stations’s management. Those guys have no class and are not funny at all. Not cool to disrespect a program and the new head coach as a segue to the interview. Trudeau was barely a ‘half-ass’ quartback in the NFL and now is only half that as a radio show host.

  31. I think Wilson was just really mad because he found out Trudeau gave booze to his 15-year-old daughter. That’s how Jack rolls…..

  32. Those guys are losers. How can a dad say he is sad his son is going to IU? Dead beat. Coach Wilson is a funny guy. Looking forward to cheering on the football team.

  33. Chet,
    I actually didn’t stick with it until the end. I think you hit it on the head when you said he’s a “personality.” He is not nor does he pretend to be a journalist (at least I don’t think he does, right?) I guess the thing is, he doesn’t necessarily have principles that he isn’t supposed to violate, so every decision he makes and opinion he expresses has its own consequences. He will gain or lose fans based on what fanbases he pleases or inflames. In essence, he makes his own bed. And I don’t think I have to tell anyone how that looks right now.

  34. Coach Wilson is a class act. It was great to hear him stick up for IU and leave no room for their nonsense. Clearly, there was only one dignified personality in the interview. Those two clowns hanged themselves with their own rope and then stupidly repeatedly hanged themselves a half dozen more times after Wilson left the air. They owe Coach Wilson, Indiana University, IU fans, and any listeners they might have, an apology. I’ve already written to station management and I hope others will, too.

  35. Zakk & Jack is a nationally synidicated radio show. The 2 hosts have 7500 followers. ‘Nuff said.

    CTC has close to 40k followers on Twitter. Maybe they should dis’ him next.

  36. Those guys talked down to Coach Wilson as if he were some teenager, and then they hung up on him. They hung up on a D1 college coach. Unbelievable.

    I’ve never witnessed a similar act of disrespect in sports media, ever. If a coach comes on the air passionate and defensive about his team, it is your job as a radio host to adjust, apologize, and treat him with respect for taking time out of his day to speak to you.

    Instead, they and made it seem like KW should the one thankful to have “a little air time” to give exposure to the program, and bow down to their lowly jokes. They expected him to just go along with their punchline. Idiots.

    Thank god that Coach Wilson knows that programs get exposure by winning on the field, not by doing pancake benefits and “air time” with also-ran shock jocks.

    If you weren’t impressed by Coach Wilson already, today should seal the deal. Jack Trudeau is the most hated man in Bloomington at present.

  37. Somehow my last post omitted this portion:

    Coach Wilson of the ‘no tradition’ program and who has the bad attitude has >7500 followers.

    Nuff said.

  38. These donkeys put coach Wilson on the defensive before he even said a word.I love coaches reaction.Reminds me a little of the GENERAL.

  39. am I missing something? i didn’t hear anything negative in the clip that the link played?

  40. As a Purdue fan, I hope IU loses every game by 50 points, but I’m glad Coach Wilson defended IU. I think Coach took the the banter out of context, but Trudeau and the other idiot acted like someone stole their lollipop.

    Trudeau was the jerk. He wouldn’t let it die. And then they make a promo out of it.

    Grow up guys!!!!!!

  41. I just tried the link that Dustin provided. Guess what? I t is no longer active.LOL Maybe the negative feedback the management received was enough for them to pull the plug. You know something…….I am getting jacked about football season. I hope IU kicks ass this year.esp UI. Pound those guys…and I mean POUND them!

  42. not like illinois football gets “attention” either. he must not of heard IU has the number one quaterback of 2012 coming in soooooooooo… yeah

  43. funny how the station is taking advantage of all the links pointing to the previous interview. might as well try to make a buck right? thats all these guys are about…getting a rise out of people and traffic to the site.

  44. Way to go Coach!! To paraphrase Gunny Highway from ‘Heartbreak Ridge'”

    he sent those jackrabbits home with a “I just pumped the neighbors cat look on their faces.”

    JT….what a tool!

  45. I thought it was classic example of arrogance and condescention when Jack told KW that he was “disappointed” in KW’s attitude. Talk about clueless! You sit there on the radio mocking the team that your next guest coaches and you’re disappointed that he does not play along with your insults? What a buffoon! In fact, the more I listen to KW’s part in the brief interview, the more I appreciate his self control. If someone had insulted my team and then told me they were “disappointed” in my behavior, I would gotten far more verbally aggressive and responded with some expletive-laced attacks. To his credit, KW did refrained.

    But the real sign of Jack’s classlessness was to continue to attack KW after he was no longer on the call and could no longer defend himself. That spells L O S E R.

