Luke Winn is pretty good at his job

As I sit here trying to figure out when and exactly how Garrett Green is going to announce his transfer decision — I have no idea and it doesn’t seem like anybody does — I present to you this astounding piece of recruiting research by Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn.

Winn’s outstanding at pretty much all things statistical, and this is no exception. He researched the top 100 recruits and put together statistics on their transfer and decommitment behavior, looking at transfers in high school, de-commitments and college transfers. Outstanding stuff.

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  1. Dustin- Good article.

    I enjoy seeing people get psyched out about the best in their profession. Happens a lot with writers. When you see a writer at the top of his/her game, laying out well organized arguments backed by air tight research, it is almost like watching Peyton Manning throw a pinpont spiral, or Rory McCelroy hit off the tee.

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