Gunner Kiel, other IU football recruits on ESPNU

I’m sure most of you know this by now, but in case you weren’t aware, Gunner Kiel and a few other Indiana football recruits will have their games broadcast on ESPNU this weekend.

Kiel and Columbus East play Columbus North tonight at 7 p.m. on that channel (which is a premium channel on many cable networks). Tomorrow at 4 p.m. on ESPNU, Cathedral and Warren Central play in a game that includes three IU commitments. Cathedral boasts offensive lineman Jacob Bailey. Wide receiver Kevin Davis and linebacker Jordan Wallace play for Warren Central.


  1. Please explain the reference to Gunner not being included in some top 11 rankings. I caught a wiff of that information, but don’t have the details.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know anything about that either. I caught a whiff, but I don’t know where it actually came from. I didn’t watch the Elite 11 thing on ESPN, but somebody asked me about Dilfer ripping into him. Here’s an excerpt from ESPN’s story on Kiel.

    “Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer, who coached the Elite 11 finals, said he admired Kiel’s leadership on the field. He’s far from shy around teammates. In public, Dilfer said, he noticed similarities between Gunner and a young Manning.

    “Think of Peyton in his first couple years in the NFL,” Dilfer said. “He was a total goofball, and now he’s one of the best marketing tools in the history of sports. He’s got one of the most dynamic personalities out there.

    “I would say there’s a lot of Peyton Manning in Gunner Kiel.”

    So yeah, I don’t know what anyone’s talking about. 4-for-17 last week or whatever wasn’t great, but I don’t know actually know anything about ratings he was kept out of.

  3. I’m watching the East/North game and he’s 4 of 5 for 187 and a TD…in the second quarter.

  4. Coachv, this time they did give notice (yesterday, Friday)…even went as far as to mention times (in ET) and the names of IU recruits at Columbus North, Warren Central and Cathedral…sorry you missed it. Kiel looked very good (he was about all North had going for itself. Without him it would have been a big blowout). A wide receiver named Davis was impressive in the WC-Cathedral game, good route runner + fast,hands…

  5. TTG, you mean Gunner was all East had going for them? He is one of a long line of QB’s named Keil at East, all the way back to at least his Uncle Blair in the 70’s.

  6. Back when there was just a Columbus High School, Mike Phipps was slinging the ball around before becoming an All American at Purdue. Must be something in the water.

  7. You’re absolutely right Mike…meant to say Kiel was all Columbus East had … brain got in the way of the fingers. And, oh yes…I remember Blair Kiel and how much Hoosiers wanted him to come to Indiana, though it was pretty clear he was headed to the Irish. And, yes a long and distinguished lineage in the family.

    What impressed me was how much of the weight of the team he appeared to carry but still manage to push ever player’s performance upwards. It was pretty clear (to me, at least) that Warren was a clearly better all-around team but G. Kiel gave East a chance.

  8. While they still had to catch the ball, there’s not much doubt that he made his receivers look pretty impressive. North was having a tough time covering the long ball.

  9. Yes, and there were 3-4 passes that were 2-3 inches off. I went into watching the game thinking “how good can a high school kid be?”…pretty darn good.

  10. My son played against Jonathan Crompton. I remember thinking, “What’s the big deal about this kid?” He put together one drive the entire game.
    Then he becomes the starter at Tennessee and I’m thinking, “Still don’t see it.”
    Now he’s kicking around various practice squads in the NFL, different one every year. Time to pull the plug. He looks good on paper or throwing against air but, at some point you need to play well on the field.
    Gunner play well on the field and he’s got the specs.

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