    Today, KW made me proud that he’s our new FB coach.

  46. Couch Wilson is establishing a mind set for the players and fans. He does not bash Lynch, he sets expectations, and our players will walk off a cliff for a guy this determined.
    This incidents gives us so much more in site than any other interview could possibly give.
    I think I hear the phones ringing at the IU box office.

  47. That’s a great point, Mike. Jack’s pal Bill Lynch would have been humble and bashful with those guys, trying to be a diplomat. KW’s mission is too important to curry favor from a couple of blowhards.

  48. I amazed that some in the media are saying both sides overreacted. If anyone can provide a valid arguement for how Coach Wilson overreacted, please tell me. If you want to make silly jokes about the history of IU football on your radio show, go ahead; I have the option of turning your show off. But when you invite the head coach to your show for a serious discussion on IU football and then make fun of the program right before you bring him into the conversation, you are displaying poor manners and serious lack of professionalism. Note to Jack and Zakk, if you really think IU football is such joke, then don’t discuss the program on your “national” radio show. As an alum and supporter of the team, I was proud to hear our head coach defend the program and his belief that winning football can be achieved at Indiana.

  49. If you want to hear more from Coach today, go listen to coach on dan dakich’s show later today.

  50. No way KW “overreacted.” As I said, he displayed self control in the face of those two losers. You mock my team before I come on the line, what do you expect? Was he supposed to laugh along and say, “yea, you’re right, IU football has been a bunch of losers forever, ha-ha-ha-ha! Isn;t that funny?” Wilson did not yell, he did not use profanity, he tried to continue, but yes, he was abrupt and conveyed his disdain for the buffons hosting the radio show.

    Mr. Trudeau, you’re juvenile, a coward and behave as if you’re still in college. I’m disappointed by your attitude and behavior.

  51. Gee, I wonder which guy’s career in the state of Indiana will survive this? I’m sure a charismatic fella like Jack should have no problem getting a new gig.

    I’m predicting he apologizes tomorrow. I’m also predicting it won’t matter.

  52. Never listen to this show..They kind of sounded like the two mechanics that the do the NPR car repair advice show.

    How typical and boring these extreme acts have become. A chance to do a smart interview with a new coach and they decide to be a more over-the-top version of Dan Dakich(I didn’t think it was possible). I stopped the interview midway through….Kudos to Wilson for keeping his cool along with some pride and dignity.

  53. Go get’em Coach Wilson! Great to have a coach that doesn’t bury his head in the sand or laugh something like that off like we’re used too! Jack was being the Jack-@$$ he is! Poor baby couldn’t handle it when Coach retaliated! Jack crumbled quickly just like his football career! Something like 50-77 as a starter with a 63.3% career QB rating! You took the words out of my mouth Jack, YOU stunk it up and you stunk for a long time! LMAO! Even Jeff George’s career rating was 80.4%! Your Rose Bowl appearance ended in disaster, as well, with a 45-6 beat down by UCLA! Once again, stunk it up was correct, Jack, for yourself!

  54. the man has pride, he said he didn’t do it for the players so much. But as a player how could you respect a guy who is saying you need to change your mindset yet lay down to a bunch of gas bags. not the first time coaches flip on media, Saban recently did it to Alabama’s media.

  55. D-5: Love the “Car Talk” and Dakich comparisons.

    Actually, I respect the Car Talk guys are a lot; they know their stuff.

  56. Just listened to this after reading about it on Dr. Saturday’s website. I realize this is an IU site and thus I would expect most people to view Wilson favorably, but this is playing nationally in favor of the radio show. Dr. Saturday pointed out that Wilson, who has apparently cursed at RA’s on campus already and has a reputation for having a short fuse, was being a jerk. I listened to it myself and concluded that both guys were being jerks but that makes Wilson the loser in this. DJs of shows like this always try to be snarky and Wilson clearly did not get the picture. I kind of side with Dr. Saturday on this one. Wilson sounds like he lacks a sense of humor and is very tense and one dimensional. Given IUs reputation with coaches like this, it just doesn’t play well with the non-IU crowd. It sounds insecure, not like he’s standing up for the team.

  57. The Car Talk guys are both MIT graduates. I’m guessing Jack-o never got his degree. At least, I would hope Illinoid turns out better than that. Considering all the tentacles IU graduates have in the media, Mark Cuban for example, he sure picked a dangerous program to go after, career-wise. There’s always that little thing of living in the state, as well.

    New show format…”On the Road with Zakk and Jack-O”. This week Z and J will interview Sarah Palin while helping Jack-O move his kids to their new school.

  58. I live 500 miles from Bloomington. When I went to work this morning my friends, basically Tar Heel or Duke fans, were asking me if I had heard about the idiot DJs that “your football coach” had embarrassed on the radio.

    I guess it depends on who you are talking to, but in the south Trudon’t came off as a fool.

  59. Aboojum, consider that you are reading the opinion of a member of the media regarding who came off looking poorly, the coach or his fellow members of the media. Nationally, this will play in Wilson’s favor. Trudeau has a long established reputation as an idiot with substance abuse issues and a history of poor judgement. I doubt he can survive another hit like this.

  60. Chet, you need a reality check. No other Big Ten coach would even consider going on this program or a shock jock radio show. E-V-E-R. That’s the point here.

    Wilson agreed to go on the show (and had been on the show before) because Indiana is 94th out of 115 schools in wins all time and even worse more recently. Desperate times call for desperate media decisions.

    Also, Wilson has a long history of being a hothead. He is going the Bobby Knight route because he knows that plays well with an IU crowd that is pretty chagrined these days with all their big time athletic programs.

    Does Jo Pa do this show? Ferentz? No. They don’t need to touch it with a 10-foot pole. I doubt even Zook does this show.

  61. Aboojum- Since when do you have the pulse of the entire “national media?” Most of the “national media” does not care about this story. You can’t even find an article on ESPN about it.

    Everything I’ve heard – on the radio, or in nearby papers – is either critical of the radio hosts or neutral.

  62. Aboojum, you just pulled the curtain back and exposed yourself as nothing more that another angry Purdue troll. Anything you post from this point on will just be laughed at.

  63. As I posted on a previous thread “Jack Trudeau is a pompous ass” and frequently and eagerly enjoys displaying himself as such or even worse. If you wish to see him perform live and real just go to Wolfs Run Golf Club in Zionsville and see first hand. He truly believes he is God’s gift to football, golf, women and the world in general.

  64. Wilson was completely justified in responding the way he did. Bring up past history of which Wilson had no part in was tactless. It wasn’t Wilson who lost those games because if my failing memory still serves me, Wilson is still 0-0 as IU’s head football coach.

    Different coach, different attitude, different results.

  65. I think it’s great that Wilson defends his team, however what those guys were saying is the what others are echoing around the league. Until IU starts winning it will continue. You guys bringing up Trudeau’s recent problem with his kids doen not help the situation. Trudeau and the other guy did’nt mention anything about Wilson getting caught trolling the halls of the dorm that Sunday night after drinking some beers. I’m sure that is something he would rather forget as it was swept under the rug by the AD.

  66. Big Bob:
    People who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses. Yes, I know the saying goes the other direction, but with hot air jocks this applies. Both those classless junior high men are poor excusses for human beings. I know I will never listen to their show and never buy another 5 Hour Energy.

  67. Wilson seemed to have a bit of chip on his shoulder likely due to the comments before he got on the air. A good sense of humor is a powerful asset to turn opinions and quickly change the winds in what could be a negative direction an interview into something very positive. It’s a skill Sarah Palin demonstrated in her interview with Katie Couric when she replied “National Geographic for the pictures” when responding to the hard-hitting question to list the reputable news publications she gets her daily diet of reading in.

    At the end of the day, the interview has created some local buzz, pumped up emotions, stirred up the flames a growing rivalry(mostly a result of b-ball that carries over to the gridiron), put IU football into momentary spotlight, and preemptively assured a much more charged crowd at Memorial the next time the Illini come to town. IU still comes out the winner. Wilson should play this like he was partially in the wrong. Show that passion can live without the festering anger…Express his love for the job and his grit to tackle challenges he realizes most outside of IU see as extremely daunting. I know that will sound weak to most of you, but I think he needs to get back on the program and show the side of himself that can take a punch, laugh off the rude behavior he was subjected to, and get right back in the huddle to pound it up the gut on the next play…Keep the testosterone overload and helmet-bashing on the field. Go Hoosier Football!!

  68. Big Bob and Aboojum, man, West Lafayette must be the most boring place in the world since you guys keep showing up here. QBfSC, Wilson played it EXACTLY how the Hoosier faithful wanted him to play it and that’s the only thing that matters. Who cares what they think in Newark or Topeka? He could not have possibly come out of this looking any better to his players and IU fans and, again, that’s the only thing that matters. He played those guys like a fiddle and they have no clue what just happened.

  69. My point was that IU has no tradition to speak of. It takes time. Wilson is doing the right thing by defending the team but, he still should expect this to continue until the winning begins. He brought himself down to their level.

  70. Actually Coach Wilson demonstrated he would not lower himself to their level. He was entirely in the right. Zackass and Jackass(proper description of their level)were ill prepared for him not playing along with the theme of their introduction of him and IU FB. I think their end is not far off.

  71. I just spent the day listening to replay after replay of Coach Wilson on the Trudeau radio interview. I love Coach Wilson. He doesn’t have to listen to that crap while he is kept on hold. Good for him for letting them know that he didn’t like it. He is totally correct, he is not responsible for the last 50 years of IU football, only the next 10-20. And he is going to do a great job. Trudeau is an idiot. He played for the Cheatin’ Illini who really haven’t been too much better in recent years than IU. At least our program is run clean. Trudeau played for Mike White and AD Neil Stoner, two of the biggest cheaters in UofI history and there have been many. Congratulations Coach Wilson! Go IU!!!!

  72. Are Zack and Jack normally straight-shooting guys or is this their normal routine that has been used with other guests? I don’t watch the show so I’m curious. It all seemed very contrived. The show seems targeted to an audience that would watch a lot of professional wrestling.

  73. Jack Trudeau is, and always has been, a train wreck in slow motion. Arrests, substance abuse, assault, serving minors alcohol while the police are at his front door waiting on a search warrant. There’s never been anything straight about Jack-O. This may be the final chapter, at least in his public life.

  74. One of my favorite Car Talk callers was telling them how his vehicle would rumble violently but would then become very smooth as it accelerated. He was calling from the vehicle. Tom asked what he was driving. “A Rockwell”, was the response.
    They were getting a call from the space shuttle during a flight.

  75. Wow espn 1000 discussed the interview in Chicago for 20 mins…… End result, the radio hosts need to go back to school to learn how to do an interview. They replayed the whole interview.

  76. The Ohio State football blog blasted Trudeau. I don’t think there was a single post saying anything but what an jerk he is and how embarrassed Illinois must be right now.

  77. From the USC (Southern Cal not South Carolina) football blog. Jack and Zak “really acted like a couple of ego maniac school girls who got felt up”.

    Coach Wilson has become something of a national celebrity. Every football blog I’ve seen, except, for some reason, Illinoids, is raving about Coach Wilson. He has become a hero in the battle against idiocy.

  78. August 12, 2011

    He doesn’t know Jack

    Ben Smith | The Journal Gazette

    By now, of course, you’ve heard about that little formal debate between IU football coach Kevin Wilson and radio host/former hack NFL quarterback Jack Trudeau.

    Here’s what I think, in no particular order of importance:

    1. Trudeau’s an idiot. And not just an entry-level idiot.

    2. His rant after Wilson blew him off (as well he should have; you don’t ask to have a guy on, then spend the off-air time ripping his program) was not only childish, it was dead wrong.

    3. Potential recruits listening to it aren’t going to think “That guy’s an ass,” as Trudeau claimed. They’re going to line up around the block to play for him. Who wouldn’t want to play for a coach who so publicly and obviously is willing to go to war for you, even if it’s only via a microphone?

    4. I suspect Wilson not only didn’t embarrass the university, he probably had all the stuffy suits on the board high-fiving each other and shouting “Yesss!!”

    5. Jack Trudeau? How many Super Bowls did he win in the bigs?

    6. Oh, that’s right. None.

  79. Chet-

    You’re getting way too worked up over this. That’s like sixteen posts on this thread for you. Take a nice walk with the wife or maybe dinner and a movie tomorrow…Burn a few miles through the Carolina hills on the Triumph with her arms wrapped around your waste..She deserves you more than Jack Trudeau. Life is too short to get overly consumed with a couple of blowhards on a rinky-dink radio program. Their not going to lose their jobs because the show is about as important as a dingleberry fossil. Their career status pretty much speaks for itself if they have nothing better to do than take cheap shots at a new head football coach. Should we really be acting like they just shot Bambi’s mother?
    I’ve never seen you on the blogs so incensed. It’s almost escalated to being equivalent to JPat not getting his pancakes. Keep perspective and try to find a bit of comedy in the trivial world of sports.

  80. Chet, I’m am most certainly not a Purdon’t fan. Chet, I think you need to get a day hobby or a job. Chet, Wilson took the bait and while you and your fellow Hoosiers love that fake tough guy stuff (see: Knight, Bobby) an Indiana coach came off looking classless, again. Chet, your new tough guy football coach cursed at resident hall assistants, after all of a week on campus, which proves once and for all he’s one tough dude. Chet, the story is not Jack Trudeau, nobody cares about Jack Trudeau, it’s about Kevin Wilson. Chet, keep your eye on the ball. Chet, do you like to seeing your name in lights? Chet, is your name really Chet? Chet, really, is it? Because if it is, I find it funny.

  81. Aboojum (what kind of a name is that anyway?), you’re outnumbered. You are the only person here who shares your opinion. Go away now. Chet, I got your back. Coach Wilson is the man! That was smash mouth talk radio, and I’m looking forward to some smash mouth football!

  82. Chet, I’ve enjoyed every one of your posts on this subject. And if you post more, I’ll bet I like those, too. Aboojum, if you are correct that the story is about Coach Wilson, then the happy ending is that we all like what he did. You can complain about Wilson all you want, but hopefully you’ll do it some place else. And you can defend Trudeau all you want if that makes you happy. Just remember, though, that it also makes you look really stupid.

  83. Thanks, guys. Hoosiers always seem to have my back. Actually, my wife has her own motorcycles. My Triumph doesn’t have a pillon seat. She’s just not the passenger type. I think you’ll find I have earned all the cred I need. If it makes you feel better, though, we’ll be riding the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Shennandoah NP and back this weekend on a couple of new dual sport bikes we picked up last week, KLR 650s. Should be fun.

  84. Chet-

    Have a great time. I always wanted a cycle but it will likely never happen…a sailboat is the real dream…more like a fantasy. I hope your bikes aren’t those obnoxiously loud types that startle the hell out of you and nearly make you go off the road when they pass ..Are they making them purposefully that way these days? One would think they could make bikes quiet. It would be sort of fun to describe bloggers as models/brands of motorcycles. I know very little about bikes. The BMW’s look cool. Harley’s always seem extremely loud. Isn’t there a less expensive brand of bike that has been knocking off Harley’s design? I bet the Triumph’s are sleek as hell and have a deep humming sound that speaks of quality and evolution of classiness on the roadway…Are they made in England? Do they go fast? Fastest I’ve ever been in a car is 115mph…’73 Firebird with a 350 V8…I simply loved that car.
    Be careful, Chet. There’s a lot of nuts on the roads these days..Sorry to sound so condescending earlier. You’re a nice guy..I just get a bit jealous of how you seem to have it all… a home in beautiful country, oodles of smarts, love of your life, and toys galore. What else does a man need?… a good cable TV package?

    My weekend? More food network channel. I’m really hooked on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” I also enjoy the show that involves 3 chefs that are given weird ingredients and then they have to come up with original recipes through rounds of appetizer, main course, and dessert..Then a panel of judges decides the winner..Oh, now I remember.It’s called “Chopped.” Choppers look so damn uncomfortable. Did you ever own a Chopper?

  85. Chet, now that they are back…if ever the 82nd. Airborne needs to go back to Kandahar or Sadr City, I’m going to request they appoint you Brigade commander. I would want you heading civilian population protection.

    You are (and have been for quite a while) ‘the Man”!

  86. Hey Guys,
    The KLRs are single cylinder ‘thumpers’, so they are a little louder than the strictly street bikes but, stock, they are still reasonably quiet. I hate loud bikes. Just can’t stand them. Today we were, by chance, merged into group of guys on Harleys, every one of them with straight pipes or the like, and we pulled into an overlook and let them pass. I didn’t want to listen to them or be recognized as part of their group. I’m just not into the Harley thing. For me, it ruins the experience of riding through the mountains.
    My own feeling is that a small group of people, who need the attention, create a disservice to those of us that just want to ride our bikes. Many communities around the mountains are actually banning motorcycles because of the few who insist on ‘compensator’ pipes. So, everyone pays for their desperate need for attention.
    If you’ve never seen the South Park episode on the subject, it’s hilarious. Without meaning to offend anyone, look up the third or fourth definition of ‘fag’ on Wikipedia. You won’t be offended and you’ll understand when you see it.
    Catch the South Park episode.
    BTW, It rained off and on all day, but it was still a good ride.
    Diners, Drive-ins, and Triumphs, Thank you for the kind words. Most Triumphs are still made in the UK, although some are now assembled in Thailand. It’s a great bike. We had a little 26 foot sailboat for many years. My kids grew up sailing, but, as often happens with boats, we ran out of time to sail. I loved every minute I spent on a sailboat. If you get the opportunity, buy your sailboat. Sailing is way cheaper than therapy, and much more effective. Some things in life are not meant to pass by.

  87. BTW, I love “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” It’s the unhealthiest food I’ve ever seen and it all looks sooo good. I’d probably die after one serving of it.

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